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Just When Did HR Become the Devil in Disguise?


While talent is valued, the Human Resources function is depreciated. Doesn’t that say something?

At the same time that society defends the right of individuals to display valuable aspects of their work history, the Human Resources profession seems to earn insults.

Maybe we deserve it, when you see companies restricting their employee’s right to brag about their service at a major firm. The employment contract imposed by HR in the referenced court case (Robert Half International v. Ainsworth) failed to pass muster in California, of course, where they have some of the most worker-friendly laws anywhere. Read more…

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What College Football Shows Us About Measuring Talent and Results


Athletes and coaches love the bottom line of a game. You win or you lose. The winner is clear. Usually.

This past year, college football addressed a long-standing challenge that many of us in business face. Yes, you won – but how did your win compare to the competition? What do the results really mean?

Or to college football fans, who is the real national champion? Read more…

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The Biggest Lie We Tell in HR (and Why Need to Stop Telling It)


I believe that telling lies can render a person insane. Seriously.

When a person makes a habit of lying, they eventually begin believing their own lies, and then they become a little crazy, unable to distinguish fiction from reality.

And so it goes with HR folks who insist on perpetuating the lie that money doesn’t matter. Read more…

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HR Trends For 2015: It All Starts With Retaining Key Employees

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You don’t have to read Fast Company to know that retention is a key issue for many executives in 2015.

How do you keep the right people in the right jobs while also acknowledging that employees are capitalists, too?

I have some ideas for you.

Why don’t you do some good old-fashioned HR for a change? Read more…

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Here’s What’s Really Happening With Adopting and Utilizing Big Data

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For at least the past three years, there has been no shortage of articles written about the urgency of businesses and HR adopting a data mindset.

Business analysts and experts on this subject have tried everything from threatening the existence of data-ignorant companies to making innumerable cases for why it should be a part of your company fabric.

Admittedly, data is important. We cannot just go about our days wishfully doing business without the context behind what is really driving and affecting our operations. Read more…

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Study Should Make Us Reconsider Technology Implications on the Job

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A recent Pew Research Center report examines the impact that technology has on workers and provides some counter-intuitive data.

Digital Life in 2025: Technology’s Impact on Workers looks at a representative sample of adult Internet users and the role or impact of digital technology on their work lives.

The report helps to identify the role of technology in different areas of business, what certain workers find most valuable, and provides surprising perspective on the discussion of whether technology is keeping employees productive, or spreading them too thin and negatively pressuring them to stay constantly connected or “plugged in.” Read more…

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HR Advice to Start 2015: Resolve to Listen More to Your People This Year

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“But, it is the General Manager who so sets the tone and culture in an organization.

That statement, by a local reporter, followed the recent firing of New York Jets football coach Rex Ryan. As I watched the news over the holidays, I saw that there were a lot of sports people who lost their jobs.

As another famous football executive, Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells, explained years ago, “you are what your record says you are.” Read more…

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Dumb HR Policies That Simply Drive Employees Crazy


The economy has rebounded and recruiters agree that it’s now a candidate’s job market.

That means your employees have options that weren’t there just a few years ago. Have your HR policies caught up?

Dumb HR policies typically come about when managers and HR people don’t know how to productively lead and manage their workforce and resort to a far-reaching policy when a bit of guidance or coaching could easily fix a problem.

Here are some examples of HR policies that do more to alienate your best employees than they do to enhance your bottom line results: Read more…

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Why We Need to Start Thinking of “People” and Not Just “Users”

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“As somebody once said: It’s kind of arrogant to think the only reason people exist is to use what you built. They actually have lives … outside the experience they have using your product, and so the first step of designing in a human-centered way is to recognize that they’re humans.

That statement was from Facebook’s director of product design Margaret Gould Stewart, speaking at The Atlantic’s Navigate tech conference. Basically what she was saying is that Facebook is not calling its users “users” any more — it now refers to them as “people.”

Some companies now refer to their employee group as partners or associates. I love this new nomenclature, but I know that to some it may seem as not really having any meaning. Read more…

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Measuring Engagement: It’s All About Asking the Right Questions

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Measuring employee engagement is tricky. After all, how do you get people to tell you how engaged they are in their work when they might not even understand the concept very well?

Determining what engagement means involves different psychological constructs that describe a person’s emotional state at a moment in time.

When conducting an organization-wide employee engagement survey, it’s critical to use the right questions to accurately assess an employee’s emotions regarding their job. Read more…