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Mark Fogel is the CHRO at the Marcum Group based in New York City and an adjunct professor teaching in the MBA program at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY. He is the recipient of several national awards including SHRM’s Human Capital Leader of the Year in 2007, HR Executive magazine’s Honor Role in 2010 and their “HR Best Ideas in 2012.” He can be reached at:

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Can HR Be a Business Partner When Business Isn’t Our First Concern?

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Marc Effron over at the New Talent Management Network recently published research on the 2013 State of Talent Managers. The findings are fascinating and get under the covers of what motivates many of us in the HR field to do what we do.

The question of where we stand as business partners has been front and center for myself and my teams over the past dozen plus years, and Marc addresses this as part of the study.

I’d like to say we are business partners and that is our primary concern, but I would be stretching reality on both accounts. We do partner, sometimes, on certain projects and daily services, but are we really “business partners?” Read more…

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Dear HR Critics and Naysayers: If You Can’t Help, Get Out of the Way

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“If you can’t help, get out of the way.”

That’s a saying a former supervisor of mine used to say to members of my HR team when confronted with a large complex issue. Lately I have been feeling like I need to say that to so many of the writers and bloggers in the HR social media community.

The amount of criticism and skepticism about HR practices and its value are both alarming and demoralizing. To this I say — enough, and get out of the way. Make room for people who are living and breathing HR and making a difference in their respective businesses and employees daily lives. Read more…