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Defining HCM: Is it About “Real Value Added” or “Metrics and Tools?”


The term “human capital” refers to the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA’s) of people within an organization.

For the most part, business professionals and organizations have readily accepted this definition.

Business people often refer to “human capital” in reference to the people of an organization, and today it’s commonplace for “human capital” to be interchanged with other phrases such as “workforce” or “employees.”

However, when it comes to the term “human capital management,” there’s much less of a common understanding and agreement of its definition. It is because of this that the phrase “human capital management” remains a misunderstood and under appreciated discipline today. Read more…

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3 Ways That JetBlue Gets the Most Out of Social Recognition


During my career as an employee recognition strategist and consultant, I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with many truly innovative and forward thinking company leaders who want to do right by their employees.

These people, and the companies they work for, are deeply invested in the helping their employee engage more fully in their work, thereby delivering a more satisfying experience for their customers and communities.

JetBlue is an excellent example of this attitude and approach. Mike Elliott, JetBlue’s vice president of crew relations, was recently interviewed by Erin Osterhaus for  Software Advice. In the interview, Mike shared three tips to get the most out of social recognition. (Quoting below) Read more…

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One Decision That Clearly Shows Just What Leadership Looks Like


It is “inconsistent with our purpose.”

And with that, the ball dropped. CVS President and CEO Larry J. Merlo used that phrase to make an announcement that rocked the health care and business community.

He said:

The significant action we’re taking today by removing tobacco products from our retail shelves further distinguishes us in how we are serving our patients, clients and health-care providers and better positions us for continued growth in the evolving health care marketplace.” Read more…

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HR and Sustainability: There Needs to Be More Leading by Example

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According to results from an annual sustainability survey by BSR and GlobeScan — the State of Sustainable Business Survey 2013, which provides insights into the world of sustainable business and tracks the successes and challenges faced by corporate sustainability professionals — HR is one of the least engaged corporate functions when it comes to sustainability.

Respondents of the survey ranked human resources as only 34 percent engaged when it came to their companies’ CSR and sustainability commitments in 2013. This is a 3 percent drop in engagement levels since 2011.

However, HR is not the only corporate function recording low engagement when it comes to sustainability. Read more…

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Saving Wild Ducks: Why You Need to Avoid Workplace Creativity Killers

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My recent post, Giving Meaning to the Work: It’s How You REALLY Engage Millennials, led to an invitation to join the “IBM Wild Ducks” group on LinkedIn.

The name alone is intriguing, so I had to do some research.

Apparently, the name comes from former IBM Chairman Thomas J. Watson, Jr., who said (emphasis mine): Read more…

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The Seahawks Showed It Pays to Hire People With a Chip on Their Shoulder

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“It gives you more of a college environment, because guys are having fun. It is pretty cool. But I did sense that guys were hungry. I would say that the majority of guys are hungry.”

The gentleman that made this statement, Cliff Avril, is a veteran NFL defensive end who had just joined the Seattle Seahawks, and he could tell he was in a different place. He’d just spent five seasons with the underachieving, overhyped Detroit Lions, a team filled with first-round picks [his words].

Seattle is a team made up of retreads and rejects who are motivated to prove everyone wrong. Aside from quarterback Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, and running back Marshawn Lynch, there’s a good chance you hadn’t heard of most of the other Seahawks before last week’s Super Bowl game. Read more…

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Can You Have Fun on the Job? Yes, If the Employer Can Get Out of the Way

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I’ve had a lot of unpleasant cab rides, but this one took the cake.

Standing in the taxi queue at the airport in San Antonio, my business partner and I realized we had no cash between us and needed a cab that accepted credit cards. When it was our turn, before getting into the cab I asked the disheveled (and rather pungent) driver, “Sir, do you accept credit cards?”

Without making eye contact he grunted, “Unfortunately…Read more…

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How You Can Keep HR From Becoming the “Fly in the Ointment”

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Being a “fly in the ointment” is not a good thing.

This simple idiom translates into times when things are going along according to plan until an unforeseen event (our little friend, the fly) occurs and stops progress in its tracks. It complicates situations and can become a larger hassle to work through.

Unfortunately, too many HR professionals continue to be those flies and get in the way of progress at work and I’d like to share one. Read more…

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The Myth of Best Practices: They Lead to Conformity, or Worse

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Imitation is the sincerest form of collective stupidity.” – W. Carroll (Bill) Munro, former marketing director, Pepsico

I recently wrote an article about “best practices” recently for Compensation Café. It’s a hot button with me.

Just what is “best practice”? Wikipedia provides a definition:

A best practice is a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark.” Read more…

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5 Ways That We Keep Employees From Becoming Leaders

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In HR (or OD, Training, etc. – pick your title) we like to believe we constantly develop our employees to become the next generation of leaders.

But many times our actions tell a very different story.

We (HR and our Leadership teams) do and say things daily that keep people from truly reaching their full potential. Self awareness of these behaviors is the key to making sure you aren’t the roadblock to creating great leaders in your organization. Read more…