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Here’s the Completely Wrong Way to Respond to Harassment Complaints

Sexual harassment

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By Eric B. Meyer

Folks, let me give you little free Friday HR pro tip:

If a female employee complains to a female manager that another male manager is sexually harassing her, it’s not OK for the female manager to respond thusly,

He’s a guy and you work with guys. Ignore it and smile.” Read more…

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3 Things That Get in the Way of Employee Feedback

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I have been working with a client lately to help them understand their engagement survey results.

The numbers are easy to read and see where scores increased or decreased, but numbers don’t tell the whole story.

To get the stories behind the number, I have been hosting employee focus groups to hear what is on employees’ minds that is impacting their engagement and work satisfaction. And boy, have they told me what is on their minds! Read more…

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Avoiding the “Profession” Trap: Reaching Out and Retooling HR


Editor’s Note: This is the fourth of 12 essays from the new book, The Rise of HR; Wisdom From 73 Thoughts Leaders. It’s compiled by Dave Ulrich, Bill Schiemann and Libby Sartain, and sponsored by the HR Certification Institute.

By John W. Boudreau

HR’s capability can meet its opportunity only through retooling and reaching out to other disciplines, and not being too rigid about its professional boundary.

Can any human do human resource management? That’s what HR constituents and clients sometimes seem to believe — especially when leadership teams admonish their HR leaders to adopt practices such as “rank and yank” performance systems simply because they read about them in a book about Jack Welch and GE, or when they appoint leaders with little professional HR training to top HR roles. Read more…

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Here’s Why Employees Are Your Best Brand Ambassadors


Successful corporate branding is all about “promise makers” and “promise keepers.”

Your brand represents how people perceive your organization – it embodies your reputation because a brand is the “promise of a pending experience.”

As a leader, you have to lead by example and embody that promise too. When customers anticipate doing business with you and your company, do you know what promises and experiences come to their minds? Where does the opportunity reside for you to ensure that the experiences you hope to create for customers are realized by your team? Read more…

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The Biggest Mistakes Employers Make in Drug Testing Programs

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While the majority of employers across the U.S. are not required to drug test their employees, many private companies have the right to conduct drug testing as part of their hiring process.

Having an effective drug testing program in place can help create a safer and more productive workplace for everyone. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes employers make when implementing an employee drug testing program that can lead to legal trouble. \

Here are a few of the most frequent mistakes employers make: Read more…

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When Might It Be Discriminatory to Fire a Medical Marijuana User?

Medical marijuana

By Eric B. Meyer

OK, let’s assume that I’m looking to fill another Blogprentice position.

All hires must then pass a background check and drug screen.

She’s killing it in the interview! She’s hired.

Then comes the drug test, which she fails due to the medicinal marijuana she tells me she’s taking because of her epilepsy. So, I rescind the offer. Read more…

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It’s Pretty Clear That Your Workforce Issues May Be Bigger Than HR

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There’s no question that there are things that HR can do to change how we service both the business and our employees.

But the other side of the coin  that rarely gets discussed is how HR is fairly low in the food chain when we look at the contributing factors of why the overall workforce has challenges and issues.

The decision to lag the market, lead the market, or remain stagnant with regard to wages —  like what we have seen in recent years — is administered and managed by Compensation Pros. However, wage increases or stagnation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It has to have higher levels of approval than HR. Read more…

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Social Engagement: If It’s Good For Employees, It’s Good For Customers

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It makes me proud to work for this company, because when I travel back to my home country on holiday, I can see the school that my company (along with all the volunteers) built. I am so proud to work here.”

That was a statement from one of our clients that I spoke to as she told me about her company.

I thought of that statement the other day as I flew back home from a business trip. The Chairman/Founder of the airline Virgin Atlantic made a pitch about their charity and volunteer effort called “Change for Children.” Richard Branson delivers this message and shows the schools and others that his company and employees are all engaged.

His quest is to get his customers involved as well. Read more…

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Four Steps to Effective Change Management for HR

Change Management Signboard

No matter the size of the organization, change is one of life’s constants in today’s business environment.

With all that change going on, everyone must be an expert on managing change effectively — right?


Most changes in organizations fail, due in part to employee resistance, failure to adequately prepare and miscommunication. Research shows that change initiatives are nearly twice as likely to fail as a result of organizational resistance rather than technical or operational issues. Read more…

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Seven Ways To Tell If Your Bad Apple Still Has Value

Bad apple

I initially didn’t want to write about “Bad Apple” employees because, like most business owners, I was wary to admit that my company has ever had a fault.

However, I pushed that concern aside for the simple fact that all the best businesses have at least one Bad Apple.

Admit it — You have Bad Apples in your workplace. Identifying how bad your apple is can help you determine what you might want to do. Will it spoil the whole bunch? Or motivate a team to bond and strive for a greater outcome? Read more…