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Hiring Wisdom: 10 Ways to Motivate Your Team (and Have Fun, Too)


These are some of the best low (or no) cost ways to encourage peak performance from your workforce:

  1. Don’t forget birthdays and employment anniversaries. (Sheet cakes are cheap.)
  2. Give them business cards.
  3. Give them a new job title. Read more…
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Casey Kasem’s Message: You’re Only as Good as the Person Next to You

Casey Kasem

Before online services and iPods became our preferred methods of listening to music, radio was king, and Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 countdown show was the nation’s official playlist.

Kasem not only presented the weekly Top 40 hits, he engaged the listener with trivia, anecdotes, long-distance dedications, and a sincere passion for the art form that has set the standard for every disc jockey that came after him. He recently passed away at age 82, and there has been an outpouring of kind words from those who were inspired by him.

Casey Kasem’s final sign-off from his last broadcast in 2009 has been widely publicized since his death, serving as a nice goodbye to the man with the golden voice: Read more…

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Want Feedback to Really Work? Start Giving It a Lot More Frequently

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Last year, Globoforce CEO Eric Mosley launched his book Crowdsourced Performance Review. The primary thrust of the book is the annual performance review is broken, but it does serve a valuable purpose.

The opportunity lies in fixing the broken elements, which are largely centered around feedback coming from one person given on a very infrequent basis. The fix is adding informal frequent, timely, detailed positive recognition feedback from peers, colleagues and managers – “the crowd” – to the formal, annual performance appraisal process.

Because of this approach, I’m often asked, “So, do you collect constructive feedback as part of the employee recognition program, too?” Read more…

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Lessons From the Subway: Shaking Up Work Routines With Recognition

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How much of your job has become routine? You know the value of doing it, but it’s almost fallen into habit. But you can’t stop doing it either; it’s part of your job.

If this routine element of your job cannot eliminated or revised for legitimate reasons, what could shake up that routine? What could help reinvigorate you in the process?

Why am I asking all of these questions? Read more…

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Appreciated or Taken for Granted? A Tale of Two Workplace Cultures

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The big, burly man began to choke up as he took in what the company’s internal leadership coach just said.

Moments before, this bear of a man, a grizzled veteran of the construction company challenged her assertion that he and his contribution at the company were valued.

Looking at her skeptically, he asked “How do you know that?

“Are you kidding?” the coach said with incredulity. “EVERYONE knows how valuable you are…Jack and Bob (his boss and boss’s boss) are always talking about how valuable you are and how important your contribution is to this company is,” she replied. Read more…

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Giving Thanks: Yes, It REALLY Can Contribute to the Bottom Line

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Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.”A.A. Milne, British author of Winnie the Pooh

Shortly after Robert Eckert joined the ailing Mattel toy company as CEO back in Y2K, he convened a large meeting of all its employees to thank them all for their fine work — and for the even finer work they were about to do.

Eckert firmly believed that most people go to work willing to over-deliver. From that foundational belief, a culture of gratitude sprung forth, allowing Mattel to become the envy of the manufacturing industry.

While it took several years to turn the company around, Mattel made Fortune‘s list of the Best Companies to Work For from 2008 through 2013. Read more…

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Learning to Love Work Again – It’s All About Employee Energy

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“How’s your energy level?” can sound a bit too new-age for the numbers-minded business world. Yet “energy” is one of the (if not the primary) indicators of performance, productivity and results in the workplace.

Tony Schwartz and his Energy Project are at the vanguard of this movement as illustrated in Sunday’s New York Times article Why You Hate Work (by Tony and Christine Porath) on the results of a study of more than 12,000 mostly white-collar employees across companies and industries.

Overwhelmingly, the study showed employees are far more productive when four core needs are met (quoting): Read more…

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Would You Buy Something From a Disengaged Retail Employee?

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Have you ever had a poor customer service experience while shopping?

Think back on a recent poor service experience. What did that make you think about the company, that brand, and your future plans to purchase again from the retailer?

I’ve certainly had my fair share of bad experiences. While I don’t believe the axiom “the customer is always right,” the customer does expect a certain level of service based on how the company projects its brand values in the market. And the front line employees are the (literal) face of the brand to customers. Read more…

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Recognizing Employees Take a Lot More Than Just a Paycheck


In all the news and research feeds I follow, occasionally the author of an article or post will phrase his comments in a way that leaves me thinking, “I wish I’d written that myself.”

One such statement comes from Jay Forte on the Human Capitalist blog:

You don’t pay your employees to do a job. You pay them to think about and deliver the best, most efficient and most profitable response in each moment. The better aligned they are to jobs that fit their abilities — roles that let them do what they do best — the better their decisions and the greater their performance. Job fit, or the right talent for the right job, drives success. Talent makes or breaks an organization.” Read more…

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Recognition Done Wrong? It Starts Killing Your Stars


My last weekend was spent reading 33 college scholarship applications from some amazing kids.

They didn’t just volunteer, they started charities. They didn’t just have high GPAs, they were nationally recognized for science, debate or a jazz band currently playing Lincoln Center in New York. They were Eagle Scouts and all-state athletes.

It was difficult to narrow down to the 12 that would receive scholarships. However, there was a clear break-point in my scoring – kids that clearly stood above, having demonstrated depth, diversity, and a commitment to some passion.

I thought the committee review would be a 10-minute rubber stamp. Everyone would have come to the same conclusion, surely. Read more…