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More States Bump Up Workplace Protections for Pregnant Women

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By Ashley Kaplan

When Jennifer Latowski, a certified nursing assistant at Northwoods Nursing Center, shared with her supervisor that she was pregnant, she was asked to obtain a doctor’s note stating that she had no work restrictions.

Instead, Latowski’s physician issued a 50-pound lifting restriction.

As a result, Northwoods told Latowski she could no longer work for them because they only accommodated restrictions caused from work-related incidents. Latowski filed a wrongful termination suit claiming disability and pregnancy discrimination in Latowski v. Northwoods Nursing Center. Read more…

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TLNT Webinar: A Leap Ahead – Succession Planning & Internal Mobility

It may be hard to believe, but all the data you need to understand your future recruiting needs is right under your nose hidden within your existing HR and Recruiting systems, the problem being that they just don’t come together. Equally baffling is the fact that most of the people you need to fill your next big opportunities most likely exist in your business already, but small inconveniences like politics or visibility stop you from taking that advantage. That’s why today’s one-hour Visier sponsored webinar hosted by Bill Boorman will be a clear advantage to anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of joining up their data silos, and the organizations who are making REAL progress in this area. Topics also discussed include an understanding of recruiting/HR systems and the hidden data, internal talent mapping, predicting shortfalls, navigating the politics of internal mobility, and much more!

Please join Bill Boorman, COO of Tru Events,  for a one-hour webinar on Thursday, March 27, at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time (2 Eastern).

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Weekly Wrap: Flex Work Is Growing, So Why Aren’t More Women Doing It?

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Everyone knows that flex work (or telework, or whatever else you call it) has been on the rise, and last year’s prolonged debate when Yahoo decided to get rid of the option for their workforce exposed the strong feelings that so many have about it.

That’s why some new research from the Flex+Strategy Group and Work+Life Fit, Inc. (FSG/WLF) is pretty interesting as it digs into this workforce trend that so many feel so very passionately about.

The key findings were somewhat surprising. Read more…

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TLNT Webinar: Five Obstacles to Leadership Team Effectiveness

Want to turn your HR organization into an elite team that could effectively respond to any emergent condition and corporate expectation?  Learn how during an upcoming webinar presented by Marco Avila, the General Manager of Human Resources at Maersk Central America Cluster.  Maersk is the largest shipping company operating in Panama.  Marco will share how they developed a leadership strategy and the secrets which have enabled his group to operate like a SWAT team.

When: Thursday, September 26, 2013, 2:00 PM EDT       Register Here

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TLNT Webinar: Social Media in the Workplace

Right now, several of your employees are updating their Facebook statuses. Oh, your company blocks Facebook at work? That won’t stop your employees from accessing Facebook on their phones and at home. However they choose to engage online, in an upcoming TLNT Webinar, a lawyer who actually uses social media will update HR professionals on the legal issues affecting social media, and provide updated best practices to avoid the issues that an otherwise unprepared organization could face.

Join us for this TLNT webinar with Eric Meyer, a partner in the Labor & Employment Group of Philadelphia-based Dilworth Paxson LLP.   Eric will share the latest information on social media and the law, as it affects the workplace.

When:  Thursday, September 12 at 2:00 PM EDT          Register Here

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How Do You Evaluate Contributions to Your Workplace Team?

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This week, in his always excellent Three Star Leadership blog, management guru Wally Bock said this:

When you review performance you should review both team and team member performance. Pay attention to how team members work together and support each other. Be alert for situations where one person pulls the others down or lifts them up.”

Wally couldn’t be more correct in the importance of evaluating contribution to the team. The catch is this: how do you do that effectively? How do you go beyond the anecdotal or the few occasions you may have witnessed (both positive and negative) to accurately capture how well someone truly contributes to (or detracts from) the team’s success? Read more…

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The High Performance Organization: Is it Being Driven by HR or the CFO?


When looking at organizations that have started transitioning to high performance using the HPO (high performance organization) Framework, one thing can be noticed: there is at least one person present who is the promoter of HPO thinking in the organization.

That person takes the position of advocate and champion of HPO and makes sure that people get and stay excited about the prospect of becoming a world-class organization. This is a person who doesn’t give up, takes hindrances in stride, keeps at it, and finds great satisfaction in seeing the organization and its people improve over time.

That person, preferably, is placed high enough in the organization so he has enough power to exact resources and time for the HPO transition activities, and to hold other people accountable for their actions during the transition. The big question of course is: who ideally should be the spider of the HPO web? Read more…

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Weekly Wrap: Management Wisdom From a Guy Making Grilled Cheese

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Sometimes, management wisdom comes from unexpected places.

For instance, take this blog post from New York Times tech writer David Pogue titled Flipping to Grilled Cheese. No. it’s not about the latest tech gadget that you can use to serve up a sandwich, but instead is an interview with Jonathan Kaplan, founder and chief executive of Pure Digital. Kaplan developed the Flip camcorder, “the company that Cisco bought two years ago for $590 million, the company that Cisco then shut down last month, without any reasonable explanation,” as Pogue puts it.

Kaplan spoke to a class Pogue is teaching at the Columbia Business School, and entrepreneuer that he is, he’s now opening a chain of grilled-cheese-and-soup restaurants around San Francisco called The Melt.

Ok, I can hear you wondering — “what does this have to do with talent management or HR?” Read more…

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New Study Shows How Mobile Learning Has Gone Mainstream


You knew it was coming. It was only a matter of time before mobile devices like cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, iPads and the like invaded every corner of our lives.

Yes, it’s a fast-moving world, and the faster it gets the more mobile devices become a “must have” tool for staying plugged in and informed.

That’s why it’s not a huge surprise that a new research study by Bersin & Associates now says that  ”mobile learning finally has gone mainstream, driven by consumers in both the developed and developing worlds, and by mobile-technology oriented industries including high-tech, business services, and health care.” Read more…

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85% of Companies Offer Flex Time, But Does it Really Mean They’re Flexible?

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Do you feel like you’ve got more flexibility at work?

A recent report from virtual and executive office space leader Regus has indicated that 85 percent of companies now offer some sort of flexible time arrangement:

The majority of those same companies are finding that flexible working is bringing them significant benefits, including reduced overhead expenses, improved staff productivity and work-life balance. Additionally, 62 percent of U.S. businesses believe flexible working costs less than fixed office working.

75 percent of businesses offering flexible working assert their staff has significantly better work-life balance, improving satisfaction and motivation. In addition, half believe flexible working improves staff productivity, and 25 percent say leveraging a flexible workplace helps them scale quickly to cope with rapid growth.  More than 30 percent of flexible working businesses also feel their policy helps them access a wider talent pool.

Yes, 85 percent is a large number, and knowing that there are still many people talking about flexible time, I have to wonder if there is more to this story than meets the eye?

Read more…