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George Albert Opitz, president of Brightwing, is an strong proponent of organizational alignment. As someone who has passionately helped small to large companies realize their true potential by refocusing their resources towards the investment in the development and growth of their people, George has witnessed first-hand the results that this powerful organizational philosophy can achieve. Contact him at .

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Recruiting and Staffing

Finding the Real Value In Talent Acquisition: It’s Quality, Not Quantity

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For hiring managers combating a real talent shortage, is the quicker, faster delivery of resumes really the best answer?

In my career the focus has always been on working towards finding the best hire, not on the delivering resumes within a 24-hour period.

The sad reality is that there are HR organizations that seem to drive the same concept of value whether they are recruiting for themselves or outsourcing the work to recruiting organizations. The selection process is essentially driven by a commoditized procurement model rather than a value/success driven talent acquisition model. Read more…