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Why China Really Needs HR’s Help – And Now More Than Ever

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By Annie Lau

When people think about the reasons they have left an organization or have not accepted an offer with a company, one of the key common factors is perhaps something one might not expect: development, or rather, the lack thereof.

Compensation, while certainly important, is often not the deciding factor in the decision to work or stay somewhere. The same need for development seems to be a growing emphasis as part of the recruiting efforts in China for many organizations.

The rapidly rising economy in China has led domestic and foreign companies to often compete for the same pool of candidates. Job-hopping has become commonplace as the workforce’s desire for growth and improvement increases. Read more…

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Confessions of an Expat HR Leader: It’s All About the Networking

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Mr. Ron, we would like your insights on this issue.”

This happened throughout the conference until it got a point that I just wanted to be left alone to listen. “Let me just take it all in,” was my thought.

Last week, I was a keynote speaker at the 2nd Annual Human Resources Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My topic: HR at the Crossroads of Business & Leadership.

One of the main pieces of advice I have for any expat is to get involved right away in your industry. The learning experiences that I have gotten from attending these conference are incalculable. Attend as many conference as possible and learn, learn and learn some more. Read more…

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Implementing Drug and Alcohol Testing at Non-U.S. Operations

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By Danielle Urban

Many U.S.-based employers perform pre-employment, post-accident, or random drug testing, and with some exceptions, are generally permitted wide latitude in deciding when to conduct such tests.

The U.S. attitude toward drug testing does not necessarily translate to other countries, however, where there may be different attitudes toward employee privacy, in particular. U.S.-based employers can run into trouble when attempting to impose those same testing requirements on a foreign division or subsidiary. Read more…

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The Challenges of HR Management in a Global Workplace

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“Mr. Ron, I want you to send me to some training.

Sure, I said. Tell me about what you do and what are some of your duties in your department? After listening to him or a while, I finally asked: what type training do you think you need?

His reply floored me — “I do not know. Just send me to training.”

The exasperated look on my face told the story. Another of my colleagues was in my office and he said that is a normal reaction in this country. People look to be directed; they are not into self-direction. Read more…

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The Message Behind the Demise of Aon Hewitt Canada’s Rewards Practice


Aon Hewitt has laid-off its reward consultants in Canada while retaining other parts of its HR consulting practice.

While this sort of thing is common in business, it comes as something of a shock to the Canadian HR community where Hewitt was long seen not just as one of the biggest consultancies but also one of the nicest.

There are, no doubt, many particulars around the decision, however perhaps the main takeaway is that consulting can be a tough business even when you are well established. Read more…

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Lessons From the Sochi Olympics in Overcoming Workplace Challenges

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Despite being the most expensive Olympics in history, several buildings and arenas hosting  the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia were structurally incomplete less than 72 hours before the Opening Ceremonies.

This Washington Post article chronicles the equal parts amusing and gross follies many journalists are encountering with their accommodations (I now invite you to Google ‘Sochi double toilet’ and come to your own conclusions).

The likelihood that these conditions will adversely affect the job at hand of competing to win, however, is close to zero. Read more…

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The Workplace Gender Gap? They Also Have It in the Cayman Islands

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Editor’s Note: Sheena Sigsworth will be writing from time to time about HR and the workplace as she sees it from the Cayman Islands.

We’ve heard about it, experienced it or read about it – women in the workforce sometimes get a raw deal.

Discrimination is one of those things no one really likes to talk about, but you know it’s there and gender discrimination is one such issue. It rears its head in the workforce where many women still earn less than their male counterparts for the same job.

Although the Cayman Islands have evolved from the days when women were expected to be homemakers while the their men went to sea and provided for the family, inequality still exists in the workplace. Read more…

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Employment and Workplace Challenges in Hong Kong

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By Alice Wang

With dynamic soaring towers, elaborate bright lights, and heart warming traditional customs, Hong Kong’s enigmatic economic and business climate serves as a financial capital for all industries, companies, and firms.

Indeed, Hong Kong is a pivotal financial center of Greater Asia! As a former British Crown colony, Hong Kong truly embodies the best of the East and the best of the West. Read more…

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Pregnancy Leave: Just How Much Is Too Much?

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So, I’ve been up north at HRPA 2014 and have learned so much about our Canadian HR sisters and brothers (and like the U.S., it’s still mostly sisters!).

Did you know the maternity leave in Canada is 52 weeks? That’s one year if you’re slow at math like me!

And that can be divided in any manner between the mother and father. Plus, from the peers I spoke to, many get up to 55 percent of their salary for the entire time they’re off.

The U.S. has FMLA (the Family and medical Leave Act) for only 12 weeks. By the way, the women I spoke to, who didn’t know what the U.S. did, were completely shocked by this. But, I was completely shocked by 52 weeks and 55 percent pay! Read more…

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Australia Moves to Beef Up Its Anti-Bullying in the Workplace Laws

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By Naomi Sheridan

Australian workplaces have long been subject to anti-bullying laws, but effective Jan. 1, 2014, workers have an additional avenue in which to bring workplace bullying complaints against employers.

Australian workers have been able to lodge workplace bullying complaints under workplace health and safety laws to the various health and safety authorities in each state of Australia. Now, the Fair Work Commission also has jurisdiction to deal with workplace bullying complaints as a result of the former government’s pre-election amendments to the Fair Work Act 2009. Read more…