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Recruiting in 2015: Better Get Ready to Start Dating


When I was asked recently for my thoughts on what 2015 will bring for talent acquisition, I responded with – dating.

Partly, I just couldn’t get myself to repeat the endless series of annual predictions proliferating around the Internet: the year of the mobile, social, collaboration, telecommuting, people are important, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda.

But truly, this will be the year when the vendor talked about for years as a potential entrant into the recruiting game will finally emerge: eHarmony. Read more…

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60 Plus Interview Questions People Said Were Their Favorites

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A recent contest for people to submit their favorite interview questions yielded the interesting, the odd, the useful, the insightful, and the obscene.

They included such questions as: “What is your favorite palindrome?” and “Why did America stop selling War Bonds?”

And, there are some I can’t publish without washing my own mouth out with soap. Read more…

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Is This a First for HR? An Employee Handbook That’s a Recruiting Tool

Motley Fool

Inspired by Valv, The Motley Fool has released an online employee handbook, one of the most memorable you’ve ever seen, so much so that it’s as much a recruiting tool as it is a set of rules.

The Fool’s handbook isn’t all new, but it was paper based in the past, and mailed (yes, mailed) to people who needed it, and updating it meant sending it off to the printer.

With help from an outside company called Stories Incorporated, The Motley Fool’s online, interactive, video-included handbook highlights both company culture as well as company policies. Read more…

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Five Questions About Yahoo’s New, Pregnant CEO

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Well, now there’s a twist on the Yahoo-poaching-from-Google story: Marissa Mayer is having a baby.

Kudos to Yahoo for hiring a pregnant woman to do the CEO job. It does raise a few questions in my mind however, including:

  1. Bringing a baby to the office? According to one writer on CBS Money Watch, “You can bring a baby to an office, and you can bring work home. There is no conflict.” That sounds good, but it’s news to me. Many employers don’t want babies in and out of the office. If Mayer can bring hers – which again, I’m all for – will other employees be able to, too? Read more…
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Odds & Ends From the Exhibit Hall Floor at SHRM 12 in Atlanta


Here are some more odds & ends of news and chatter from the annual SHRM Conference and Exhibition that is winding down here in Atlanta.

  •, which runs local and niche sites like, launched its version of “communities.” I’ve grown a tad skeptical of that word as its meaning has become as broad and vague as the word “empowerment.” But regardless of whether what Beyond is doing is truly a community, the portals/pages associated with them are actually pretty impressive. Here’s the one for the legal field, which involves articles, job listings, links to similar communities, and the ability to “follow” a la Twitter. Beyond’s CEO tells me he’s trying to establish a third place — with LinkedIn being a professional site, Facebook a personal site, and a career and personal development site. Read more…
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On the Floor at SHRM Atlanta: Assessments, Apps & Other HR Stuff


Out here in Atlanta at the Society for Human Resource Management’s Annual Conference & Exhibition, there’s a lot going on for the 13,000 attendees — especially in and around the Exhibit Hall.

Here’s just a taste of the chatter from a few of the HR/recruiting vendors here at SHRM.

PeopleClues just signed on the UK’s Random House Group, which’ll use PeopleClues assessments in its college hiring. I asked PeopleClues’ Chief Strategic Officer Bryan Wempen if PeopleClues has a booth on the exhibit floor. “No, thank God,” he says. “I hate trade shows.” Read more…

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Bernard Hodes Group Selling Off Its Recruiting Technology System


Bernard Hodes Group is selling Hodes iQ to a company called Technomedia. The new company will be called Technomedia-Hodes iQ in the U.S., and Technomedia elsewhere. Like many other HR vendors, it hopes to sell customers on the idea of what it calls a “complete talent management suite.”

You may be saying, “Techno-who?”

Indeed, notes Josh Bersin, Technomedia isn’t well-known, at least in the U.S. It has its roots in Canada, particularly as a sophisticated system for companies like Bell Canada to manage their learning/training. Read more…

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On the Floor at SHRM Las Vegas: New Products, Profiles, and Other Stuff

From the HR blog at TLNT.

In case you missed it, here’s what I learned on Tuesday cruising the Exhibit Hall at SHRM’s Annual Conference here in Las Vegas.

Career profiles on is upbeat. The founder and CEO Rich Milgram says that though it expects some normal summer slowness, it says it has grown revenue faster than Monster in the last year, has benefited from the Monster acquisition of HotJobs (which helped result in a partnership with The Network in Europe) and the lower profile of Jobing (“we don’t hear about them at all anymore,” he says). Read more…

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On the Floor at SHRM Las Vegas: What Vendors are Saying and Doing

Peoplefluent screenshot1

There’s always a lot going on in the Exhibit Hall at the SHRM Annual Conference. Here’s so me of what I heard, saw, and found talking to sellers of human resources products Monday at SHRM 2011 in Las Vegas.

Peoplefluent’s iPad products for managers and HR

Peopleclick, now Peoplefluent, is releasing a set of iPad-friendly products for managers, executives, and HR professionals, a product line it calls a “truly natural, social, and emotional experience.” In other words, boomerang CEO Charles Jones tells me, these apps are fun. A description of the products are available online. Several of the company’s customers, such as Citrix, tested the product, and I’ve taken a look at them. Read more…