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Why I’m Feeling Really Optimistic About the State of HR Technology

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I’ve been feeling quite optimistic lately about the state of HR technology, which is quite a good feeling.

For most of my career, I’ve been frustrated by less than great software and less than great adoption of the best available software, but now there are multiple reasons for optimism on both fronts.

First, I see several vendors moving and/or trying to move in the direction of true SaaS InFullBloom, complete with proper object models, increasingly modern architectures, and real vision around the changing nature of work and workers. Read more…

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Oracle Gets Into Cloud-Based HR Space With $1.9 Billion Deal For Taleo


Technology giant Oracle is making a big move into the HR software sector.

Today, Oracle announced a that it had “scooped up human-resources software maker Taleo,” as Fox Business put it, “in a $1.9 billion transaction that underscores the growing demand for cloud-related companies.”

Oracle agreed to pay $46 a share for Dublin, Cailf.-based Taleo, representing a 18 percent premium over the company’s Thursday closing share price of $38.94. Read more…

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Thinking About the Cloud and Saas? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Thinking of heading to the cloud in 2012? Everyone seems to be, including some of the biggest HR vendors in the world.

Just a few weeks ago, when SAP snapped up SuccessFactors, the buzz was all about the cloud. A similar buzz ensued when Oracle bought RightNow Technologies.

Even though Wall Street reacted to the SAP/SuccessFactors deal as if the cloud had just been discovered, the reality is cloud computing has been around almost as long as the Internet itself. What the excitement is about is how HR software services are delivered, and the big deal is that increasingly, companies aren’t buying systems, they’re licensing seats.

For HR, that means SaaS. SaaS, the acronym for software-as-a-service, is the type of cloud computing with which HR professionals are most familiar. Yet, like the cloud itself, SaaS has about as many different flavors as there are vendors offering it. Read more…