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Stop Relying on Job Descriptions and Find Candidates You Really Want


Job descriptions, those horribly written, barely comprehensible strings of roughly 500 words of stuff that only barely resembles reality if you squint hard, are the coin of the realm in the recruiting world.

And no matter how much we complain about them to each other, they remain as unchanging as a rerun.

Not only do they persist, but recruiters and talent acquisition professionals continue to rely on them at every stage of the recruiting process. Read more…

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The Art of Making Job Descriptions Work for You

Is writing a job description just one more task that has to be checked off? Do you find yourself reduced to just putting down the basic bullets and pressing send before forgetting all about it?

You’re not alone – but you could be missing out on a great opportunity to attract better qualified talent.

A job description doesn’t need to be a list of clichés and impossible requirements. Instead, it can provide your ideal candidate with a snapshot of life inside your company and the exiting possibilities for the right hire. It can leverage and enhance your brand, building up interest even from candidates who aren’t considering a job move…yet.

In fact, a well written job description is the ultimate sourcing tool. Learning how to polish up your prose to create an attractive picture for candidates will help you stand out from the crowd and attract the talent your company wants to hire.

Join our free webinar on Thursday March 12 for a practical session on polishing up your job descriptions and attracting great talent.

This webinar, led by Jessica Max, of Mighty Max Sourcing, will cover the bigger and more nuanced aspects of writing an excellent job description, including:

  • Where the job description writing process starts;
  • Writing a compelling job description that demonstrates why candidates should want to join you;
  • Having consistent messaging without taking a “one size fits all” approach;
  • Why the process of job description writing is just as much for the recruiter as it is for the candidate;
  • Serving the HR function of describing performance duties, expectations, BQs & PQs, while also engaging your candidates
  • Using job descriptions for corporate branding.

Who should attend?

Join us on Thursday March 12 if you want proven tips and inspiration to bring more pizazz to your job descriptions.

The webinar will fill up fast. Register for free to reserve your seat now.

Can’t attend? No problem! Register for the webinar, and you’ll receive a link to view the video recording the next day.

Sponsored By:  SilkRoad

Date/Time: Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific

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Job Descriptions? They’re a Waste of Time, So Hand Them to Marketing


Only employment lawyers and HR Pros from 1990 believe that job descriptions are important, legal-type documents that are still needed in 2014.

Most companies have given up on job descriptions (JDs). At best, you’ll find people today using ones from back in 1990 when people thought writing JDs was an important part of human resources.

You’ll also still find a few HR Tech vendors around trying to make you believe this is an important skill to have. Read more…

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Is the Classic Job Description an Endangered Species?


Several leading business journals recently have declared the job itself, as a vehicle for packaging work, to be on the endangered species list .

Commenting on the same phenomenon, Charles Savage describes “the rigor mortis of the industrial era” where the division of work and managerial supervision represented “structured distrust.” As the industrial era is replaced by the knowledge era, he predicts, both jobs and managers will be gone. Thus, making the need for the position description redundant.

While, this is, admittedly, a fairly radical stance, the Academy of Management Executive concurs: Read more…

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Crafting an Effective Job Description: How to Actually Do It Right

Illustration by Dreamstime

I’ve written before about how managers hated job descriptions.

Now, let’s take a fresh perspective and look at how writing descriptions should be handled.

Call this a beginner’s guide, a how-to procedural, or simply a few tips ‘n tricks that can work wonders. Read more…

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HR Basics: How to Write a High Performance Job Description

job description

Determined to find just the right people to fill your open positions?

The process starts long before the interview, and as an HR professional, much of that weight is on your shoulders. By writing accurate, concise job descriptions, you’re more likely to attract prospective employees who are perfect for the position.

The U.S. Small Business Association offers a few valuable tips for those setting out to write job descriptions. In addition, here are a few ideas to help create a great job description. Read more…

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Get Rid of Job Descriptions and You’ll Hire Better People


Editor’s note: TLNT is continuing an annual tradition by counting down the most popular posts of the year. This is No. 6. Our regular content will return on Monday.

For the past 30 years I’ve been on a kick to ban traditional skills — and experience-based job descriptions.

The prime reason: they’re anti-talent and anti-diversity, aside from being terrible predictors of future success.

Some naysayers use the legal angle as their excuse for maintaining the status quo. Read more…

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Are Your Job Listings Trying to Tell You Something?


Put yourself in your prospective employee’s shoes. What would make you apply for the job you’re listing?

Are you looking for a title, more money, or career advancement? Most people want these things, and most companies claim they can offer all of them and more.

So, why is it so difficult to find highly qualified candidates for your open position among the hundreds of resumes you receive from online job postings?

The answer may lie in the content and quality of your online job listing, which has to not only reflect what you want from a candidate, but what a superstar candidate would want from you. Read more…

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Why Goal-Based Job Descriptions Are the Next Big Thing


Are your people working towards the wrong goals?

According to a recent survey, goal cascading and employee turnover are the two largest concerns business leaders find themselves facing. These two challenges go together like peas in a pod, since employees who don’t understand how their contributions fit into the overall company goals are likely the same disengaged workers with one foot out the door.

A goal-based approach to hiring, if followed closely, can be the key to bringing in great talent quickly. It can also help you get these new hires onboarded and effective immediately, all while producing less work for managers, recruiters, executives, and the new employee.

How is this possible? Read more…

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Recruiting Tradeoff: Will You Find Programmers If You Call Them Ninjas?

123RF Stock Photo

Yes. Recruiting software can hire you the talent you want. But what you name that talent is entirely up to you.

So, does it matter that you call programmers “ninjas,” and marketers “rock stars?”

All the software in the world won’t help your cause if nobody understands what you’re talking about.

What’s in a name? regularly lists dozens of job openings for Jedi around the country. You know, like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker Jedi. Who said there’s a recession? Read more…