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3 Questions You Need to Ask Before You Hire an Intern


Internship programs, when done properly, can provide a great amount of value to both the intern and the company hiring them.

If both parties go into an internship with the right attitude, lifelong relationships can be forged to the benefit of everyone involved.

If you find yourself wondering, “Should I hire an intern?” then ask yourself these three (3) questions: Read more…

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Hiring Wisdom: What Can You Learn from Your Last Hiring Mistake?


Every poor performer and bad hire can be traced to a flaw in the hiring system and represents an opportunity to improve that system.

Think about your most recent unsatisfactory hiring decision and ask yourself:

  1. What is the specific reason this person is unsatisfactory?
  2. If it’s an attitude problem (which it most often is), does your system include attitude testing and/or do you ask interview questions that explore attitudes. When you checked references, did you ask about attitude? Read more…
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The Evergreen Advantage: Why It’s Smart to Always Be Recruiting

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As the war for talent continues, it’s time for recruiting leaders and hiring managers to shift to more creative and innovative recruiting solutions.

A bold approach that I have been recommending since 1999 is the creation of “evergreen jobs.”

Simply put, these are the one or two most critical corporate jobs where you continuously search and hire every more-than-qualified applicant who fits the culture in order to ensure that you always have enough talent in these critical positions. Read more…

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More Employers Not Hiring Due to What They Find on Social Media


CareerBuilder does a lot of surveys. Some of them are fun and some are silly, but sometimes, they have one that reveals something that makes you sit up and pay attention. 

This is one of those attention-getting ones.

According to a new survey from CareerBuilder, more than half of all employers (51 percent) who use social media for background information on potential employees are finding things that cause them to NOT hire the candidate, and that is up from 43 percent last year and 34 percent in 2012. Read more…

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12 More Critical Issues With Diversity Recruiting Today

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Second of two parts

Last week (in The 10 Biggest Problems With Diversity Recruiting Today) I highlighted how a weak business case, not being data-driven, failing to segment your recruiting targets, and failing to effectively use employee referrals can severely reduce your diversity recruiting results.

Today, I will complete the list of the common diversity program design errors and briefly highlight some recommended actions.

The following are also powerful design errors that can negatively impact your diversity recruiting results. They are listed in descending order, based on their relative impact. Read more…

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Hiring Wisdom: Engagement Stats Show We’re Not Getting Anywhere


Look at the co-worker to your left. Now, to your right. At least one of them hates their job.

Maybe you do, too.

According to a recent Gallup survey of 5.4 million working adults, 52 percent say they are not engaged in their work. They limp to work, toiling without passion.

That’s half the workforce! Another 18 percent describe themselves as “actively disengaged” — disgruntled and spreading bitterness among co-workers. Read more…

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Is This a First for HR? An Employee Handbook That’s a Recruiting Tool

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Inspired by Valv, The Motley Fool has released an online employee handbook, one of the most memorable you’ve ever seen, so much so that it’s as much a recruiting tool as it is a set of rules.

The Fool’s handbook isn’t all new, but it was paper based in the past, and mailed (yes, mailed) to people who needed it, and updating it meant sending it off to the printer.

With help from an outside company called Stories Incorporated, The Motley Fool’s online, interactive, video-included handbook highlights both company culture as well as company policies. Read more…

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4 Steps to Help Measure the Effectiveness of Candidate Assessments


More organizations than ever before are recognizing the benefits of using assessments to evaluate candidates’ skills and knowledge as well as cultural fit. But, most still struggle with providing evidence that assessments can deliver real benefits to a company’s bottom line.

In fact, according to Aberdeen Group’s 2014 Assessments report, “Just 14 percent of organizations indicate that they have data to prove the positive business impact of their assessment strategy, whether pre- or post-hire.”

The companies that do use data to determine the ROI of their assessments have a couple of things in common. Read more…

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The 10 Biggest Problems With Diversity Recruiting Today

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First of two parts

In case you missed it, there was a great deal of publicity generated recently when Google’s Laszlo Bock recently opened up and announced Google’s diversity numbers.

Google was disappointed in them, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. Almost every major corporation struggles with meeting their diversity goals as a result of a poorly designed diversity recruiting effort that hasn’t changed much since the 1970s.

As a corporate recruiting expert, I continually analyze recruiting approaches of all types, and in my experience, diversity recruiting is the worst-performing one among all recruiting sub-programs. Read more…

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Post-Recession, Will HR Still Embrace the Lean, Agile Approach?

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Of all the professions put through the wringer of the Great Recession, few have emerged as different as human resources.

While HR fared well on average — the median HR staff remained steady from 2009-2012, according to the Society for Human Resource Management — some organizations witnessed the total decimation of their HR departments, and some companies even began to view HR as unnecessary in a leaner, more agile business environment that pushes everyone must do more with less.

At the same time, the challenges the typical HR department juggles, from payroll to compliance to talent acquisition, grow increasingly complex as Obamacare and other rules and regulations bear down on organizations of all sizes. Read more…