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Weekly Wrap: Here’s What Great Employers REALLY Do

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I’ve been thinking a lot about great employers lately, probably because I attended the Great Place to Work annual conference in New Orleans last week, and, because I came across this blog post at HBR with this intriguing title — Seven Things Great Employers Do (That Others Don’t).

After hearing two days of great employers from organizations honored as a Great Place to Work talk about what made them so great, I thought this list was a nice underpinning to all they had to say. Read more…

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Weekly Wrap: More Evidence of Why You Should Worry About Retention

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Here’s some shocking news: employees aren’t terribly satisfied with their jobs, their employers, their growth opportunities under their current employers, or the way their organizations recognizes people for doing good work.

That just about cover it, doesn’t it?

I know what you’re thinking: what’s so surprising about all of this, anyway? What is it hat I don’t know already? Read more…

Letter From the Editor

We Need Your Help — and Your Great Recruiting Insights


As a loyal reader of TLNT, you probably know that we’re interested in all things TALENT.

As part of that, we’re working with our sister website and taking a deeper look into the current “state of recruiting.” In order to do that, we really need to hear from everyone in the HR and talent management space, including hiring managers, HR professionals, and recruiters.

Yes, we’re compiling this information and expect it to be really, really interesting. We’re also expecting that you would love to get a look at it, too.

So here’s the deal: If you take a few minutes to complete the survey, we would be happy to email you a summary of results from the State of Recruiting survey once they’re compiled. Read more…

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Weekly Wrap: The Qualities It Takes to Be a Great Manager

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I’ve worked for a lot of different managers over the years, and if one thing sticks out from all of them, it’s this: the kind of managers  you would really want to work for again are few and far between.

When I try to count all the really great ones that I learned from and was positively motivated by, I can do it on the fingers of one hand.

In other words, really great managers are really hard to find. Read more…

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March Madness? Survey Finds Only 11% of Workers Into Office Pools This Year

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Every year, I get bombarded with PR people wanting to connect me to “experts” who want to yak about how disruptive “March Madness” — the annual NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament — is on the workplace.

And every year, I ignore those PR people and the experts they’re pushing because I’ve never seen or heard of anyone actually reporting that their workplace has significantly been impacted by March Madness.

I’m sure it happens somewhere, but in general, all the talk about it is overblown.

That’s why this new poll from CareerBuilder was very welcome news, because it shows just how little impact March Madness actually has when it comes to your workforce. Read more…

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The Best (and Worst) Buzz Words Candidates Use on Résumés

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There are a number of people who I know disagree with this, but I still believe it makes sense for job candidates to have a good résumé.

Yes, I know there are a lot of people who think the traditional résumé is dead, but it’s not gone yet and there are still a lot of recruiters and hiring managers who prefer it to LinkedIn profiles, video clips, or whatever else people are trying to use these days.

I was thinking of this while reading the latest CareerBuilder survey about résumés, and as the research points out, hiring managers are still not spending a lot of time looking at résumés — which means that ANY résumé that wants to get their attention has got to grab them pretty quickly. Read more…

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Weekly Wrap: It’s Sad We Don’t Send Out Rejection Letters Anymore

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Everyone should have the experience of getting a few rejection letters sometime in their lives.

I was thinking about this today because, a) I have gotten my fair share of them over the years; and, b) I was amused by this recent blog post in Mental Floss about 10 Rejection Letters Sent to Famous People.

Just the names of the people who got these rejection letters should make you sit up and take notice: Bono, Andy Warhol, Madonna, Kurt Vonnegut, Tim Burton, Steig Larsson (author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the Millennium trilogy), and Hunter S. Thompson, among others. Read more…

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Weekly Wrap: Flex Work Is Growing, So Why Aren’t More Women Doing It?

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Everyone knows that flex work (or telework, or whatever else you call it) has been on the rise, and last year’s prolonged debate when Yahoo decided to get rid of the option for their workforce exposed the strong feelings that so many have about it.

That’s why some new research from the Flex+Strategy Group and Work+Life Fit, Inc. (FSG/WLF) is pretty interesting as it digs into this workforce trend that so many feel so very passionately about.

The key findings were somewhat surprising. Read more…

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Weekly Wrap: The Tell-Tale Signs an Employee Is Getting Ready to Quit

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There were a lot of short-sighted things done to workers by their employers during the Great Recession.

I thought that once the economy improved and the job situation returned to normal again, well, the tables would be turned and that large numbers of employees would remember how they had been treated and bolt at the first opportunity.

Well, that shows you what I know.

The Great Recession turned into the not-so-great jobless recovery, and despite the overblown talk about employee shortages and a skills gap, it’s still pretty much a buyer’s market when it comes to talent. Read more…