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Want Better Engagement? You Gotta Reward Managers For Their Efforts

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Managers are indispensable players in any reward and recognition strategy.

In fact, a 2012 study by Dale Carnegie Training showed that an employee’s relationship with their direct supervisor is one of the top, if not the No. 1 driver of employee engagement.

However, while several organizations have a reward and recognition program in place to recognize the achievements of employees, too few have specific initiatives in place to reward managers for their efforts. Read more…

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It’s Not Enough to Thank Employees – You Must Show Appreciation, Too

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It’s no surprise to regular readers that my favorite topic of conversation on this blog is how we can all do a better job of sharing our appreciation for each other’s efforts at work and, more importantly, why it’s important we do so.

Of course there are right ways and wrong ways of doing this in terms of the practical act of telling someone “thank you.” But we must also never forget there’s more to recognizing others.

“Corner Office” column in The New York Times served as a reminder in which Avinoam Nowogrodski, chief executive of Clarizen, discussed his management style. Throughout his interview, these three foundational methods of employee recognition are quite clear: Read more…

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5 Things to Consider From Reactions to Employee Appreciation Day


In honor of Employee Appreciation Day on March 7, my CEO Eric Mosley shared 10 Tips for Recognizing Employees on, the online version of The Boston Globe.

Many of the tips are familiar, I’m sure, to readers of this blog, with ideas for making recognition, frequent, specific, timely and crowdsourced. Please do read the tips, as Eric’s added insight I found particularly helpful.

Perhaps as interesting, however, are the comments to the slide show. Readers were invited to “Share: How is your office celebrating Employee Appreciation Day?” Read more…

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An Oscar Moment: 1 Team, 1 Special Request, 1 Memorable Experience

pizza Oscars Academy Awards

The most famous pizza delivery guy in America this week, Edgar Martirosyan, caught a fortunate break when Ellen DeGeneres called in an order Sunday night for some hungry celebrities over at the Academy Awards in Hollywood.

Since then, Edgar has made appearances on CNN, Inside Edition and numerous other media outlets. Perhaps the most valuable praise and support he’s received though, came from his colleagues at Big Mama’s and Papa’s, who were thrilled to congratulate him back at the shop.

Having co-workers who support and celebrate achievements like Edgar’s make all the difference between a successful team and a colossal mess. Read more…

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3 Ways That JetBlue Gets the Most Out of Social Recognition


During my career as an employee recognition strategist and consultant, I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with many truly innovative and forward thinking company leaders who want to do right by their employees.

These people, and the companies they work for, are deeply invested in the helping their employee engage more fully in their work, thereby delivering a more satisfying experience for their customers and communities.

JetBlue is an excellent example of this attitude and approach. Mike Elliott, JetBlue’s vice president of crew relations, was recently interviewed by Erin Osterhaus for  Software Advice. In the interview, Mike shared three tips to get the most out of social recognition. (Quoting below) Read more…

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The Big Benefits You Can Get From Remaking Performance Reviews

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It must be nearing annual performance review season, because my reader is filling up with news articles and blog posts on the topic – all of them reiterating just how broken the traditional process is.

Why is the traditional annual performance appraisal broken?

There’s several reasons, including too much emphasis on feedback from just one person (the manager) and far too infrequent giving of needed feedback (both praise and constructive refocusing). Read more…

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If You’re Not Into Mobile and Social Recognition, You May Missing Out

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Last week I had the honor and pleasure of presenting at the HR Directors Business Summit in Birmingham, England.

I’ve been involved with this summit in past years and was pleased to see the 2014 event was very well attended – a sign of recession clouds lifting in Europe, I believe.

My role at the Summit was to introduce new HR Social technologies that energize talent and create a high performance workforce. Of most interest were the enabling technologies of mobile and social recognition. Read more…

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Employee Appreciation: The Priceless Impact on Workplace Reputation


As children, many of us are taught that “please” and “thank you” are invaluable words. But as employers, we often forget that remembering to say “thank you” to employees can have an almost priceless impact on the workplace.

For instance, if you struggle to retain top talent, hear this: More than half (53 percent) of employees admit they’d stay longer at their jobs if their bosses showed more appreciation, according to Glassdoor’s recent Employee Appreciation Survey.

And before your employees think about leaving, consider the number of occasions that your company’s workplace reputation could be taking a hit by simply not showing enough appreciation along the way. Read more…

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Do Your Top Performers Know How Good They Really Are?

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Those in HR likely know the research that poor performers don’t actually know they are poor performers.

They think they are better than they are. (I’ve written before about the effect these employees have on your high performers.)

But what about your high performers? They know they’re the stars, right?

Not necessarily. The “worse-than-average effect” kicks in for the truly competent. Read more…

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Cash Is King? Not When It Comes to Employee Engagement

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The misconception of cash as the ultimate motivational tool can create a problem with reward and recognition programs whose purpose is to increase employee engagement.

While most enjoy a little variable pay now and again, cash is not the end-all be-all motivator that it’s cracked up to be — at the end of the day cash is compensation, not motivation, and employees know in their gut that the two things are mutually exclusive.

But if an employee believes their compensation is inadequate, can it affect their engagement? Read more…