Bob Vanourek and Gregg Vanourek

Bob Vanourek was CEO of Sensormatic, a billion-dollar NYSE company, and serves as Chairman Emeritus of Vail leadership Institute. Contact him at . Gregg Vanourek is an expert on leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal development. He teaches at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and the Royal Institute of Technology. Contact him at .

Articles by Bob Vanourek and Gregg Vanourek


Why Leaders Need to Focus on the Whole Stable – Not Just One Horse


By Bob Vanourek and Gregg Vanourek

The top leader’s job is to get others to lead. — Bill George, former CEO, Medtronic

In thoroughbred racing, some people believe it’s all about the horse. But in reality, though the horse is critical, it takes a whole stable to win the Triple Crown.

The jockey can help a horse recover from a starting gate stumble and can pick his way through openings in the field, deciding whether to hug the inside rail amid the scrum of horses or run on the longer, open outside. The jockey makes split-second, life-or-death decisions, signaling the horse with the reins, his legs, and soft entreaties or sharp commands. Read more…

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Inspiring People to Do Their Best: It Takes Rewarding Head and Heart


By Bob Vanourek and Gregg Vanourek

There are two things people want more than sex and money — recognition and praise. — Mary Kay Ash, founder, Mary Kay Inc.

It is not enough to recruit and develop exceptional people. Triple crown leaders must also recognize and reward them effectively.

General Electric’s Ben Heineman (former GE vice president for law and public affairs) advocates designing compensation systems to include pay for “performance with integrity.” He recalls that GE was systematic about measuring and rewarding performance with integrity, anonymously surveying 130,000 people, asking whether the company cut ethical corners to make its numbers. Read more…

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Keys to Great Leadership: It’s About Using Your Head — and Your Heart


By Bob Vanourek and Greg Vanourek

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. — Nelson Mandela

Seabiscuit illustrates a central point about the quest for the triple crown: both head and heart are required.

The way most leaders go about identifying and developing talent is utterly insufficient for what is needed to create a triple crown organization. They focus mostly on the head and neglect the heart.

They emphasize hard skills and capabilities like knowledge, skills, and expertise. They assess intelligence, education, pedigree, experience, technical competence, skills, and other conventional indicators. Read more…