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Carina Wytiaz is a professional writer and Internet marketer, with experience drawn from her time at FranklinCovey, Borders,,,, and several traditional marketing and advertising agencies. She loves helping employees feel more included and valued through exuberant appreciation experiences, and helping companies realize the incredible potential of their human capital.

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7 Ways to Inspire First Year Workers (and Show Them The Big Picture, Too)


The first years an employee is working can be challenging, but rich with growth and opportunity.

I’ve always loved starting with a fresh recruit who was eager to learn the ropes, discovering their talents, and helping guide them to success.

Sometimes an employee’s first year is spent being overwhelmed with all the details they have to know to succeed in a workplace, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make a difference with specific, concrete actions that will inspire your first year workers. Read more…

Rewards & Recognition

7 Employee Appreciation Resolutions to Consider For 2014

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While you’re thinking about your personal resolutions, why not consider how you could transform your company with more appreciative actions in the New Year?

Thinking beyond a team gym date, you could start to make a difference in the happiness and productivity of your employees with these seven (7) resolutions of appreciation.

1. Say “thank you” for last year

The end of the year is a great time to review the efforts of your employees and write a card noting their dedicated work. Everyone should be recognized for the contributions they made all year. Read more…

Best of TLNT

7 Things You Can Do to Be a Better Manager Right Now

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Editor’s note: TLNT is continuing an annual tradition by counting down the most popular posts of the year. This is No. 29. Our regular content will return next Monday.

One of our key insights: 79 percent of people leave managers, not companies.

It’s often reductive to say you left a certain company. The chances are, you didn’t leave a company, you left a manager.

You left a manager who made your work life (and sometimes your personal life) difficult to the point where you were willing to leave a secure position and enter an unknown situation. It’s time to take a hard look at how managers are affecting your retention rates and how you can improve them. Read more…

Rewards & Recognition

What Part Will Employee Recognition Play During the Holiday Season?

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Your company holiday events and parties are probably already on the calendar and in the serious planning stages, but where are your recognition efforts on that calendar?

Have you asked yourself what part will recognition play in your seasonal events?

Everyday recognition is important in many ways, from motivation to creating happy employees. However, when it comes to seasonal events, it’s time for you to pull out all the stops to make sure every one of your employees is heard, included, and celebrated for what they’re contributing to the team. Read more…

Talent Management

What Comes First — Great Engagement, or Great Work?

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If you’re managing a team you might wonder what comes first: engaged and personally invested employees or productive, great work?

Or to put it another way, is an employee doing great work because they’re engaged, or will they become more engaged after doing great work?

Let’s start at the beginning:  Most employees will start any position engaged and ready to work. As time goes on, either the employee will stay engaged, re-engage at a deeper level, or they will pull away to do minimal (or less than) work.

What happens at the moment of re-engagement? What’s the difference between an employee who produces great work and one who doesn’t? As a long time manager, I think the difference is how a manager recognizes their employee and motivates their everyday work. Read more…


8 Things Real Leaders Do to Communicate More Effectively

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1. Leaders listen

Instead of waiting to speak, leaders truly listen to what their employee is saying.

In order to communicate directives which will drive results, you have to really hear your employees. Leaders respond to questions, address concerns, and above all, listen with empathy. Read more…

Culture, Rewards & Recognition

How Storytelling Can Help Recognize Employees and Build Your Culture

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Once upon a time, I worked for a company that used epic storytelling in their cultural narrative.

The annual company-wide party was a chance to recount the early, sputtering days of the company: the group ran out of money, and when the CEO met with the team to lay them off, all the employees volunteered to work for free, or at greatly reduced salaries. The company bootstrapped and clawed their way to a successful technology organization that sold for a handsome profit, rewarding all those volunteers and the employees who had followed.

The tale of “the little company that could,” the nights and weekends spent building the business, were part of the story that employees told each other. Read more…

Talent Management

Keeping Morale Cooking When Your Team is Here, There and Everywhere

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If you’re a manager of a team that primarily works remotely, you’re not alone: the number of employees who work away from a central office is increasing, and is projected to continue growing over time.

Yes, keeping up your team’s morale when you’re scattered around the country, or around the globe, presents a unique set of challenges for the modern manager.

I’ve had the privilege of working with remote teams for years, here are some of the best ideas I’ve encountered to keep your team engaged and happy. Read more…

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Nine Simple Activities That Really Can Help to Build Your Team

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Don’t have time to shut down your office and take everyone on a team building retreat? I’ve got nine (9) simple activities you can use to build your team.

Most of these activities can be held in the last hour of work or over a lunch meeting with just a little bit of planning. Studies have proven that playing games and being creative during work time can lead to better problem solving.

The time you spend with your coworkers during these activities can bolster team spirit, build camaraderie, and give your company the shared experiences that create a great culture. Read more…


Vacation Over? Here’s How to Put That Renewed Energy to Work

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How was your summer vacation?

Whether you were roughing it or lying on a beach with a cool drink and a hot book, returning to your desk can be quite the shock.

Where did my life of leisure go? Why isn’t there cut fruit waiting for me on breaks? And what do you mean, I can’t read my Kindle in this meeting?

Americans are a working people; we have and take fewer vacation days than any other developed country. I hope you had the chance to truly leave work behind on your vacation (assuming you actually took a vacation). More than ever, Americans aren’t taking vacations and when we do, we’re still working. In 2012, most workers left nine (9) vacation days on the table. But that’s a different post. Read more…