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What a Magazine Rejection Taught Me About the State of HR

HR magazine

My article was turned down by HR Magazine.

It wasn’t turned down because of content or style, but because I’m not a professional writer; I’m a consultant. They sent their editorial guidelines and told me that I was welcome to pitch a topic for their professional writers to explore.

That seemed odd, so I went back to old issues of the magazine and looked. Yep, with one exception (“First Person Account”) the writers are all writers. Oops – two exceptions. There was a short article by a consultant talking about his published book, so I guess he was a professional.

Back in May, Tim Sackett ranted on TLNT about being rejected as a speaker for the national SHRM conference. He talked about listening to a speaker that presented year after year, changing only the date on the slides but providing the same content, rather than the new, fresh ideas that SHRM says they want. Read more…

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SHRM Announces Partnership With CHRO-Focused HR Organization


The world’s largest HR organization and its smaller counterpart targeted to senior-level human resource leaders have announced a partnership that will bring the two groups together operationally and strategically.

The Society for Human Resource Management and the CHRO-focused HR People & Strategy (HRPS, which was previously known as the Human Resource Planning Society)  said the “new strategic affiliation will “better meet the needs of HR professionals at every stage of their career.”

Although no mention was made of merging the two organizations, the announcement said it will provide for dual memberships, and will allow them to share research and offer webinars and educational programs. In addition, the announcement, which came from SHRM, said the partnership will “Create a stronger, higher-impact and unified voice on human capital issues both domestically and globally.” Read more…

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HRCI Recertification: Yes, I’m $100 Poorer, But It’s All Good


It’s that time of the year again!

No, I’m not talking about firecrackers, backyard barbecues, and patriotic speech time (aka July 4th). I’m talking about recertification time, people! Three years have passed far too quickly, and I must now (literally) pay the piper.

Here are a few thoughts I had while completing my SPHR recertification application: Read more…

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SHRM Chicago 4: Mark Kelly, Gabby Giffords and a Big Dose of Inspiration


I can’t imagine that you can find a more inspirational way to end a conference than listening to Mark Kelly and Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords.

As the keynote presenters on the final morning of the 65th SHRM Annual Conference & Exhibition here in Chicago, Kelly & Giffords filled the spot that the SHRM conference organizers seem to have for people (and past speakers) such as Michael J. Fox.

That is, someone who can deliver a great message of hope and perseverance that inspires the collective masses as they head home after four days at the world’s largest HR conference.

Yes, Giffords & Kelly fit the bill for the final day of SHRM Chicago 2013, and it is easy to see why: Read more…

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Lessons From SHRM Chicago: The 3 Big Misnomers About HR Technology

HR Technology

One of the big things that hits you right across the face when attending SHRM’s national conference is all the technology that is being peddled at the event.

Hundreds of companies are all there competing for your HR dollar on how they are going to make your HR life easier. The problem is, I don’t really get what these companies really do! There’s no real differentiation amongst any of them, and I actually follow the industry.

It seems like the current popular ones like Ultimate Software, SilkRoad and Halogen can do everything! I mean everything but actually “do’”HR. Read more…

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SHRM Chicago 3: Dan Pink on Why We’re All Really Salespeople


Attend enough SHRM conferences and you’ll hear a broad variety of well-paid speakers with all sorts of different messages.

This 65th annual SHRM Conference & Exhibition in Chicago is annual conference No. 9 for me, and over the years I’ve heard speakers as varied as Al Gore, Lance Armstrong, Jordan’s Queen Noor, Steve Forbes, Jack Welch, Michael J. Fox, Sir Richard Branson, Malcolm Gladwell, Ariana Huffington, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Tom Brokaw, and Ted Kennedy Jr.

Yes, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the boring when it comes to speakers at SHRM, and at the risk of seeming overly critical, I wonder: what was it that made SHRM think that they just had to have Dan Pink as a keynote speaker here on Day 3 in Chicago? Read more…

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SHRM Chicago Insights: Take Criticism Seriously, Not Personally


I was lucky enough to see Hillary Clinton speak on Sunday at SHRM 2013 in Chicago.

She banned the press and she didn’t take questions. No, she didn’t talk about Benghazi. She told some stories about being the Secretary of State and shared her personal insights about the job.

I am not a sycophantic Hillary fan, but I like her. One great thing she said? She has learned to take criticism seriously but not personally. Read more…

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SHRM Chicago 2: Inspiring a Workforce, 1 Pair of Shoes at a Time


One thing you learn pretty quickly after attending a few SHRM annual conferences is this: the inspirational speakers usually appear near the end of things, usually on Day 3 and 4.

As so many things going on here at SHRM 2013 in Chicago, that’s not the case this year.

Keynote speaker Blake Mycoskie, founder of Toms Shoes, moved the conference’s inspirational quotient up a few notches by relating the story of how he accidentally became, A) an entrepreneur; and, B) a philanthropist who figured out that weaving charitable giving into a business model is a recipe for success. Read more…

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SHRM Chicago 1: Here’s What I Didn’t Get to Hear From Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

As someone who has been to a number of SHRM national conferences, take it from me that the opening general session of the Society for Human Resource Management’s 65th annual Conference & Exhibition here in Chicago on Sunday was probably the oddest of them all.

And how odd was it, you might ask? Let me count the ways.

  1. The media was banned from the opening session for the first time in my 10 years attending these SHRM events. I’m told it was a demand of Hillary Clinton, and that she does this all the time when speaking to groups like SHRM. It makes me wonder: does banning the media work when you’re talking to, oh, a small, intimate crowd in the neighborhood of 12,000 people? As one person tweeted, “Everyone in this room has a camera phone and Facebook. You can’t stop the free and unfiltered press at #shrm13.”   Read more…
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Pre-SHRM Outlook: How the Future of HCM Is Being Shaped

HR Technology

For those in HR heading to the big SHRM annual conference in Chicago next week, there’s a lot going on in just a few days.

Having been to a few of these shows (as a speaker, practitioner, and press), there are informational sessions and networking opportunities galore. And while I may share my former colleague’s affinity for having the conference somewhere other than Chicago, one thing is certain: The Windy City is a great place to have a good time after hours.

Of course, these days I’m a bit more focused on what’s happening on the trade show floor. And SHRM has a big one. Even a casual stroll through the entire exhibit hall can take a few hours. Read more…