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Weekly Wrap: When the Right Tone Trickles Down From the Top


I’ve been hitting a lot of conferences recently, and when I do that, it’s easy to see that some events have a good vibe, while others don’t.

For instance, the recent Great Place to Work annual conference in New Orleans had a very positive tone, and that’s not surprising since the event showcases organizations that are recognized as the very best places to work.

Yes, it makes for a happy conference when the focus is on what great employers do for their employees.

But sometimes, a conference sneaks up and surprises me and I find happy attendees and a positive vibe where I didn’t expect to find it — like at this month’s Saba @Work Summit 2014 user group meeting in Orlando. Read more…

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Tech Insights: Software That Just Makes Us a Lot Smarter

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Many people recognize that a smart phone makes the average Joe resemble a super-intelligent android.

With the phone, Joe can do advanced math, tell you the population of Qatar, and do simple translations between languages.

Great as that is it only a part of the equation of being smarter. Managers often need to be more insightful. Can software help with that? Read more…

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Tech Insights: Operations vs. HR, or Why Old Techniques Still Have Value

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I recently bumped into software aimed at call center operations.

Normally, that is outside my scope, however this software, Snowfly, was all about incentivizing workers using what we would now call gamification. In this sense the operations folks in call centers have developed a gamified solution to an HR need long before HR got hip to gamification.

In HR, the needs of managers and professionals often dominate our thinking, and what it takes to motivate managers can be quite different from motivating a call center worker. Read more…

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The Unintended Consequences When Workers Bring Their Devices to Work


By Paul Starkman

At the top of the list of risks guaranteed to give HR a headache this year is employee use of personal technology for work.

It was only a few short years ago that employers began to embrace the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, allowing employees to use their personal phones, tablets and laptops for work.

Today, bring-your-own-device into the workplace is a given, with nearly two-thirds of technology-dependent Millennials using a personal device at work. Read more…

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Good HR Tech Always Makes For a Happy Employee

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Technology is a primary touchpoint for all sorts of HR functions in today’s companies: time tracking, benefit enrollment, payroll, performance reviews, etc. It handles the most sensitive aspects of an employee’s experience with a company.

It’s where they get paid, receive feedback, share thoughts on their career and skills, and enroll their newborns in health insurance.

Yet, in comparison to so many other apps people use everyday, the employee’s experience using HR software all too often leaves a bad smell behind, and that’s not a good thing for employees or employers.

But there’s hope. Read more…

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Tech Insights: How Dirty Data Is Slowing Down Good HR Analytics

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All the great new analytics tools work from the assumption that we have clean data.

Even when we just do a simple analysis, such as “employees by location,” we are presuming that all the data has been input, that it is accurate, and there are no duplicates.

As it turns out, much of HR’s data is pretty bad. Read more…

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Tech Insights: Finding Value in Social — If HR Can Learn to Manage It

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You can’t walk through an HR trade show without bumping into vendors selling software that has some kind of “social” capability.

BraveNewTalent offers a platform for talent communities (e.g., a group of engineers) to share ideas. Drumtalk’s platform offers a similar knowledge sharing space, often with a goal of capturing knowledge relevant to a particular initiative.

TalentCircles’ “social recruiting” platform offers a tool to engage candidates so that HR has a pool of prospects to draw on when vacancies arise. Many other vendors offer related social tools. Read more…

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Tech Insights: Being Relevant in HR means You Need to Start Loving APIs

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Before HR, I worked in IT so I have a residual appreciation of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

APIs are the little modules that help one program communicate with another. For example, the API could pass employee data from your HRIS to your performance management system.

It might be nice to think that we could ignore such techno-trivia; however, it intrudes on our HR operations. Read more…

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Weekly Wrap: How IBM Kenexa is Jumping Big Time Into Big Data


Last month, I was in Orlando at the annual IBM Connect conference.

Last year, this event was the “coming out” party for Kenexa, which had just been acquired by IBM, and all the talk then was about what Kenexa would bring to Big Blue’s future business.

Well, now the future is here, and IBM has taken that next big step with Kenexa and announced what all the talk from last year was really about — the new IBM Kenexa Talent Suite. Read more…

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Want to Hire Female Technology Professionals? So Does Everybody Else


Are there women in tech?

Yes, but the truth is, not many. Certainly nowhere near their proportion to women in the workforce.

Women are barely a quarter of the IT professionals, yet they account for half the civilian workforce. Women earn 60 percent of the bachelor’s degrees, but fewer than 20 percent earn a degree in computer science. Back 25 years ago, 37 percent of the computer science degrees went to women.

In some specialties — cyber security, for one — men outnumber women 9 to 1. Read more…