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Josh Tolan is the CEO of Spark Hire , a video powered hiring network that connects job seekers and employers through video resumes and online interviews. Connect with Josh and Spark Hire on Twitter @SparkHire and Facebook.

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When It’s Time to Hire Virtual Workers, Will You Know How?

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The virtual workforce revolution is here, but is virtual hiring an adventure you’re ready to embark on?

By 2016, projections put the virtual workforce — those employees who work exclusively or even occasionally from home — at about 63 million.

Virtual employees fill different needs for different organizations. So how do you know if embracing telecommuters is right for your company? Read more…

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The Temp Hiring Revolution: How to Avoid Getting Left Behind


Temporary hiring is on the rise, and recruiters, employers, and staffing pros would be smart to take note.

Only about 24 percent of employers expect to hire full-time, permanent workers this year, which is down slightly from 26 percent in 2013. However, the numbers for temporary hiring paint a much rosier picture: 42 percent of employers plan to hire temporary or contract talent this year.

In 2013 alone, temporary staffing utilization was up 8 percent. That number is expected to rise as more small and mid-size businesses begin to see the value of employing temporary labor to test drive potential hires and defer recruiting costs. Read more…

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Video Interviewing — No, It’s Not a Big Luxury Any More

In an old DirectTV commercial, a man with a Russian accent sits in his giant, gold-filled house. “Opulence, I has it,” he declares, staring lovingingly at his miniature giraffe.

Some employers and recruiters imagine this is the lifestyle you must lead if you want to implement video interviewing.

Truthfully, video interviewing isn’t anything close to a luxury recruiting tool. Currently, six in 10 companies use video interviews in the hiring process, and these companies range from high volume staffing companies to small-scale startups. Read more…

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Hiring Collaboration Tips From The First Thanksgiving


Every November, we all sit down with friends and family to celebrate the ultimate sign of teamwork: the first Thanksgiving.

Back in 1621, a group of 53 Pilgrims and 90 Native Americans shared a harvest feast. Today, we celebrate this collaboration with tons of turkey, stuffing, and giant parade floats.

Thanksgiving is about more than delicious food. It’s really about being able to put aside differences and help others in need.

While the war for talent rages, it can feel like teamwork isn’t as important as beating your competition to the best people. Employers are regularly receiving 250 applicants or more for every corporate job posting, yet the skills gap continues to grow wider. Read more…

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Hiring Horrors: 4 Lessons We Can Learn From Scary Movies


With Halloween around the corner, it might be time to admit hiring can be downright scary. You want to find the best people for your company before the competition picks them off one by one.

More importantly, however, you want to avoid making bad decisions. Some of these hiring mistakes can be truly scary; one in four hiring managers said a bad hire set their company back more than $50,000!

With facts this spooky, what better place to look for advice than horror movies? Scary movies tap into our primal fears. Many of these common fears can apply to the hiring process — because, just like picking up a hitchhiker on the side of the road or going to an abandoned cabin, you never know what you’ll find. Read more…

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Three Hiring Takeaways From the Miss America Pageant

Miss America Mallory Hytes Hagan

Since 1921, every year the crown has been perched atop the head of a new Miss America. Despite the many changes in our society since the pageant started, gathering around the television to watch the Miss America pageant has remained a tradition.

If you think about it, the format of the pageant sounds familiar.

A lot of talented candidates all vying for the same position. The women with the best special talents move onto the next phase of the competition. There are a few interviews; sometimes the candidates get stumped on the answers. And finally a winner is crowned who best represents the Miss America brand.

This all sounds a lot like recruiting the right candidate for an important company position, doesn’t it? Read more…

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A Few Smart Hiring Lessons From Summer Blockbusters

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Summertime is the season of box office blockbusters, when theaters abandon more intimate fare for movie spectacles.

Just because these sunny summer films contain fast cars and big explosions, however, doesn’t mean they don’t also include lessons you can apply to your hiring practices.

As the weather heats up and the inside of the cool theater beckons, here are just a few valuable hiring tips you can pick up from some of the biggest summer movies.

You might not be a superhero, but some of these tips might just help you save the day when it comes to finding and hiring the best people. Read more…

Best of TLNT

It Doesn’t Pay For Your Employees to be Workaholics


To Our Readers: This week, TLNT is continuing our annual tradition by counting down the 35 most popular posts of this past year. This is No. 30. Our regular content will return Wednesday January 2, 2013.


Working long hours was once the norm for Americans in the workforce, but with the help of technology, working around the clock is becoming the new epidemic.

As our smart phones travel on our hips and even enjoy a special spot in our beds at night, the emails buzz like text messages at all times of the day — and workaholics tend to them. Read more…

Recruiting and Staffing

Crazy Social Media Recruitment Techniques: Do They Work?

At one time, social media recruiting was a new and daring phenomenon. Now, at least 90 percent of recruiters use social media in the hiring process to find great candidates.

Some companies have even taken social recruiting out on a limb. Instead of using the social platform merely to engage with talent and promote openings, these companies are coming up with some truly out-of-the-box ways to attract talent.

Using skills-based contests to evaluate candidates might be smart, even if it comes in an unconventional package. As noted in a recent Forbes piece, a study by the University of California, Berkeley found that knowledge doubles every two years, and sometimes even every six months. The qualifications on your candidate’s resume might not be as impressive as their current knowledge is today, and contests could help you find a great hidden gem. Read more…

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Even a Caveman Can Do it: Hiring Lessons From Our Ancient Ancestors

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When you think of a group of people with good recruiting practices, it’s likely your mind doesn’t go back to prehistoric times.

Most cavemen probably did not draw stick figure resumes of their past hunting and gathering experience. Cavemen didn’t sit down for formal interviews to see how qualified a new member was to join the tribe. Sure, there was no video interviewing or talk of ROI back then, but there are still plenty of things we can learn from our elders.

Since most cavemen stayed with a tribe for life, clearly these ancestors knew a thing or two about how to recruit and retain talent. Plus, they were an inventive bunch. After all, if they weren’t looking for new ways of doing things we would be without fire and the wheel.

So put down your smartphone and pick up a club, because we’re traveling back in time to see what lessons we can learn from our ancestors. Read more…