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Learning to Love Work Again – It’s All About Employee Energy

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“How’s your energy level?” can sound a bit too new-age for the numbers-minded business world. Yet “energy” is one of the (if not the primary) indicators of performance, productivity and results in the workplace.

Tony Schwartz and his Energy Project are at the vanguard of this movement as illustrated in Sunday’s New York Times article Why You Hate Work (by Tony and Christine Porath) on the results of a study of more than 12,000 mostly white-collar employees across companies and industries.

Overwhelmingly, the study showed employees are far more productive when four core needs are met (quoting): Read more…

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Would You Buy Something From a Disengaged Retail Employee?

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Have you ever had a poor customer service experience while shopping?

Think back on a recent poor service experience. What did that make you think about the company, that brand, and your future plans to purchase again from the retailer?

I’ve certainly had my fair share of bad experiences. While I don’t believe the axiom “the customer is always right,” the customer does expect a certain level of service based on how the company projects its brand values in the market. And the front line employees are the (literal) face of the brand to customers. Read more…

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Recognizing Employees Take a Lot More Than Just a Paycheck


In all the news and research feeds I follow, occasionally the author of an article or post will phrase his comments in a way that leaves me thinking, “I wish I’d written that myself.”

One such statement comes from Jay Forte on the Human Capitalist blog:

You don’t pay your employees to do a job. You pay them to think about and deliver the best, most efficient and most profitable response in each moment. The better aligned they are to jobs that fit their abilities — roles that let them do what they do best — the better their decisions and the greater their performance. Job fit, or the right talent for the right job, drives success. Talent makes or breaks an organization.” Read more…

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Recognition Done Wrong? It Starts Killing Your Stars


My last weekend was spent reading 33 college scholarship applications from some amazing kids.

They didn’t just volunteer, they started charities. They didn’t just have high GPAs, they were nationally recognized for science, debate or a jazz band currently playing Lincoln Center in New York. They were Eagle Scouts and all-state athletes.

It was difficult to narrow down to the 12 that would receive scholarships. However, there was a clear break-point in my scoring – kids that clearly stood above, having demonstrated depth, diversity, and a commitment to some passion.

I thought the committee review would be a 10-minute rubber stamp. Everyone would have come to the same conclusion, surely. Read more…

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The Real Workplace Cost of Free Appreciation and Recognition


As a consultant and strategist on employee recognition, one of the most common questions I’m asked is:

Isn’t free appreciation just as effective as recognition tied to rewards? Won’t we get more bang for our budget if we focus on ‘eThanks’ or handwritten notes or the like?”

I’ve answered this in prior posts, but today I’m enamored with Seth Godin’s perspective on free giveaways vs. content, services or products that have costs associated with them because they’re worth it. Read more…

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Praising the Praiseworthy, or the Power of Random Act of Kindness

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Do you make it a habit to notice what others around you do?

Do you see the random acts of kindness performed by others? If so, do you praise them for it?

Take a moment to start your week with this inspiring video from Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. Read more…

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The Challenges in Merging Different Company Cultures


Mercer periodically puts out terrific infographics summarizing research around a particular topic. The most recent is “People Issues Affect M&A Transactions More Than Ever” (see it below or click through here).

Notice in particular the last two charts showing how neglected company culture is during M&A, with these two major takeaways.

1. Culture most neglected across the board

The red chart shows nearly all regions of the world agree culture is largely ignored during the M&A process. This is detrimental not only post-M&A, but during as well. Read more…

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Hiring Wisdom: One Way to Help Retain Employees After a Vacation


A recent survey finds that 70 percent of employees say they are more likely to look for another job after they return to work from a vacation.

So, how can we head this propensity off at the pass? (Eliminating vacations sure isn’t going to fly.)

How about asking managers to do a retention/stay interview the week a STAR employee returns from vacation? Read more…

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Want Better Engagement? You Gotta Reward Managers For Their Efforts

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Managers are indispensable players in any reward and recognition strategy.

In fact, a 2012 study by Dale Carnegie Training showed that an employee’s relationship with their direct supervisor is one of the top, if not the No. 1 driver of employee engagement.

However, while several organizations have a reward and recognition program in place to recognize the achievements of employees, too few have specific initiatives in place to reward managers for their efforts. Read more…

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It’s Not Enough to Thank Employees – You Must Show Appreciation, Too

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It’s no surprise to regular readers that my favorite topic of conversation on this blog is how we can all do a better job of sharing our appreciation for each other’s efforts at work and, more importantly, why it’s important we do so.

Of course there are right ways and wrong ways of doing this in terms of the practical act of telling someone “thank you.” But we must also never forget there’s more to recognizing others.

“Corner Office” column in The New York Times served as a reminder in which Avinoam Nowogrodski, chief executive of Clarizen, discussed his management style. Throughout his interview, these three foundational methods of employee recognition are quite clear: Read more…