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Sometimes, the Very Best Places to Work Aren’t Really Places at All

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There’s a new trend in Silicon Valley.

Famous tech brands are building enormous headquarters designed by famous architects. They’re using the greenest, healthiest materials, the latest environmental technology, creating the most unusual, innovative workspaces, and bringing thousands of employees under one roof.

What’s the goal? Read more…

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Yes, Great Employee Engagement Can Turn Into Great Customer Service


You know what I always enjoyed, that I still think of a lot? When we would all get together as a family and how much laughter there was in the house. From our parents to all the kids and cousins, it was just pure laughter.”

When I took my first foreign assignment as a Chief HR Officer, I was told by one of the senior executives. “You know the change we all notice in HR? It is the sound of laughter.”

When you walk in now, everyone is smiling, laughing and joking with each other. At one time you hated to come down here; now it is a respite to walk into a friendly environment — especially all the smiles. Read more…

Legal Issues

Believe It or Not, NLRB Protects Foul Facebook Attack on Supervisor

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By Nelson Cary

Consider this employee’s Facebook post:

Bob is such a NASTY MOTHERF___ER don’t know how to talk to people!!!!!! F__k his mother and his entire f__king family!!!! What a LOSER!!!! Vote YES for the UNION!!!!!!!

In this case, “Bob” was the employee’s supervisor. The employee (a banquet server) published the post at least 5-10 minutes after the supervisor had instructed him to “spread out” – i.e., move away from other banquet servers – while he was serving a banquet function. Read more…

Classic TLNT

What Great Leaders Know: Sharing Power Builds Trust and Loyalty


Editor’s Note: Readers sometimes ask about past TLNT articles, so every Friday we republish a Classic TLNT post.

This is not a deep psychology dive on ego and power in business leadership, which is a huge topic.

But I want to share some practical observations about how good leaders build a powerful team by sharing power, and how others build themselves up (falsely) by imagining they can hoard power personally. I am a fan of the former.

What I have found is that the people who imagine that they have more power than they do can’t distinguish between the fact that their role has power vs. that they are powerful personally. Read more…

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Can Too Much Teamwork Actually Damage Productivity?

Back in the 1890s, French researcher Max Ringelmann discovered what others later called the Ringelmann Effect:

The larger a work group, the more likely workers will waste time rather than get their work done. Not only do they socialize more, they also expect others to pick up the slack.

This remains true today; small workgroups tend to produce more per person than larger ones. Read more…

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Why I Stopped Bad-Mouthing “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day”

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Today, April 23, is the fourth Thursday of the month, which means it’s Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (aka TODAS).

Kids will be trooping through workplaces around the country, sometimes hanging out with a parent but more often enjoying a busy agenda of carefully planned, hands-on activities.

I used to find the whole idea of this annoying as hell. Read more…

Talent Management

Employee Engagement? Sometimes, It Requires Acts of Courage


Employee engagement is not for the timid.

Assessing and improving employee engagement requires courage from leaders and employees at every level — and that can be a challenge for some organizations.

If you are working to establish a culture of engagement at your organization, keep in mind that you’ll need to start by fostering a culture of courage from the CEO down to frontline employees to ensure it’s effective. Read more…


The Fine Line For Leaders Between Motivation and Manipulation


Almost any team has one or two absolute go-getters.

Whether it’s out of passion, commitment or habit, they’re going to show up half an hour early, probably after a good night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast, bringing their best ideas and plenty of energy to carry them out.

Other employees need a little push, at least from time to time, and the best leaders are prepared to provide it.

But knowing how and when to motivate doesn’t come naturally to most leaders. It may even be uncomfortable, especially for those who aren’t clear on the boundary between motivation and manipulation. Read more…

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What It Truly Costs for an $80,000 Per Year Hire


For executives imbued with hiring power, perhaps no greater pitfall exists than the hiring of management staff earning $80,000 and beyond.

Besides the immediate costs of salary and recruiting, there are hidden costs that go along with any miscalculation, which can number into the tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, hiring management level professionals who don’t fit or aren’t up to the job run the risk of a trickle down effect in terms of productivity and morale. If talented employees recognize that their immediate superiors are not up to the job, they will be quickly on the lookout for new and better opportunities. Read more…

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How Commute Issues Can Dramatically Impact Employee Retention

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As more companies adapt a data-supported approach to HR decision-making, new data is revealing that commute issues can have a major impact on hiring success and retention.

You may have assumed that commute issues were an obscure factor with only a minor impact — but you would be wrong.

You probably already know that long commute times frequently increase new-hire tardiness and absenteeism rates, but data now reveals that long commute times can have a major negative impact on new hire retention. Read more…