Kevan Hall

Kevan Hall is CEO of Global Integration, specializing in matrix management, virtual teams and global working training and consulting. He is the author of Making the Matrix Work – How Matrix Managers Engage People and Cut Through Complexity and Speed Lead – Faster, Simpler Ways to Manage People, Projects and Teams in Complex Companies.

Articles by Kevan Hall

Culture, Leadership

The Perils of Being a Super Leader


I am a big Superman fan, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the new movie.

But the whole Superman concept got me thinking – how would you feel if you worked for a hero? Or what if you were a policeman in Superman’s adopted home of Metropolis? Work would probably be easier, because Superman would always be around to solve your problems at a moment’s notice.

But is that a good thing? I’m not so sure. Read more…

HR Management, Talent Management

How You Can Turn Workplace Conflict into Meaningful Progress


As I meet with corporate clients around the world to assist with management training and leadership development, one thing has become apparent: many organizations are trying to move away from a hierarchical structure to that of a matrix-style environment, with multiple bosses and more cross-functional working which is designed to improve work and processes that cut across the traditional silos of function and geography.

And while this is often a smart move, it can also lead to more conflict between employees.

For these companies, the good news is that matrix environments are dynamic, they allow for more flexibility and they provide great opportunities for individual progression and career development. Read more…