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Traci Entel is Booz & Company’s Chief Human Capital Officer as well as Partner and Vice President in the firm’s Organization, Change & Leadership practice. Thomas Ripsam is a partner and vice president with Booz & Company based in Munich. He specializes in strategy-based organization and operating model transformations to improve top- and bottom-line performance. Contact him at

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Why Changing Functional Roles Is a Golden Opportunity for HR

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Until recently, the role of corporate functions such as HR, marketing, and IT, was relatively straightforward.

These organizations carried out essential governance roles and specialized tasks that allowed the company to function on a daily basis. HR managed recruitment, benefits transactions, and the evaluation and promotion process. IT ran and supported computer systems. Finance managed accounts, debts, and taxes.

All worked to accommodate requests from various business units and to put out the inevitable fires that erupted during times of conflict or urgency.

While critical, these roles essentially existed to fulfill day-to-day needs. When functional leaders were asked to improve, that meant doing these same tasks – just more efficiently. Read more…