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In the Age of Big Data, It’s Good Data That Makes the Business Sing

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Data, specifically good data, drives successful companies.

I call out the obvious with “good data” because a great deal of superfluous and even bad data floats around any company. As analysts often say, “correlation does not equal causation,” but correlation can reveal interesting insights if interpreted through the correct lens.

Discerning the good from the bad, however, is the real trick, especially in this era of big data. Read more…

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Technology Insights: How Big Data Can Help HR Drive Recognition

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These days a recognition program in a big company is probably enabled by some kind of web platform.

Want to give an employee something for doing a good job? Go to the recognition platform and it’s easily done.

This kind of manager self-service technology is great! Now that we are used to it we couldn’t live without it.

However, the controversy around recognition has never been around the administrative difficulty. The controversy is around whether it works. Read more…

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Tech Insights: The Push to Embed Expertise Into Software

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In the 1970s and 80s there was a lot of interest in “expert systems,” and maybe it is my residual focus on those systems that tweaked my interest when Vestrics talked about embedding their expertise in software.

Back in the day, expert systems aimed to figure out how an expert like a doctor or engineer reasoned their way through a problem and then capture that process in software.

Expert systems never went away but never really caught on either. We are seeing a resurgence with Watson, IBMs new approach to reproducing expert thinking, but your average HR manager is not ready to get involved with that kind of cognitive computing. Read more…

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Tech Insights: When HR Approaches Data the Way Marketing Does

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HR analytics usually looks at numbers, but unfortunately, a lot of relevant information is not numeric.

To understand textual data, our friends in marketing use sentiment analysis tools like Sysomos and Meltwater. These give them a handle on what social media is saying about their company and products.

The tools do exactly what the name suggests: they analyze the sentiment of a comment — is it positive, negative, or neutral? Read more…

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Diversity Tools Are Simply About Finding the Right Workplace Balance

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Entelo, a recruiting technology company, recently launched a product called Entelo Diversity.

To be honest, I had to look up what Entelo actually did. I had heard the name, but I couldn’t have told you if they were an employee engagement company or an ATS – and it turns out they’re neither! They’re a recruiting play, inasmuch, you have needs that are hard to find, their product claims to help you find those needs (I’ve never used it, so I not telling you it works or doesn’t).

This new product, apparently, helps you find Black People! Or Women. Or Black Women. Or a half Black-Asian Woman, who used to be a man. I’m not sure, for sure, because I haven’t used it; I’m just going on their press release. Read more…

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Weekly Wrap: When the Right Tone Trickles Down From the Top


I’ve been hitting a lot of conferences recently, and when I do that, it’s easy to see that some events have a good vibe, while others don’t.

For instance, the recent Great Place to Work annual conference in New Orleans had a very positive tone, and that’s not surprising since the event showcases organizations that are recognized as the very best places to work.

Yes, it makes for a happy conference when the focus is on what great employers do for their employees.

But sometimes, a conference sneaks up and surprises me and I find happy attendees and a positive vibe where I didn’t expect to find it — like at this month’s Saba @Work Summit 2014 user group meeting in Orlando. Read more…

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Tech Insights: Software That Just Makes Us a Lot Smarter

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Many people recognize that a smart phone makes the average Joe resemble a super-intelligent android.

With the phone, Joe can do advanced math, tell you the population of Qatar, and do simple translations between languages.

Great as that is it only a part of the equation of being smarter. Managers often need to be more insightful. Can software help with that? Read more…

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Tech Insights: Operations vs. HR, or Why Old Techniques Still Have Value

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I recently bumped into software aimed at call center operations.

Normally, that is outside my scope, however this software, Snowfly, was all about incentivizing workers using what we would now call gamification. In this sense the operations folks in call centers have developed a gamified solution to an HR need long before HR got hip to gamification.

In HR, the needs of managers and professionals often dominate our thinking, and what it takes to motivate managers can be quite different from motivating a call center worker. Read more…

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The Unintended Consequences When Workers Bring Their Devices to Work


By Paul Starkman

At the top of the list of risks guaranteed to give HR a headache this year is employee use of personal technology for work.

It was only a few short years ago that employers began to embrace the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, allowing employees to use their personal phones, tablets and laptops for work.

Today, bring-your-own-device into the workplace is a given, with nearly two-thirds of technology-dependent Millennials using a personal device at work. Read more…

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Good HR Tech Always Makes For a Happy Employee

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Technology is a primary touchpoint for all sorts of HR functions in today’s companies: time tracking, benefit enrollment, payroll, performance reviews, etc. It handles the most sensitive aspects of an employee’s experience with a company.

It’s where they get paid, receive feedback, share thoughts on their career and skills, and enroll their newborns in health insurance.

Yet, in comparison to so many other apps people use everyday, the employee’s experience using HR software all too often leaves a bad smell behind, and that’s not a good thing for employees or employers.

But there’s hope. Read more…