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Workplace Collaboration: Here’s Why It Doesn’t Always Work

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It’s hard to remember a time when collaboration wasn’t a widely discussed and accepted concept.

It drives how we design offices, how we form teams, and how we plan strategically.

However, as a result of its universal popularity, the word has been stripped of much of its meaning. Whereas it originally was a process for creatively and effectively completing complex projects, in practice it can be diluted to mean simply working together in groups. Read more…

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Just When Did HR Become the Devil in Disguise?


While talent is valued, the Human Resources function is depreciated. Doesn’t that say something?

At the same time that society defends the right of individuals to display valuable aspects of their work history, the Human Resources profession seems to earn insults.

Maybe we deserve it, when you see companies restricting their employee’s right to brag about their service at a major firm. The employment contract imposed by HR in the referenced court case (Robert Half International v. Ainsworth) failed to pass muster in California, of course, where they have some of the most worker-friendly laws anywhere. Read more…

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The Biggest Lie We Tell in HR (and Why Need to Stop Telling It)


I believe that telling lies can render a person insane. Seriously.

When a person makes a habit of lying, they eventually begin believing their own lies, and then they become a little crazy, unable to distinguish fiction from reality.

And so it goes with HR folks who insist on perpetuating the lie that money doesn’t matter. Read more…

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How to Follow-Up Without Being a Pain-in-the-Rear Micromanager


Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.” – best-selling author Tom Peters

If you’ve attained a management position, then you’ve certainly learned that you must delegate some or most of your work, to avoid being overwhelmed by your responsibilities.

No single manager can do everything he or she is ultimately responsible for. Having responsibility for something doesn’t mean it’s your job per se — you just need to make sure it’s done. Read more…

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Here’s What’s Really Happening With Adopting and Utilizing Big Data

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For at least the past three years, there has been no shortage of articles written about the urgency of businesses and HR adopting a data mindset.

Business analysts and experts on this subject have tried everything from threatening the existence of data-ignorant companies to making innumerable cases for why it should be a part of your company fabric.

Admittedly, data is important. We cannot just go about our days wishfully doing business without the context behind what is really driving and affecting our operations. Read more…

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Dumb HR Policies That Simply Drive Employees Crazy


The economy has rebounded and recruiters agree that it’s now a candidate’s job market.

That means your employees have options that weren’t there just a few years ago. Have your HR policies caught up?

Dumb HR policies typically come about when managers and HR people don’t know how to productively lead and manage their workforce and resort to a far-reaching policy when a bit of guidance or coaching could easily fix a problem.

Here are some examples of HR policies that do more to alienate your best employees than they do to enhance your bottom line results: Read more…

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5 Things You Need on Your New Year Talent Management Checklist


Talent management is an amalgamation of the attraction, development, and retention of employees and how they work.

Ultimately, how your talents’ skills and aptitude meet current and future business needs can drive or stall the company’s growth.

It’s not just how the employees work, the leadership, or the HR professionals to offer the jobs. It’s the combination of targeted training and development, strategic alignment, and talent retention.

The question is: Do you have all your boxes checked? If the answer is no, here are some things to consider moving forward into 2015. Read more…

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HR May Not Be Ready For Big Data (Yet), But Here’s How to Gain Ground


Nearing the end of 2014 and heading into 2015, we’re now firmly entrenched in an era in which widespread technology and the availability of data are changing just about everything in business.

Now that professionals of all kinds can so easily access relevant information about their trade with just the click of a mouse, this capability is making a profound difference with everyone.

While most HR professionals still don’t quite understand Big Data, advanced analytics are clearly making their mark in human capital management. Read more…

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Avoiding the Holiday PTO Trap: You Need to Get Line Managers On Board

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If you work in HR, this is the time of year when you may be itching to discuss holiday PTO with line managers.

But there is likely a topic that you are hesitant to broach because it could put the line manager on the defensive: Whether employees who are owed PTO (paid time off) are actually going to be working from home when the books say they are officially “off.”

This is what I like to call the “Holiday PTO Trap.” Read more…

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The Importance of Putting the Human Interaction Back Into HR

New job new hire

Welcome to your new job!

Now, put on these chains and fill out this form …

And then fill out this one … And then fill out this one… And then fill out this one…

Darkness descends … and excitement slowly seeps away… Read more…