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Weekly Wrap: More Evidence of Why You Should Worry About Retention

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Here’s some shocking news: employees aren’t terribly satisfied with their jobs, their employers, their growth opportunities under their current employers, or the way their organizations recognizes people for doing good work.

That just about cover it, doesn’t it?

I know what you’re thinking: what’s so surprising about all of this, anyway? What is it hat I don’t know already? Read more…

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Hiring Wisdom: One Way to Help Retain Employees After a Vacation


A recent survey finds that 70 percent of employees say they are more likely to look for another job after they return to work from a vacation.

So, how can we head this propensity off at the pass? (Eliminating vacations sure isn’t going to fly.)

How about asking managers to do a retention/stay interview the week a STAR employee returns from vacation? Read more…

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Employees Are Leaving Because They Don’t Know of In-House Opportunities

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With the rate of voluntary quits in the U.S. approaching pre-recession levels — 22.8 percent in 2013 — it’s no surprise that in a survey last year, HR professionals and talent acquisition leaders identified retention and its twin “internal mobility” as one of the five top trends.

Nearly 40 percent of the 553 U.S. recruiting leaders who took part in LinkedIn’s global recruiting survey last year said they are increasing their internal hiring volume. Globally, the percentage was even higher.

“Internal candidates are typically higher quality; plus their skills, performance, and cultural fit are known,” LinkedIn’s Leela Srinivasan told SHRM in a report the society did on the survey. The report observed that 51 percent of the talent leaders acknowledged a “need to increase candidate awareness of relevant in-house opportunities.” Read more…

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Comp Study Says Companies Are Expecting Good Things in 2014

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PayScale has just released its 2014 Compensation Best Practices Report, and I was asked to take a look because (full disclosure) PayScale is a client.

Regardless, I was happy to check the report out seeing as (1) the graphics are pretty; and, (2) it’s crammed full of useful information about business trends.

The report contains input from 4,738 professionals, including 1033 CFOs, and some of the data surprised me. Such as: Read more…

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Why HR Needs to Start Worrying About Retention Again

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Yes, 2014 will be the year retention returns to HR.

Retention almost died during the Great Recession. For almost 10 years, HR pros were able to roam the halls of their organization and almost never had to worry about the issue of retention.

There weren’t many jobs. Most people in times of hardship, hunker down and don’t move. It was like a perfect retention storm! Read more…

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4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Keep Your Best Employees

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Editor’s note: TLNT is continuing an annual tradition by counting down the most popular posts of the year. This is No. 12. Our regular content will return on Monday.

The first quarter of the calendar year is the best time to consider employee retention efforts.

Everyone is back from their holiday vacations, and work is in full swing. Your employees have had a little time off, and during that time your best employees have been assessing their careers, work, health/family issues and planning ahead. Read more…

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10 Tips For Reducing Employee Turnover

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Editor’s note: TLNT is continuing an annual tradition by counting down the most popular posts of the year. This is No. 25. Our regular content will return next Monday.

Many people agree turnover is a growing issue, particularly as hiring picks up.

But what are most organizations doing about it, aside from implementing some short-term solutions when they discover it’s a problem?

Reducing employee turnover actually starts with the hiring process — but there are important management aspects to consider as well. Here’s what several experts had to say about the issue: Read more…

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Employee Retention Doesn’t Just Happen: Five Keys to a Clear Strategy

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Editor’s note: TLNT is continuing an annual tradition by counting down the most popular posts of the year. This is No. 39. Our regular content will return in January.

What employee retention strategies do you use to engage and retain employees?

Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics bureau show that the average American will hold around 11.3 jobs during their working years. The average number of jobs held is actually going up — especially with Millennials. Eleven (11) may seem like a really high number, however that depends on various factors, including the work you do, and what generation you are from.

Employee retention doesn’t just happen. Read more…

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The Secret Recipe That Makes People Stay With Their Job

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I recently wrote a post explaining why perks aren’t sufficient for employee engagement and long-term retention, and it got me thinking – what is sufficient? What really causes an employee to be engaged and dedicate many years of service to an organization?

As I was finishing up grad school a few years ago and searching for that perfect post-MBA job, I interviewed with a wide variety of companies across the country.

One of my favorite sets of questions for my interviewers was, “How long have you been at your company?” followed up with, “And why do you stay?” Read more…

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Employees Are Happier When Connected to a Clear Corporate Mission

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A recent study by Spherion, The 2013 Emerging Workforce, examines the 2013 workforce and the post-recession resurgence of the “emergent worker mentality,” characterized by the study as one which focuses on a free-agency style employment.

While the study provides data to support this point it is more than likely we have experienced the validity of this resurgence in our daily lives, perhaps witnessing friends or colleagues job-hopping more frequently, or seeing an increased social conscience in employees and new talent.

Whether we’ve confirmed suspicions that our current workforce is driven by a very different set of factors than previous generations or not, insights from this report can help to remind us of the importance of understanding this emergent worker mentality. Read more…