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Big Data and the Moneyball Moment in Data-Driven Talent Acquisition


Big Data has been permeating into the lexicon of every aspect of company strategy over the past few years, and 2013 proved to be the “Moneyball Moment,” as the spotlight turned to how data science is changing recruitment.

Last year brought recruitment managers a suite of data-driven panaceas, from semantic search to predictive analytics, along with a host of case studies analysing the effectiveness of calculated hiring decisions, such as Google’s now famous data-driven interview process.

So how is this cambrian explosion of “next-big-things” in Big Data hiring spilling over into 2014, and what talent acquisition strategies are coming into the spotlight? Read more…

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In the Age of Big Data, It’s Good Data That Makes the Business Sing

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Data, specifically good data, drives successful companies.

I call out the obvious with “good data” because a great deal of superfluous and even bad data floats around any company. As analysts often say, “correlation does not equal causation,” but correlation can reveal interesting insights if interpreted through the correct lens.

Discerning the good from the bad, however, is the real trick, especially in this era of big data. Read more…

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Tech Insights: How Dirty Data Is Slowing Down Good HR Analytics

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All the great new analytics tools work from the assumption that we have clean data.

Even when we just do a simple analysis, such as “employees by location,” we are presuming that all the data has been input, that it is accurate, and there are no duplicates.

As it turns out, much of HR’s data is pretty bad. Read more…

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To Be Honest, I Really, Really Hate Analytics and Big Data

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Editor’s Note: Sometimes readers ask about past TLNT articles. That’s why we republish a Classic TLNT post every Friday. 

Don’t kid yourself – you hate analytics.

It wouldn’t be politically correct to say that you hate analytics, so you won’t. That’s why I’m here.

You hate analytics because using them in your organization increases accountability. For example: Read more…

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Weekly Wrap: How IBM Kenexa is Jumping Big Time Into Big Data


Last month, I was in Orlando at the annual IBM Connect conference.

Last year, this event was the “coming out” party for Kenexa, which had just been acquired by IBM, and all the talk then was about what Kenexa would bring to Big Blue’s future business.

Well, now the future is here, and IBM has taken that next big step with Kenexa and announced what all the talk from last year was really about — the new IBM Kenexa Talent Suite. Read more…

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Big Data is Hot, But Sometimes, Small Data Is the Better Way to Go

Small data

The recruiting and HR world has been awash for the last year with talk about Big Data.

It seems everywhere you turn you read another article describing how all your hiring problems will be solved if you can simply sift through the massive stream of data generated by your recruiting process to find nuggets of truth.

While I don’t disagree that Big Data holds promise (heck, I’ve even spoken on the topic at several HR conferences) I think the rush to embrace Big Data may cause us to overlook the wisdom of SMALL Data. Read more…

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3 Things That Should Define The Future Of Recruiting


The future of recruiting depends on the future of technology.

As we’ve seen, man hangs on for dear life as technology progresses. The person (or company) who understands the progress of tomorrow will have a leg up on the competition.

Here are three (3) elements that will define the future of recruiting. Read more…

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Big Data: It’s Just Useless Information Unless You Put it to Work

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Editor’s note:  TLNT is continuing an annual tradition by counting down the most popular posts of the year. This is No. 41. Our regular content will return in January.

“Big data” is the latest buzz word entering HR lexicon.

I’ve used it myself to explain how the “big data” now possible through strategic, social recognition can be used to better inform talent and performance management and help in proactive management of your company culture. (See my article in Talent Management magazine for more.)

But “big data” will remain nothing more than a buzz word until we fully understand what the data enables us to do. I’m excited about David Brooks’ promised analysis of the “data revolution” throughout 2013. As he explained recently in The New York Times: Read more…

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5 New Year’s Resolutions Every HR Manager Should Make

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By Mark J. Neuberger

As we approach the start of a New Year, many people will make New Year’s resolutions and promise themselves to do better in 2014.

In addition to heading to the gym, going on a diet, and giving more of your time and money to charity, why not make promises to improve your professional practices in the New Year as well?

Here are five resolutions every HR Manager should consider: Read more…

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My Big Problems With Today’s Big Focus on Big Data

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As is becoming more prevalent, there are three emails in my inbox this morning, all with some post or webinar about “Big Data.”

TLNT is hosting a webinar titled Enabling Success With Big Data – Driven Talent Acquisition, Talent Management magazine has an article, Where’s the Value In Talent Analyticsand Chief Learning Officer magazine has The ‘Datafication’ of Learning.

Recently, LinkedIn published an article (Why We No Longer Need HR Departments) and a Spreecast (Is It Time To Fire Your HR Department?), both featuring Bernard Marr, described as a “best-selling author and enterprise performance expert.” The post had 19,000 LinkedIn shares, and 1,143 tweets as of 2 pm the day it was published. Read more…