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Tech Insights: How Technology Can Help Internships, Youth Employment

HR Technology

It’s a great tragedy that so many young people graduate from post-secondary education with no on-ramp to a career.

Many young people study law, teaching or medicine not because it is their calling but because those are the only programs with a clear line of sight to a job.

I’m wondering if HR Tech companies can help. Read more…

Recruiting and Staffing

3 Good Reasons Why You Really Should Hire Interns


As a business owner or manager, there are a lot of hiring decisions that you will need to be involved in.

One question that comes up on a regular basis is whether you should hire an intern.

Offering an internship can come with a few setbacks, but there are also many benefits to both the intern you hire and your business. If you are still asking, “Should I hire an intern?” here are some of the reasons why you should. Read more…

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Unpaid Intern Group Certified by Court For Collective Action


By John E. Thompson

After more than a year of litigation (the filing which we reported here), former unpaid Gawker Media interns will be permitted to send notices to other unpaid or allegedly underpaid interns to inform those potential plaintiffs of the lawsuit and of the opportunity to join the proceedings.

The judge did not rule that the former interns’ claims under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act are valid. Instead, she decided that the evidence presented to date suggests that other potential plaintiffs are “similarly situated” for FLSA collective-action purposes. Read more…

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What Is an Intern? The Labor Dept. Lists the 6 Factors That Define One


By John E. Thompson

We wrote some time ago about a lower federal court’s determination in Glatt v. Fox Searchlight Pictures that at least two unpaid interns were “employees” for federal Fair Labor Standards Act purposes.

This ruling is now being reviewed by the New York-based Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (with jurisdiction over Connecticut, New York, and Vermont). The U.S. Department of Labor has submitted a friend-of-the-court brief in which it supports the lower court’s decision.

The Labor Department’s filing provides some interesting insight into its views about when an intern is an “employee” for purposes of the FLSA’s requirements. Read more…

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3 Questions You Need to Ask Before You Hire an Intern


Internship programs, when done properly, can provide a great amount of value to both the intern and the company hiring them.

If both parties go into an internship with the right attitude, lifelong relationships can be forged to the benefit of everyone involved.

If you find yourself wondering, “Should I hire an intern?” then ask yourself these three (3) questions: Read more…

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Opposition Is Growing to Unpaid Internships for College Credit


By John E. Thompson

We have already reported that a group calling itself the “Fair Pay Campaign” aims to pressure colleges and universities not to facilitate unpaid internships or even post notices about them.

This initiative appears to be gaining momentum. Read more…

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The Heat Is Getting Turned Up on Academic-Sponsored Internships


By John E. Thompson

We have long warned that one should not simply assume that an internship associated with or sponsored by an educational institution falls outside of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act‘s requirements.

Our caution includes situations in which the intern receives academic credit for the time spent working. Read more…

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Wage & Hour Watch: Cheerleader Lawsuits and Hypocrisy on Intern Pay


By John E. Thompson

Some recent headline items touch upon matters of continuing concern when it comes to wage & hour issues:

Hypocrisy on minimum wage

The Employment Policies Institute has highlighted what it calls Maximum Hypocrisy on the Minimum Wage among 96 percent of the Senate and House sponsors of bills to raise the federal Fair Labor Standards Act‘s current rate.

According to EPI, this is the proportion of increase-supporting legislators who do not pay their interns. One of them is Iowa Sen.Tom Harkin, principal sponsor of the Senate measure, who has been among the most-visible proponents of the bills and who has castigated those of a different view in harsh terms. Read more…

HR News & Trends, Legal Issues

New Year, New Settlement: Another Big Payout Over Unpaid Interns


By John E. Thompson

As was anticipated in light of the intensified focus upon internships over three years ago, the next stage was a spate of high-profile lawsuits by unpaid or allegedly underpaid interns under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and/or state wage-hour laws.

One of them was filed last May against Elite Model Management Corporation under the FLSA and similar New York state laws.

Elite has now agreed to tender as much as $450,000 to settle the litigation. Payment to an individual who elects to participate in the settlement will generally be based upon how many weeks he or she devoted to the internship. Read more…

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What the Affordable Care Act Means For Your Internship Program

Illustration by

Here’s a question I bet you never thought you’d ask yourself: Will I have to provide health insurance to my interns?

With the Affordable Care Act changing the way employers provide health benefits to their staff, it’s a valid concern.

At what point should you, if at all, provide health coverage to your interns? Will the ACA mean you may face legal ramifications if you don’t provide benefits? Or is it matter of looking at your internship program and adjusting as needed?

I talked to Mike Haberman, a legal expert and co-founder of Omega HR Solutions, to gain some insight on this unusual take of the ACA. Here are some thoughts: Read more…