Aaron McDaniel

Aaron McDaniel is a corporate manager, entrepreneur, public speaker, and community leader. He has held management roles in business development, strategy, marketing, customer service, operations, and sales at a top Fortune 500 company, being one of the youngest ever to serve as regional vice president and earning the honor of being part of the company's top 1% of sales leaders worldwide. Contact him at mcdaniel.aaron@gmail.com.

Articles by Aaron McDaniel


You’re the Boss Now: Here’s What Being a Manager is All About

Young professionals Guide to Managing

By Aaron McDaniel

Me: “I need you to keep on working.”

Jim: “But boss, it’s 10:30 at night and I have been working here since 7 am. We are not going to get things to work tonight. I’m tired and want to see my family.”

Me:I’m sorry, but you have to keep working until the customer tells you to go home. We need to focus on getting as many customers in service as possible with this product launch, and every single one counts.”

My employee had called me, pleading to let him go home. The job wasn’t going to be resolved that night, and regardless how late he stayed he would have to come back the next day. Read more…

Talent Management

False Expectations: A Millennial’s Guide to the Working World

Working World

By Aaron McDaniel

Whoever ceases to be a student has never been a student — George Iles

The only source of knowledge is experience  — Albert Einstein

I was three months into my first job out of college and I was facing the event that each year strikes fear into the hearts of employees across the country. It was time for my first performance review.

Whereas many people are scared of having to face their boss and get (often critical) feedback about how they do their jobs, I, on the other hand, was excited. Read more…