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How a Workplace Culture of Trust Can Make Your Organization Thrive

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Can we reverse the trust decline?

Distrust is the new normal. There has been a dramatic decline over at least the past 15 years in almost every sector of our society —distrust of the police, government, financial institutions, ethnic groups, and even each other.

“Distrust” is the headline every night on the news.  Read more…

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It’s Not HR’s Job to Be the Ambassador of Happiness


I’m down with all of this research and science behind happiness at work.

I think it’s a good thing. I like it when HR professionals think about happiness, too. Nobody wants you to be miserable from your long commute to your 21st century factory job where you earn flat wages and can’t keep up.

But in as much as everybody’s awesome and everything is cool, when you’re part of a team, some people don’t know how to be happy. Read more…

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Finding the Kind of Leadership That We Should All Aspire To


“You know, your butt looks so bad in the outfit you’re wearing, that I was surprised when I touched it, it felt good.”

Imagine hearing that on a date, or in the office, or on a date at your office party, or even your boss hitting on you at the office or at a party. Pretty horrible don’t you think, especially if you were the one experiencing it.

This was actually a real dating story referenced in one of my favorite podcasts called StartUp from Gimlet Media. It’s actually from their season two opener about a new dating/matchmaking startup called Dating Ring. Read more…

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Five Dos and Don’ts of Managing High Potential Employees


As the War for Talent rages, ensuring the success of high potential (HiPo) employee programs is more important than ever.

Many companies still struggle to successfully identify, assess, develop and shepherd the careers of their top talent to fill leadership gaps, and drive growth and innovation throughout the organization.

While every organization is different, here are three of the most common pitfalls in managing a HiPo program and advice on how to avoid them.

But, DON’T confuse high performance with high potential. Read more…

Recruiting and Staffing

The Important Design Components of a “Buddy” Hiring Program

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Second of two parts

As I told you here yesterday (see Few Recruiting Tools Work Better Than a “‘Buddy Hire” Program), the buddy hire approach is where you offer to hire your target star candidate and a close colleague or friend of theirs as a package deal.

This is an amazingly effective recruiting strategy simply because most of us do have a close colleague or friend who we’ve always wanted to work with.

But, buddy hire programs work best if they are designed to avoid the naturally occurring problems associated with hiring any friend. Read more…

Legal Issues

Here’s Why You Need to Take All Forms of Discrimination Seriously


By Eric B. Meyer

Here are 100,000 reasons to take all forms of discrimination seriously. And, that includes discrimination against men.

Remember my January post about the EEOC suing Ruby Tuesday, alleging that the restaurant chain discriminated against male employees for temporary assignments? Well, that case just settled for $100K!

But, wait! There’s more… Read more…

Recruiting and Staffing

Hiring Wisdom: Can You Focus on What Is Important, But Not Urgent?

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It’s probable you have a list of (or at least know) the reasons why your customers buy from you.

It’s also probable you don’t have the same sort of list of why anyone should want to work for you.

Problem is, if you don’t know why anyone should want to work for you, how could potential applicants possibly know? Read more…

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What I Hate Most About an Open Office – Open Office Terrorists

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So, how’s that new open office plan treating you?

A recent study says that it takes a normal person roughly 37 seconds to figure out that working in an open office environment is going to suck!

I mean, those were probably the slow people in the study, because it doesn’t take a mental genius to see that going from an office where you could actually get stuff done to one where a bunch of people are looking at each other probably isn’t the best concept for productivity! Read more…

HR Basics

A Termination Checklist to Automate the Offboarding Process


Every manager experiences letting someone go at some point in their career.

Whether the reason is business related or performance related, it can fill even the most seasoned manager with feelings of dread.

The truth is, all organizations lose employees and the offboarding process needs to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Read more…

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Why You Need to Choose Your Workplace Friends and Allies Wisely

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I once heard a saying that the workplace isn’t like college.

College is about doing well and getting ahead. Instead, the workplace is like high school – it’s all about who likes you and who doesn’t.

When we’re thinking about human interaction in the workplace and how it impacts performance, that’s a pretty apt analogy. If the folks with influence and power in your organization don’t like you, it’s going to be much harder for you to get things done or advance in your career.

But, I’ll add to it just slightly. Read more…