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Talent Management

Should You Engage Employees As They’re Heading Out the Door?

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I’ll admit, I started to read this Fast Company article and was prejudiced to disagree with the premise – “the best opportunity to engage employees is how you treat them when they leave.”

Ridiculous, right? They’re leaving! How does working to engage them now do any good? It’s like using your exit interview as your best survey tool for employee engagement in your organization. (Yes, that’s really a thing.)

But, after reading the article, I admit my prejudicial instincts may have been wrong. Read more…

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Lessons on Mission and Purpose From the NHL Playoffs


The National Hockey League playoffs kicked off this week, and they have me thinking about the way talent and culture is managed in hockey, and, what both employees and employers can learn from it.

In good hockey organizations, talent and culture are a shared responsibility across all layers of the org chart.

  • General manager’s fill locker-rooms with the right talent at the right price against the salary cap. Read more…
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How to Build & Maintain a Loyal Team in Today’s Workplace

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“I’ll take 50 percent efficiency to get 100 percent loyalty.” — Samuel Goldwyn, American movie mogul.

To paraphrase Forrest Gump, loyalty is as loyalty does.

In recent years, some business leaders have bemoaned the death of old-fashioned employee loyalty, as workers realize that technology has freed them from some workplace restraints.

Many have also decided they can get farther faster by jumping from one company to another, rather than by working their way through the hierarchy of one organization. Read more…

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Homing From Work? It Also Means You’re Working From Home

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Every year we get stupid business phrases that become part of our lexicon:

  • Use it or lose it!
  • Necessary evil
  • A seat at the table
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Silo mentality
  • At the end of the day…”

For 2014 I’m calling it – “Homing from Work!” Read more…

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5 Strategies For Taking a More Positive Leadership Approach

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 Second of two parts

In Like Ringing a Bell: How to Bring Out the Best in Employees, we explored the concept that YOU are Pavlov’s Bell to your employees.

Actually, you are Pavlov’s Bell wherever you go and with all of your relationships, but we focused on how this concept affects your ability to bring out the best in your employees.

The overall take away messages was this: “You are Pavlov’s Bell to the people you manage, for better or for worse.Read more…

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The Three Dumbest Things Leaders Should Never, Ever Say

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“Don’t take this personally.”Don’t bring me a problem unless you bring me an answer.” “We need to talk about that sometime.”

If you’ve ever uttered these comments, reconsider:

“Don’t take this personally.”

How else should you take a comment like that, delivered before a critique of your work? After all, who else did the work but you? Read more…

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Remembering the Work of So Many “Average” Heroes in Boston


Today is a solemn day of remembrance and tribute.

Our U.S. headquarters is located near Boston, and several of our employees are regular runners of the Boston Marathon. Last year was a brutal, heart-wrenching blow to all of us, but of course, no more so than to those who lost loved ones or survived the horrific events one year ago today.

In honor of those who remain Boston Strong, I’d like to focus on the average people. Read more…

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The 5 Attributes of High-Performing Employees


Adding a new person to your workplace team is always a gamble.

Usually you can’t tell by looking who will consistently deliver top-notch performances that make the entire team shine — as opposed to who will just show up and do an average job.

Realize that “average” does not mean “bad.” As I discuss in my book SuperCompetent, average (competent) people define the norm and provide the benchmarks by which we recognize high performance. They do their jobs adequately when directed, and you can depend on them for most things. Read more…

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Like Ringing a Bell: How to Bring Out the Best in Employees

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First of two parts

To your employees, you are Pavlov’s Bell, for better or for worse.

I was reminded of this during a conference presentation. Two men in the audience, both senior level executives, made their presence known. One because his face was frozen in a dour, grouchy expression, and both men because of their cynical perspectives on issues we discussed. Read more…

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Hiring Wisdom: It’s Smart to Anticipate the Needs of New Hires

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Put yourself in the role of a new hire.

You are going to start a new job in a week or two and, while the anticipation builds, you wonder about all kinds of things and think of a lot of questions.

As that person’s new manager, you can turn that anticipation into a positive onboarding experience that starts the relationship off on best foot possible, if you will: Read more…