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Kevin W. Grossman has held multiple leadership positions in the human resource and recruiting marketplace, B2B and consumer technology marketplace and higher education for the past 25 years. He's a marketing strategist, HR industry evangelist, online community developer, entrepreneur, analyst, advisor, manager, philanthropist and writer. He is currently the Director of Content Development for Peoplefluent,, the leading provider of talent management solutions designed to support the entire workforce. Contact him at .

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Helping Overwhelmed Employees: It’s About Flexibility and Development


Our employees are our greatest asset.”

Year after year, it seems like employers focus on the same catchphrase.

Meanwhile, workforce engagement statistics continue to crawl along the ocean floor like bottom feeders scouring for scraps. It’s like being caught in a time-travel wormhole that loops back on itself, with only our clothing styles and digital technologies changing along the way.

Even professionals with specialized “knowledge skills” are caught in this spin cycle. And for too many in today’s workforce, it’s not just monotonous, but overwhelming. Read more…

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Want to Motivate Employees? Aim For a Better Workplace Connection

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Dearest Employee:

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I give you a fair wage. I give you competitive benefits. I give you a safe workspace. I give you freedom to work at home, and innovative tools to communicate. I give you beer bashes and company events. I give you a professional title. I give you a team, a staff, a department. I give you the work you love.

But it’s just not enough, is it? It’s never enough. You just keeping taking, and taking, and taking.

What else can I do? What’s that? Oh, I see. It’s not you, it’s me — is that it? Read more…

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Great is Good, But Good Companies Can Be Pretty Great, Too

easy-to-do-great-work-note engagement

There we were — discussing the factors that make “great” employers so special.

I couldn’t resist asking how organizations on Fortune magazine’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For compare with those featured in Jim Collins‘ best-selling books, Good to Great and Built to Last.

Similarities? Differences? Read more…

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“HR Is No Free Lunch — Not Then, Not Now”

No free lunch

What do you do?” asked my airport shuttle driver (I’ll call him Ben).

“I work for an HR software company,” I answered.

He nodded. “HR, huh? I remember when I worked in Personnel.”

“Personnel.” That term got my attention — precursor to the “human resources” profession we know today. I asked Ben about his experience, and he told me about his days at Polaroid in the Boston area during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Read more…

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How Interactive Tools Can Help Organizations Develop Great Leaders


If you ask HR leaders at major U.S. employers whether they have leadership development programs in place to identify and develop future C-level leaders, most will reply “yes,” which doesn’t mean a lot.

While companies are increasingly opening their wallets to support leadership development, existing programs are doing little to quell HR and executive managements’ anxieties about developing current and future corporate leaders.

According to late 2012 data from the Society of Human Resource Management, developing corporate leaders ranks as a chief concern among U.S. HR departments over the next decade — only slightly outranked by worries about retention. Meanwhile, companies spent an estimated $13.6 billion on leadership development programs in 2012 — a 14 percent increase over the previous year, according to Bersin by Deloitte. Read more…

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Flex Work and Work-Life Fit: They’re Simply a Smart Business Strategy

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That was refreshing.

Sitting there comfortably in my home office nook, speaking with a global health care customer about the future of work and the fact that recruiting “local” means “anywhere” for many professions and job families — the way work gets done becomes about how and when it gets done, not where. Where the proverbial “battle for talent” becomes one internally fought to change the corporate mindset of clocking time in a cubicle.

The fact that I’m a perfect case study to that effect wasn’t lost on me. Read more…

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HR Today Is About Supporting and Inspiring the Evolving World of Work

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It’s not me, it’s you. Right?

At least that’s what employers and employees keep telling themselves. So much unhappiness, like a terminal relationship enabling one another to barely function and just get by day to day in the world of work.

Survey after survey after survey tells us how 98.5 percent of the workforce is disengaged and feels disenfranchised, with one person doing the work of 10 men (and women) today. Okay, maybe not that high, but it’s high and you’ve most likely seen all the research and other insightful analyses.

It’s so high that none of us in the HR business can argue that something isn’t perilously wrong. Read more…

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Who Says That HR Can’t Be Fun?

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“I’m in HR because it’s fun.”

Wait, what?!?

“I’m in HR because it’s fun.”

Wait, what?!?

“I’m in HR because it’s fun.”

That’s what I thought she said the first time, she being the VP of Human Resources at Bay Federal Credit Union in Santa Cruz, CA. One of her staff members, an HR generalist specializing in recruiting, echoed the sentiment. Read more…

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Why Does it Take a European to Tell Us How Thin U.S. HR Practices Are?

Razor thin

The speaker’s thinness comment woke me up. I’d been nodding off all week due to horrible jet lag, and sitting there in the opening keynote of the 2012 HR Tech Europe conference last week was no exception.

Until the thinness comment. Snickers came from the Europeans, and uncomfortable chair shifting from the American contingent. He might as well have said vagina.

The keynote speaker was the brilliant and cynical idealist, Thomas Otter, a 15-year Gartner HR technology analyst out of Germany. His entire speech kept the room real for both buyers and vendors alike as he talked of cloud computing, big data, and social technologies. Read more…

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Why Can’t We Find More Jobs For Our Returning Military Veterans?

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One in three. Mercy me.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, one in three young military veterans were out of a job the last quarter of 2011. That rate was double that of their civilian peers.

Double, mind you. So much for economic independence day (that continues to still evade America and most of the world). Whoopee. Have some stale shortcake with those moldy strawberries. Read more…