Kevin Cope

Kevin Cope is President & CEO of Acumen Learning . For over 25 years, Kevin has promoted the idea that the brightest minds in business understand the essence of how a company makes money, and they use this knowledge to drive their decisions. In 2002, Kevin founded Acumen Learning, a training company that teaches his five key drivers model to some of the world’s most respected and successful organizations.

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Employees: The Best Companies Know They’re the Foundation of Success


By Kevin Cope

Google has what is possibly the most rigorous hiring system of any company in the history of business. Most people go through more 10 interviews before they are hired. Applicants also undergo rigorous testing.

While the business world is torn about Google’s practices — some saying they’re eliminating the most qualified applicants, some saying they are brilliant — people line up in droves to apply. Why? Because of the way Google treats its employees.

Google expects great things. It wants brilliant people who can come up with innovative ideas that anticipate trends in the market and the future desires of Google customers. Read more…