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Hello Goodbye: It’s Critical to Connect and Build Trust With All You Meet


As I looked into his eyes, I could see them welling with tears. As he began to speak, his voice cracked, “Mr. Ron we’ll will miss you so much. It has been my honor to know you.”

As I listened, my eyes teared up in synch. These guys had no idea what they have meant to me over this past year.

As I walked from department to department, the reaction was mostly the same — we were saying our goodbyes. Having spent close to 15 months in a new environment with a workforce that could rival the United Nations — including multiple languages and customs — I was proud of myself for having connected with them. Read more…

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TLNT Webinar – Think Globally, Onboard Locally: Tips for Designing a Global New Hire Experience Program

Don’t miss out on next weeks TLNT webinar!  With the growth market conundrum hypothesizing that we are the cusp of a fundamental shift of economic power from the developed world to emerging markets, and with executives unable to manage global talent now is a better time than ever to start paying attention.

With only 30 percent of executives surveyed able to manage talent globally and an even lower 28 percent actively investing in expanding global management, everyone has a little bit of room to learn some tips and tricks. Please join host Nicole Dessain in this Docusign webinar as she shares the following:

  • Understand impact of macroeconomic developments on global talent strategy;
  • Learn about key elements of a “core” onboarding experience that allows for local customization;
  • Receive tips and resources to get you started with designing a global onboarding program.

Missing out on an chance like this to broaden your global management skills at such a critical time as this will not be good for future business practice and/or sustainability. Don’t miss out and register today!

Date/Time: July 30, 2014 at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific

Registration Link:

Sponsor:  Docusign

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How Employee Benefits Are Changing Around the World

Maximizing benefits

In the last 12 months I’ve been to 73 cities in 19 countries, working with our global clients about the advantages of using online benefit management and employee engagement software.

Along the way, I’ve picked up some interesting facts, figures and anecdotes regarding employee benefits management strategies. These are high-level observations and therefore should be taken with a pinch of salt.

I know how infuriating it can be to have your country or region generalized. For example, you can’t talk about the American economy in high-level terms: Read more…

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How to Handle Independent Contractors for Global Organizations

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By Annie Lau

As the global market grows seemingly smaller, more and more companies are expanding their reach around the world.

Some companies send U.S. employees overseas, while others hire locally, or even utilize local independent contractors. As in the United States, companies must be mindful of the risks involved when hiring independent contractors in their international operations.

While different countries have different levels of scrutiny when it comes to determining who is an independent contractor and who is an employee, many of the principles remain the same. The main questions deal with the company’s control over the person’s work. Read more…

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What I Learned From My Life as an Expat HR Leader in Saudi Arabia

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I recently received a note from my good friend Sharlyn Lauby (aka, the HRBartender) in reference to a question that she received from one of her readers:

How did you prepare for your new human resources role in Saudi Arabia? The country has different cultures, business traditions, and labor laws.

What I realized is that the story behind me making the move from New York City to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia could possibly fill a book [to be announced at a later date]. Read more…

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TLNT Webinar – Think Globally, Onboard Locally: Tips for Designing a Global New Hire Experience Program

Earlier this year Nicole Dessain identified ten trends that we feel will shape 2014 – some of which already started in 2013 or previous years, but which will have new significance this year.

One of these trends, the growth market conundrum, hypothesizes that we are the cusp of a fundamental shift of economic power from the developed world to emerging markets. Yet, only 30 percent of executives surveyed by Deloitte believe they have sufficient capabilities for managing global talent, and only 28 percent are actively investing to improve those capabilities.

During this webinar we will explore a critical component of globalized talent management: onboarding. Case studies and examples will help make key concepts come to life.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand impact of macroeconomic developments on global talent strategy
  • Learn about key elements of a “core” onboarding experience that allows for local customization
  • Receive tips and resources to get you started with designing a global onboarding program

Date/Time of Webinar: July 30, 2014 at 2 pm EDT

Registration Link:

Sponsor: DocuSign

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Restrictive Covenants Work Very Differently Outside the U.S.

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By Danielle Urban

In most U.S. states employers are free to bind employees with restrictive covenants – which commonly take the form of post-employment restrictions on soliciting clients or employees – as a condition of employment.

The wide acceptance of such restrictions in the U.S. does not necessarily translate to other countries, however, and although restrictive covenants may be permitted in some form, are generally much more limited in scope outside the U.S.

But, one size does not fit all. Read more…

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5 Things to Know If You Are Doing International Background Checks

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In the past decade, an increasing number of U.S.-based companies have been recruiting candidates from overseas.

It’s important that employers seeking candidates from other countries remain as diligent with international background checks as ones conducted domestically.

While there are similarities between background checks conducted in the United States and internationally, there are a few key differentiators employers should know. Read more…

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Big Data: The Struggle in Asia For HR to Develop a Clear Strategy

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The topic of Big Data for Human Resources has sparked interest in the U.S. and Europe for the past few years — and Asia-based HR has also certainly been hit by the Big Data buzz as well.

According to a survey by IDG, Big Data adoption is already significant in the West, with 70 percent of enterprise organizations having already deployed or currently planning to implement Big Data-related initiatives.

However, less is known about the realities of HR Big Data engagement in Asia. In fact, based on publication of The Asia HR Big Data Survey Whitepaper Report 2014, 76 percent of HR professionals do not know what Big Data is, yet, confusingly, 79 percent claim that getting a Big Data strategy in place is a priority in 2014. Read more…

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3 Steps to Creating a Culture That Will Resonate Anywhere and Everywhere

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Building a strong, global culture seems an obvious step in ensuring company success. But it can be easy to become lazy about your culture, assuming it will continue along well without intervention or oversight.

This is simply not true. As I’ve said before, culture is like a bonsai tree. It can take years to shape and grow into what you want, but mere seconds to destroy.

Today, I’m sharing wisdom from three executives who know of what they speak on the topic of company culture. Together, they lay out the three steps needed to create and maintain the culture you need to achieve your success objectives. Read more…