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Can You Make a Case For “Unfair” Pay in Your Organization?

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Laszlo Bock, Senior VP of People Operations at Google, has a new book titled Work Rules! hitting the market this month.

As to be expected, there’s been a good deal of news coverage, excerpts and blogs about it, including this one in Fortune with Mr. Bock’s 10 Things to Transform Your Team and Your Workplace.

Today, I’d like to call your attention to two of these. Read more…

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The Growing Issue of “Clopening”: Do You Have the Tools to Deal With It?


In many industries, particularly retail, automated workforce management tools have been used for decades to assign workers to shifts/tasks, to log their hours, and to pay them correctly.

But the truth is that simply taking care of business might not be enough.

Employees are more than data points on a computer – they are people with lives and families outside of work, and they need to be managed with care. Read more…

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Open Office Backlash: Did Anyone Ask Employees What They Thought?

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According to the International Management Facility Association, nearly 70 percent of corporate offices now have so-called “open-plan” offices, or work environments with no walls or cubicles.

Google uses them, as does eBay, Yahoo, Goldman Sachs, and American Express. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg even enlisted famed architect Frank Gehry to design his company’s new office expansion, which when completed will be the largest open-plan office in the world, housing 3,000 employees with no walls.

The freewheeling open office has become a hallmark of sorts for hip, forward-thinking companies, professing to create a more desirable, collaborative, and productive work environment. However, new research suggests that open-plan offices may be having the reverse effect. Read more…

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Creativity Out of Chaos: Millennials Thrive in an Open Work Culture

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Investing in the success of Millennials isn’t a request or a dilapidated plea to appease the emerging workforce anymore.

Millennials are a critical  part of the current workforce, and 30 percent of high-growth companies say the young professionals even have leadership positions in their organizations.

In order to recruit the best of the best, and furthermore retain the best of the best, organizations have to cater to the developmental and professional needs of Gen Y employees. Read more…

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HR Roundtable: The Challenge in Tackling What Diversity Really Is


The topic for the March HR Roundtable in Cincinnati generated some buzz even before it convened.

There were people who chose not to attend because they didn’t feel that the topic needed to be discussed anymore because “everyone understands and gets” diversity.

That really isn’t the case, but that was their perspective. Read more…

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How to Get Better Information From Hiring Managers

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I asked the question — open-ended, curious, and fearless — setting the stage for an answer with little information.

It was the wrong question to begin with and I was in for the wrong answer: “What kind of candidate are you looking for?

This question is a complete head fake, and opens the flood gates to irrelevant intake information. Instead, lead the discussion and better focus your questions.

Do not succumb to five minute explanations of the perfect candidate, who lives down the street, who happens to be upset with his current manager, and, is willing to take our position for less than market value. This is a candidate scenario and is not relevant. Read more…

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The 9 Keys to Highly Collaborative Workplace Cultures

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Work harder. Dress for success. Land the next big promotion. And whatever you do — make sure you win!

Widely regarded as a universal leadership and business asset, competitiveness is being re-evaluated in light of new research that may prove it does organizations and individuals more harm than good.

I recently attended the C-Suite Network Conference, and was completely intrigued by Margaret Heffernan’s presentation on the topic of competition, which was based on her book, A Bigger Prize: How We Can Do Better than the Competition. Read more…

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Fixing the Hiring Process: Getting More Women Involved Would Help

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The New York Times had an article regarding hiring practices and succession practices at Google, and God knows if Google is doing it, it must be important and we all must try to do the same thing.

What I liked about this article was it didn’t necessarily look at practices and processes, it looked at data. The data found that Google, like almost every other large company, does a crappy job hiring and promoting women.

That’s shocking, I know, if you’re a man! We had no idea this was going on! In America of all places… Read more…

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Hiring Wisdom: 7 Common Mistakes With Referral Rewards Programs

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Research repeatedly proves that employee-referred candidates are three times more likely to be a good match for the job.

This is because your employees give these candidates much more detailed information about the job and the working conditions than you would.

As a result, candidates are only likely to proceed with the selection process if they feel they will be a good fit. And because they’re a good fit and they already have a friend or acquaintance in your employ, referral candidates are also much less likely to quit or be fired. Read more…


When It Comes to Successfully Leading People, Soft Skills are the Key


“We had two very distinct corporate headquarters and now we just have one. At our corporate office in Boston, the doors were locked on the executive floor and you couldn’t get in with your badge unless you worked on that floor. 

Now everyone’s badge works on the floor. I also moved the coffee machine outside my door so people had to walk by my office to get to it. Now I can tell people to stop in and say Hi.

That statement was from CEO Linda K. Zecher of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. She was recently profiled by Adam Bryant in his weekly interview series, Corner Office in The New York Times.

By the way, this weekly article allows you to peep through the crack of the C-Suite. It is a must read for HR professionals who are looking for insight from senior leadership and their thought processes. Read more…