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The 3 Things That HR Should Stop Trying to Apologize For


I think HR Pros apologize way too much.

I got this idea from the Fast Company article 3 Things Professional Women Should Stop Apologizing For, which are:

  • Their financial expectations (i.e., Pay us the same!)
  • Their physical appearance (i.e., Sorry we aren’t club ready – I was up with a sick kid all night!)
  • Their professional accomplishments (i.e., Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I can’t brag about what I do great!) Read more…
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How to Get Employees to Talk Before They Decide to Walk

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It’s human behavior to want to move away from things that are not working or are starting to feel tough, or just too hard, because sometimes walking away seems like the easiest choice.

It’s true in life in general, and particularly true in the job market.

Positive shifts in the economy in most countries have naturally led to more role choices for talented people. They have options, and if a role or organization that is not delivering to expectations, it’s natural to explore other options. Read more…

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4 Tips for Terminating an Employee (and Maybe Even Staying Friends)


At some point in their careers, managers will face the tough position of having to let someone go based on performance, and if they did their job right, it will be someone who they have built a friendship with.

Outside of personally wanting to maintain a relationship with a former employee, there are other benefits to letting someone go amicably.

Sometimes, employees may have a great work ethic and attitude, but they simply couldn’t deliver for that specific role, and it’s important to maintain a relationship in these types of situations. Read more…

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The Complexity Conundrum: Why Can’t HR Just Make Things Simple?

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Have you ever wondered why HR Departments continue to make complex processes?

In reality, all of us want things to be simple. But, when you look at our organizations, they are filled with complexity.

It seems like the more we try to make things simple, the more complex they get.

You know what? It’s you – it’s not everyone else. You are making things complex and you’re doing this, because it makes you feel good. Read more…

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Do You Know How Responsive Your Organization Really Is?


What Darwin said about species also applies to business. In today’s overly competitive and ever-changing business environment, only the strong survive.

It’s true. Anyone and everyone is online selling stuff, and to be successful you’ve got to be innovative, adaptable, and responsive.

So, what happens when things don’t go as planned? (Because they always go as planned, right?)

Actually, a better question is this: How do you know things aren’t going as planned? Read more…

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The Keys to HR: It’s How People Perform, and the Bottom Line Impact

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Lately, Human Resources has become a very hot topic – for reasons both good and bad.

The good: There is sufficient research to show that executive leadership wants and needs a business partner that adds value to the organization and the bottom line.

The bad: HR is simply not delivering. Read more…

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The 10 Biggest Killers of Employee Motivation

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Imagine the last time you were happy and content at work.

Hopefully it’s not once in a year type of thing, but let’s imagine it was two days ago when you finally finished a long-lasting project that had been keeping you up all night.

Now imagine the feeling and motivation this happiness gave you. At that particular moment, it probably felt like you could conquer any challenge and had the motivation to move mountains. Most probably, your productivity was at its peak. No wonder; a happy employee is also a productive employee. Read more…

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The 3 Risks You Face When Employees Are Traveling For You

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Business leaders have long recognized that their greatest assets are their people.

However, attracting top talent is only one dimension of a people-driven business — employees must be fully engaged and motivated to be top performers. Corporate culture and commitment to your employees’ health, safety, and well-being is not only your duty, but is crucial for sustained employee engagement.

Here’s how HR and risk managers can take a proactive approach to safeguarding traveling employees while avoiding the following types of risks: Read more…

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Fixing Our Reputation: How HR Can Be a Help and NOT a Hindrance

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Imagine the pride I feel for my profession when a friend of mine posts this (see below) on Facebook!

Sorry. Forgive the sarcasm.

But, it’s a valid point. I hate the fact that, in too many organizations, the Human Resources department is seen as an obstacle and anything other than helpful.

What is interesting to think about is that we (HR) spend so much time bemoaning not being allowed to be strategic, that we miss opportunities to do some of the tactical stuff right.

Read more…

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The No. 1 Reason You Want Happy Workers? It Boosts Your Bottom Line

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We all know that happy employees are much more productive and creative at their jobs than their unhappy counterparts. Yet, according to Gallup, unhappy employees outnumber happy ones by nearly 2-1 odds in the U.S.

With workplace productivity, employee satisfaction and overall office culture on the line, many companies are paying more attention to the importance of delighting their employees.

Why focus on employee happiness? Read more…