Talent Management

Talent Management

Building the Case for Talent Management

Companies often struggle to understand where to make investments in talent management, especially when the return may not be immediately measurable or apparent. The struggle can be frustrating but it’s also an opportunity for HR and Talent Management professionals to demonstrate their value as strategic business partners.

The key is to present a meaningful business case for talent management projects. HR leaders need to   provide business intelligence that makes a clear and concise case for these investments, and that is firmly aligned to strategic objectives.

Join our free webinar on Thursday March 19 to learn more about how you can identify the talent management challenge in your organization, quantify it, and make a compelling case to your C-level executives

Our expert speaker Anissa Deshpande will lead the conversation focused on how recruiters can build the case for talent management by converting the talent management challenge to a business challenge, connecting talent management to company strategy and simplifying talent management services.

This webinar will fill up fast. Register now for free to reserve your seat for March 19.

Registration Link:  https://cc.readytalk.com/r/gwn89zu527va&eom

Day/Time:  Thursday, March 19, 2015 at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific

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Want a Message That Gets Employees Attention? How About a CEO Video?


One of the best parts of my job is the creative work I get to do with our customers around change management, communications and training.

As I’m sure you can imagine, that encompasses a fairly expansive suite of potential materials and mechanisms to get out the message about the Power of Thanks to transform an organization.

But if I had to pick a favorite means of communication to develop with a customer, it would be the CEO video. Read more…

Talent Management

What Shelter Dogs Taught Me about Employee Engagement


One day while volunteering at the animal shelter, my interactions with two of the dogs — Mia and Harper — reminded me of a fundamental truth about employee engagement.

It’s a truth that frequently gets ignored, and because of that, most employees are not nearly as productive or as engaged as they could be.

Mia was a high-spirited pit bull mix who needed some polishing up of her walking-on-a-leash-without-chomping-down-on-the-leash-and-dragging-me-around skills. Whenever she walked without grabbing the leash and pulling, I would praise her enthusiastically. Read more…

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The Single Worst Mistake That a Manager Can Make


Leni and Lou are fraternal twins. They were born  three minutes apart, eat the same food every meal, and sleep in the same room. But aside from their DNA, they are as different as night is from day.

While Lou yearns to be outdoors with a ball in her hand, Leni would walk past five balls, two hula hoops and a jump rope to get inside to her crayons.

The pair are my 3-year-old granddaughters, and they are as close to angels as anything I’ve ever seen.

In a few years when they start school, I pray their teacher(s) won’t treat them like everybody else; because they’re not. They’re not even like each other. Read more…

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Why Should You Treat Employees Better? It’s Actually Pretty Simple


Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For list is out once again. What makes these companies special?

The Negative Nellies will say it’s because of perks – free food, foosball, nap rooms, etc. – offered by the well-funded tech companies that tend to top the list.

But that’s not true. The list is also populated with retail outlets famous for slim margins and manufacturing companies not often known for their splurges on employees. Read more…

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Are Higher Wages the Guiding Strategy For Companies This Year?


President Obama threw down the gauntlet in January’s State of the Union address, challenging Congress to raise the federal minimum wage to $9/hour, citing a rebounding economy and stagnating inequality.

The current federal minimum is at $7.25/hour, and it’s an uphill battle of red tape, political maneuvering, and competing ideologies to get it raised. However, Congress may be late to the table, as several retailers have taken matters into their own hands. Read more…

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Why Your Employees Are Leaving (and How You Can Win Them Back)


Employee turnover is a fact of life. And as it turns out, not even the most in-demand employers are immune.

Earlier this year, rumors were circulating that “tons of engineers” were ready to leave Google after employees received underwhelming year-end bonuses, and Elon Musk recently claimed that Apple was offering his employees a $250,000 signing bonus to leave Tesla.

Turnover is costly to any enterprise, but especially to high-profile companies like Google and Tesla. Not only do you lose valuable team members, but also an employee who quits can cost up to 150 percent of his or her salary to replace. Read more…

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The Open Office Trend Isn’t Wrong, But It Might Be For Your Company

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Following the lead of Google, Yahoo, and eBay, the open-office plan has spread like a virus from Silicon Valley startups to city governments. And as the open-office trend has grown, so has the backlash against it.

In fact, a New York Times article recently criticized open office plans’ encroachment upon workers’ privacy. The piece highlighted an open layout’s ability to expose, for example, a colleague’s colonoscopy appointment and identified the need for “refuge rooms” to seek solace from the noise.

A growing body of research has found that certain aspects of open floor plans may lead to increased employee stress and absenteeism, lower productivity, and decreased satisfaction. Responses have morphed from civil arguments that it’s not an ideal option to bursts of outrage that any company would even consider it. Read more…

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Hiring Wisdom: Yes, There Really IS a Good Side of Turnover

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The goal is not to eliminate turnover, but to manage it.

Not all turnover is bad. Without turnover, an organization will stagnate. The challenge is to determine where and what level of turnover will ensure consistency, while also promoting growth and change.

When turnover is managed, hiring becomes an opportunity instead of a headache. Read more…

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It’s High Time We Stopped Generalizing About Millennials

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Think about three or four co-workers that are the same general age as you are.

Do all of you have the same points of view? Do all of you behave the same way?

Of course not. And yet, every day we are bombarded with articles that make broad generalizations about workers based on the year they were born. There is no more targeted group for these articles than the Millennial generation. Read more…