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Like Ringing a Bell: How to Bring Out the Best in Employees

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First of two parts

To your employees, you are Pavlov’s Bell, for better or for worse.

I was reminded of this during a conference presentation. Two men in the audience, both senior level executives, made their presence known. One because his face was frozen in a dour, grouchy expression, and both men because of their cynical perspectives on issues we discussed. Read more…

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The Five Traits of Truly Lousy HR Leaders

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The things you can always count on in life are: death, taxes, and a lousy HR leader in your organization.

I think I saw that on a t-shirt at SHRM National conference one year! The reality is, HR leaders are selected a little different from most leaders in our organization.

Most leadership is selected this way (right or wrong):

  1. Perform really, really well; and,
  2. Get promoted into a position of leadership, whether you can lead or not.

Read more…

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HR Roundtable: How HR Approaches Behavior in the Workplace

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As attendees at the April HR Roundtable in Cincinnati began to gather for the monthly forum, you could tell they were excited about this month’s topic.

We were going to be discussing “Behavior at Work and HR’s Approach.” To get the ball rolling, Steve opened with the following questions:

  1. How do you define “behavior” in the workplace?
  2. Why do HR/Supervisors/Management struggle with behavior?
  3. How can we change our perspective and approach? Read more…

One Important and Overlooked Key to Truly Great Leadership

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In our world of “selfies” and social media apps to facilitate telling the world about our every thought and how we spend our time, it’s not shocking that humility is a characteristic often in short supply.

I recently read that the College Board, the organization that administers the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) taken by millions of high school students each year, shows evidence of an over inflated opinion of ourselves.

On the SAT test there are a number of questions other than Math and English which the students are asked to answer.

For example, they are asked to evaluate their leadership ability, where 70 percent of students rated themselves as above average in leadership, and only 2 percent as below average. When it comes to athletics 60 percent rated themselves as above average while only 6 percent rated below average. Read more…

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The Trick in Dealing With Annoying Workplace Know-It-Alls


You may have met these people.

They sit in the stands at sporting events and tell the rest of the fans what they did or didn’t just see on the field. These clients know more about how your business back office should operate than the boss. These Know-It-Alls serve on committees and keep members deadlocked on decisions for days.

Know-It-Alls take on a tone of authority to let those around them understand that they have the final, absolute, full truth. Read more…

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What Is Work? The Supreme Court’s Decision Will Sort It Out

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By Carolyn A. Pellegrini

“I have to go to work.” “Work was tough today.” “I don’t get paid enough for the work I do.”

We make these or similar statements, and we’ve all heard them. But what do they mean? What is “work”?

Recall that the Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to compensate employees for “work.” As set forth in the Portal-to-Portal Act, employers need not compensate employees for preliminary and post-liminary activities unless such activities were “integral and indispensable” to a worker’s main activities.

That’s completely clear, right? Wrong. Read more…


Living the Brand: Infusing Employees With a Greater Purpose


This is from China Gorman:

I love Southwest! ‪#‎SWA‬. The pilot of our flight to Orlando just approached them sitting next to me with two extreme special needs boys (4 and 6 years old) to ask if the boys wanted to board first and get their pictures taken in the cockpit before everyone else boards. The pilot was just walking through the boarding area, noticed the family and asked. Really. One of the many reasons I give Southwest my corporate and personal business.”

And this was one of the comments in response, from Gerry Crispin: Read more…

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Hiring Wisdom: It’s Smart to Anticipate the Needs of New Hires

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Put yourself in the role of a new hire.

You are going to start a new job in a week or two and, while the anticipation builds, you wonder about all kinds of things and think of a lot of questions.

As that person’s new manager, you can turn that anticipation into a positive onboarding experience that starts the relationship off on best foot possible, if you will: Read more…

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If Google Doesn’t Care About Hiring Top Graduates, Should You?

From the HR blog at TLNT.

By all other accounts, you probably aim to hire the best people for your organization.

This includes targeting those who went to elite universities, were top of their class, and come with a bevy of recommendations from professors and advisors. But, do top grads always equate to the best workers? Not according to Google.

In a recent  conversation with the The New York Times, Google’s head of people operations, Laszlo Bock, outlined what Google really cares about when it comes to hiring — and it has nothing to do with going to a top-tier school or earning a perfect SAT score. In fact, Bock asserted that students who traditionally have an “easier” time earning top grades are taught to rely on their talent, which makes it hard to fail gracefully. Read more…

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TLNT Webinar – Altering The Future: Deciding Employee Benefits

Wondering what will replace health insurance in the employee value proposition?  Not sure how employers will maintain their promise of health and financial security to employees?  These are very concerning topics, and ones that can no longer be left on the back burner.

Tune in to Jen Benz, for a one-hour, Infor sponsored, webinar that will arm you with the knowledge to face these, and other, daunting challenges that threaten the health benefits world.  With the entire population focused on healthcare, you certainly cannot afford to miss this!

Please join Jennifer Benz, Founder and CEO of Benz Communications,  for a one-hour webinar on Tuesday, April 15, at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time (2 Eastern).

Register here: https://cc.readytalk.com/r/1yovy8iazy5c&eom

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