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Weekly Wrap: There’s Power in Perks, But Not All Companies Get That


As someone who worked in the San Francisco Bay Area during the dotcom boom, take it from me — employees LOVE perks.

Silicon Valley figured out a long time ago that all the things companies do for employees above and beyond a paycheck can be both a great lure for new talent, but also a great way to retain those you already have in the fold.

Of course, most companies in America don’t offer the kind of perks that Silicon Valley tech firms do, but as some recent research found, that doesn’t mean that those additional benefits above what you pay people aren’t a great tool for attracting (and keeping) top talent. Read more…

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Finding Top Talent: 6 Critical Stats Every Employer Needs to Know Now


“Where have all the candidates gone?” If you’re among the nearly 40 percent of employers who have an open position for which you can’t find the talent to fill those roles, you’re probably asking yourself this very question.

According to CareerBuilder’s 2015 U.S. Job Forecast, more than a third of employers plan to add full-time, permanent employees this year, the best outlook from the annual forecast since 2006.

But many are finding that planning to hire and actually making a hire are two vastly different undertakings. Across industries, the demand for candidates with specific skills far outnumbers the supply, and the old rules of recruiting no longer apply. Read more…

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Senate Hearing Questions NLRB’s Controversial “Quickie” Election Rule


By Ilyse Wolens Schuman and Michael J. Lotito

The National Labor Relations Board‘s new “quickie” election rule — set to take effect on April 14, 2015 — will detrimentally impact both employers and employees, according to many witnesses testifying this week at a Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions hearing.

Lawmakers and panelists described the rule’s many amendments to the NLRBs representation election procedures, and debated the rule’s practical implications for all parties involved.

Sen. Tim Scott, R-SC, claimed the rule “drastically tilts the playing field in favor of unions” and chills employer-employee communications. Read more…

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Survey Finds That Tech Workers Are Not Happy With 2% Pay Raises

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Paralleling the national average wage growth, tech workers saw their pay rise just 1.9 percent last year to an average of $89,450 annually, more than twice what the average U.S. worker earns.

But given that 2014′s increase was the lowest since 2010, there’s growing discontent in the ranks.

The annual Dice Tech Salary Survey says satisfaction with pay declined 2 percent in 2014 to 52 percent of the surveyed workers. That may not seem like much of a change, but it’s a significant drop from 2012 when 57 percent expressed satisfaction with their pay. Read more…

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The Happiest Workers on the Job – and What Makes Them That Way

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Recently, TINYhr released its 2015 Best Industry Ranking Report. The purpose of the survey that inspired the report was to answer the question of how the industry they’re in affects employee happiness.

Here’s what the survey says:

Happy Industry Rankings (in order of happiness quotient) Read more…

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Do You Have to Pay an Employee for Mandatory Alcohol Treatment?

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By Eric B. Meyer

Are you required to pay an employee for mandatory alcohol treatment?

More specifically, as posed in this recent federal court decision, “when an employer requires an employee to attend alcohol counseling and treatment sessions as a condition of keeping her job, must the employer compensate the employee for the time she spends in counseling and treatment?”

The three plaintiffs, New York police offers, identified three aspect of counseling that they claim they were required to undertake: Read more…

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The Next Frontier for Human Resources? It’s People Analytics

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 A new way of managing talent is beginning to emerge within the human resources world called “people analytics.”

It attempts to remove gut instinct, intuition and human biases from talent management in order to make workforce decisions in an evidence-based and data-driven way.

In other words, we want to ensure that we make decisions around employee selection, development and separation based on criteria that we know matters – because we have correlated them statistically with outcomes – and ignore the criteria that don’t. Read more…

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A Lesson in Why You Can Never Tolerate a Supervisor’s Racial Slurs

ENDA discrimination

By Eric B. Meyer

Even a few stray remarks can land your business in hot water…as one employer recently learned.

A cashier at a store in Mississippi was promoted to lead associate just a few months after her employment began. A few years later, the lead associate expressed interest in becoming an assistant manager. That promotion never happened. Read more…

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Weekly Wrap: Nobody Wins When Developing Employees Isn’t a Priority

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It’s been pretty clear for some time that American companies aren’t terribly interested in training or developing employees much anymore.

Yes, more money IS getting spent on training and development (15 percent more in 2014, according to Bersin), but it’s still not enough. Far too many organizations still expect new hires to be complete ready to hit the ground running when they start work, and that just isn’t very realistic.

That’s why this new survey from the American Management Association didn’t come as any great surprise. Read more…

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More Jobs in HR Are Now Requiring Data and Analytics Sills

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The geeks have arrived in HR, declares Josh Bersin. “Statisticians, mathematicians, and engineers have entered the people analytics space.”

Writing in Forbes, the noted industry analyst who is principal and founder at Bersin by Deloitte, outlines the development of the use of “big data” or, as he calls it, “people analytics” in the hiring and management of talent.

“Human resources departments are getting serious about analytics,” he says. “And I mean serious.”

Just how serious? Wanted Analytics coincidentally just came out with some numbers detailing the growth in human resources jobs asking for “big data” skills. Read more…