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Temp to Perm Hiring: Good Idea, or Something You’ll Get Burned By?

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Have you ever wanted to have a person work for you on a temporary basis before making the commitment to hire full-time? Many of you probably shook your head, yes, especially when it comes to hiring non-management level positions.

And why not? It is common to get burned by hiring people who do not work out despite appearing like good hires from the interview process.

Being able to see how a person actually performs on the job and fits into your environment before hiring has great intuitive and practical appeal. Read more…

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Hiring Wisdom: Who Designed Your Hiring System?

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I was appalled when I reviewed a new client’s hiring system.

It turns out that it was designed by their legal department. While it went to extremes to ensure no illegal questions were asked, not one thing about it helped its users make good hiring decisions.

The upshot, of course, is that while this employer is unlikely to be sued for discrimination in the hiring process, they are by far more likely to be sued for the misdoings of an substandard employee (an unreliable or unsafe worker who never should have been hired in the first place). Read more…

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Follow the Leader: How Successful Companies Attract Talent


Wouldn’t it be great to know what successful recruiters – companies that are finding it easier to find the talent they’re looking for – are doing that may be different from companies that are struggling?

Earlier this year, we surveyed more than 450 HR professionals from around the globe as part of our 2015 McQuaig Global Recruitment Survey, with that exact question in mind (among others).

When we dug into the data that came back we uncovered a number of differences that, put together, paint a picture of what these companies are doing differently. Read more…

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Hiring Wisdom: What If Your New Hires Don’t Up and Quit?

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What would you do differently if you knew for sure that your new hires would stay with you for at least the next two (2) years?

Would you:

  • Train them differently?
  • Spend more time with them? Read more…
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Why LinkedIn Could Be Your #1 Source for Quality Passive Candidates


Want to tap into this year’s top trend and recruit passive candidates for your business? A survey has revealed that LinkedIn is one of the best sources for passive candidates.

While only 25 percent of global respondents are actively looking for a new job, a massive 45 percent are open to discussing opportunities with a recruiter. If you’re still relying on hiring active candidates to fill your roles, think again.

Here’s how you can use LinkedIn to source the top passive candidates. Read more…

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3 Surprising Personality Traits To Look For In a Job Candidate


Introversion, neuroticism, disagreeableness — these are not the first traits you typically think of when interviewing new hires.

In fact, 2014 research published in the journal Perspectives in Psychological Science shows that, of the Big Five personality traits (Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Extroversion, Openness and Neuroticism), Agreeableness and Conscientiousness are the most valued by organizations.

But what happens when a candidate doesn’t come off as highly agreeable or calm as a cucumber in a job interview? Should the candidate’s talent be passed on because they are more neurotic or disagreeable than typical hires? Not necessarily. Read more…

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4 Things You Need to Know About Global Candidate Sourcing

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Finding the best talent for your organization isn’t always easy, and in today’s job market, it can be downright difficult.

According to Bullhorn recruiting firm’s 2015 North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report, 75 percent of the 1,285 agency recruiting professionals surveyed reported a “skills shortage” in the industries they recruit in.

In an effort to bridge the widening skills gap, employers and hiring managers need to take down the hiring barriers and move their search for talent outside of their own backyard. That means re-evaluating the typical arguments against national, even global hiring in order to develop a long-distance candidate search that will help organizations connect with the best talent available. Read more…

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Revisiting Runner-Ups: Why “Silver Medalist” Candidates Are Good Bets

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One of the most underused but surprisingly effective approaches to hiring focuses on “silver medalists.”

If you’re not familiar with the term in recruiting, it is revisiting past applicants who that came in second during a previous hiring effort.

Now if you’re thinking that these individuals are “rejects,” you could be wrong because they may not have been hired simply because they had the bad luck of applying for a job at the very same time that a superstar candidate also did. Read more…

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Hiring Wisdom: To Hire the Best, You Have to Test

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The most effective and efficient hiring systems use testing software.

That’s because:

  • Test results more accurately predict success on the job than interviews, experience, schooling or references. Read more…
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What It Truly Costs for an $80,000 Per Year Hire


For executives imbued with hiring power, perhaps no greater pitfall exists than the hiring of management staff earning $80,000 and beyond.

Besides the immediate costs of salary and recruiting, there are hidden costs that go along with any miscalculation, which can number into the tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, hiring management level professionals who don’t fit or aren’t up to the job run the risk of a trickle down effect in terms of productivity and morale. If talented employees recognize that their immediate superiors are not up to the job, they will be quickly on the lookout for new and better opportunities. Read more…