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Lance Haun is an editor at The Starr Conspiracy, a marketing agency focused on the enterprise HCM market. He spent three years as an editor at ERE Media and seven years in the recruiting and HR trenches before joining the agency. You can follow him on Twitter, circle him on Google+, check out his blog or contact him directly at

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Classic TLNT

10 Things You Can Do to Build a Team of Rock Stars


Editor’s Note: Sometimes, readers ask about past TLNT articles they may have missed. That’s why on Fridays we republish a Classic TLNT post some of you have asked about.

If you’ve been to a Hard Rock Cafe before, you know how unique the restaurant experience is there. But besides the memorabilia, music and videos playing non-stop, what makes the Hard Rock special?

Jim Knight, Senior Director of Training at Hard Rock International, kicked off the first-ever TLNT Transform conference in Austin, Texas talking about how Hard Rock builds their own team of rock stars. And even if your idea of a rock star employee is a salesperson who can close deals or a person who can swing a hammer, he offers 10 ways to build the team you need to succeed. Read more…

Classic TLNT

Job Titles Gone Wild – Why It’s Silly to Call Yourself ‘Director of Fun”

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Editor’s Note: Sometimes, readers ask about past TLNT articles they may have missed. That’s why on Fridays we republish a Classic TLNT post some of you have asked about.

“Director of Fun.”

That was the title I was looking at on a resume for a marketing director position. As I read through the applicant’s accomplishments and responsibilities, I could see that it was clearly a marketing-type position. It stuck out, just not in a good way.

What may have seemed like a great little thing to have on a business card as an attention getter had now turned into a liability. Nobody knows what a “Director of Fun” does. And sure, maybe “Marketing Director” isn’t all that specific on its own, but give me some context (industry, company size and market) and I can pretty quickly figure out what you’re doing.

Using these fun titles externally is a mistake. Read more…

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The Uncomfortable Reality of HR As It Exists Today


I’ve been out of day-to-day HR for four years.

It was one of the best decisions that was ever made for me. That’s not just because it set me on my current career path (whatever that may be), but it opened up a space for someone who liked doing HR.

I’ve obviously stayed close to the space in that time. This week though, I got a little closer than comfort to the function. HR software provider Silkroad invited me (and, for full disclosure, I paid my way) to their annual user conference in Florida. Read more…

HR Insights

Know What I Learned From Star Trek? There’s Still HR in the 24th Century


I have a startling confession to make: I like Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I know. You’re shocked.

While I was a big fan of the Star Trek movies, I wasn’t a big fan of the original series. But The Next Generation? Yeah, that got me going.

So they have the entire series up on Netflix and I’ve been going through it a few episodes at a time. All of the campy goodness is just great. I watched an episode last night that made it clear that HR obviously exists well into the 24th century. Read more…

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The Flip Side of Working at Home: Sometimes, It’s Nice to Have an Office

Office debate

I recently spent a week in an office for the first time since July 2009. I have spent days in coffee shops, co-working spaces, and other people’s offices but never a full week of that in one place and at one desk.

I thought it was going to be mostly annoying, but to my delight, it was mostly not that at all. I don’t know if that’s because of my great new co-workers or nearly four years of office sensory deprivation talking. Let’s just call it both.

Somebody asked me if I liked working from home and I responded enthusiastically that I do. When asked why, I said something along the lines of, “I’m kinda a loner.” It felt like a loser, cop-out answer. Read more…

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Here’s Why Nobody Smart (or Good) Will Sign Your Social Media Policy

social-media-policy rules list do's and don'ts

For a little context, a few years ago, I wrote a post here at TLNT about how you shouldn’t have a social media policy for your organization. In it, I said:

My point is that however you’d treat the employee in a similar real life situation is how you should treat them when it comes to social media. There are very few truly unique situations when it comes to social media and then it goes back to my point about not making policies for a handful of employees or possibilities.”

And about a year ago, I wrote a post about how these social media disclaimers (i.e. “My views do not represent that of my employer”). Read more…

Talent Management

Reducing Turnover? Yes, It’s Important, But It’s Not the Real Goal

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“Our goal is to reduce turnover by 25 percent.”

No, it isn’t. I hope not, at least.

Having reduced turnover as a goal leads to all kinds of strange, short-term thinking that lead to deranged organizations. A counter-offer when your 325th best salesperson decides to take another job? Lengthening the corrective action review process? Pushing beyond the budget on labor costs because your team is too expensive? Ploys and programs designed to cater to middle and low performers who may be a flight risk?

Yep, yep, yep and yep. Read more…

Classic TLNT

Get a Grip — It’s Madness Worrying About Workers and March Madness


Editor’s Note: Sometimes, readers ask about past TLNT articles they may have missed. That’s why on Fridays we republish a Classic TLNT post some of you have asked about.

How do I know it’s March? People are talking about productivity lost because of the NCAA basketball tournament and gambling in the workplace. I can set my calendar by it.

Suddenly, everyone is a workplace productivity expert. The latest I saw from outplacement consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas put the number at $192 million for lost workplace productivity due to it. Others estimated somewhere in the $1-$4 billion range. Read more…

TLNT Events

I Want You to Show Us Your Recruiting Innovations


You may have missed the announcement about the reimagined Recruiting Innovation Summit on (ERE Media is TLNT’s parent company).

This May 14-15 in San Francisco, we plan on unveiling a summit that is on the cutting edge of recruiting. We’re not just focusing on corporate recruiting, either. We’re going to be covering all aspects of the talent acquisition process. We need your help, though.

First, if you are doing something innovative in talent acquisition, we want to hear from you. We don’t care if you’re a recruiter, HR pro, sourcer, independent headhunter, consultant or vendor. If you’re a HR vendor startup, I encourage you to apply to be a part of our program via the startup competition application. For any other innovative parties, send me a quick note (

Second, we want you to be there. New companies and products will be making their first major appearance there. You will see things you haven’t seen before. And ultimately, our audience will decide which startup, product and process will be crowned champion.

Read more…

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Today’s College Recruiting Picture: It’s Finally Starting to Perk Up

College graduates

Things are looking modestly up for most college graduates this coming year (and perhaps a bit more competitive for recruiters).

That’s the broad conclusion of a recently released report by Dr. Phil Gardner of the College Employment Research Institute. Tipped off to me by Matthew Stollak, the report is long and intensive. Unlike whitepapers, infographics and simplistic research we often get to see in employment, the conclusions in the report don’t fit nicely wrapped with a bow on top.

Mostly though, the news is good for recent grads and the employment market in general. Read more…