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Insights From Orlando: Here’s What HRCI Was Busy Doing at SHRM 2014


It’s been two weeks since I left SHRM14 in Orlando for home, which has given me time to reflect on a somewhat surreal experience.

As a member of the HR Certification Institute’s board of directors, as well as a long-time Society for Human Resource Management member and volunteer and donor for the SHRM Foundation, I often found myself wondering if I was fish or fowl, man or beast.

Aside from the appearance of PHR, SPHR, GPHR, HRMP and HRBP behind the names of certified colleagues, HRCI was the organization “whose name must not be mentioned” at SHRM’s annual conference. Read more…

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Surveys Are Good, But Just Not the Same as Listening to Employees


It’s hard to improve employee engagement without having an accurate picture of where things stand in the first place.

Many managers rely on employee surveys to get a sense of how their workforce is doing, but a questionnaire alone isn’t enough to transform a team and inspire exceptional performance.

Increasing engagement requires a foundation of trust built through active listening and responsiveness. Therefore, it’s essential for surveys to provide workers with a voice and for managers to take the right action after the results come in. Read more…

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Pick a Presentation: 9 Ideas For Sackett’s Talk at SHRM 2015 Las Vegas


OK gang, I want to crowd source my title for my 2015 SHRM Annual Conference presentation proposal.

I’m going to give you a list of titles and ideas, and you let me know what you think you would like to see. Or, even better yet, let me know what you’re not seeing at SHRM and let’s make that happen!

Here are my ideas: Read more…

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SHRM Orlando Day 4: A Few Final Words From a Former First Lady


As the Society for Human Resource Management’s 66th annual Conference & Exhibition winds down in Orlando, here are some thoughts, reflections and insights from the better part of a week spent in hot and humid weather than is part and parcel of June in central Florida.

Day 4 speaker: Laura Bush

They did a flip-flop this year, with former First Lady Laura Bush speaking at the last general session of the SHRM conference instead at the kick-off keynote as former First Lady Hillary Clinton did last year in Chicago. Read more…

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The HR Certification Flap? It’s About Making Yourself Better, Not Letters


I have some HR friends who are telling me that SHRM’s recent decision to develop their own certification is a non-issue to real trench HR pros around the world.

What do you think? Is it a non-issue?

I think it is, but we won’t see the real effects of the change for a year or more down the road. Read more…

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SHRM Orlando Day 3: A Little Leadership Advice From the Yum Brands Chief


It’s great to hear a cheerleader for great leadership.

David Novak, the chairman and CEO of Yum Brands and the keynote speaker on Day 3 of the 2014 Society for Human Resource Management’s 66th annual Conference & Exhibition Tuesday in Orlando, is just that — an over-the-top, one-man cheering section for leadership excellence.

I had never heard Novak speak before, but he’s a top-tier businessman who leads the world’s largest restaurant company, one with more than 37,000 KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants in 125 countries, and, 1.4 million associates. Read more…

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SHRM Orlando Day 2: On HR Gaining influence and Today’s Tech Revolution


New York Times columnist and best-selling author Tom Friedman was the big draw on Day 2 of the Society for Human Resource Management’s 66th annual Conference & Exhibition on Monday, but I actually thought that SHRM Board Chair Bette Francis had a message that was a lot more relevant to the thousands of HR people here in Orlando.

That’s not meant to take anything away from Friedman’s talk, which was timely, relevant, and a little but scary (more on him in a bit).

Yes, Friedman was good, but the message Bette Francis delivered before Friedman’s keynote was a lot more pointed — that increasing HR’s workplace influence is a challenge that all human resource professionals must be willing to face. Read more…

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SHRM Orlando Day 1: Robin Roberts on How to Dream Big, Focus Small

Robin Roberts2

You know what I liked most about Day 1 and the opening general session of the Society for Human Resource Management’s 66th annual Conference & Exhibition that started on Sunday in Orlando?

Answer: I could actually listen to the keynote speaker.

If this seems like a small and inconsequential victory, it is, because last year in Chicago, opening speaker Hillary Clinton set the tone for the conference by not only banning the media from her session, but also refusing to allow her presentation to be broadcast into the press room and blogger’s lounge. Read more…

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The SHRM Certification Flap: How to Fail Communications 101

123RF Stock Photo

As an SPHR (certified senior human resources professional), I should be worked up about the Society of Human Resource Management’s recent announcement that they are pursuing their own certification.

It was a public serving of divorce papers. HRCI (HR Certification Institute) has for 37 years had a close relationship (they share the same headquarters building– awkward!) and administered SHRM’s HR certification exams. This apparently came as a surprise to HRCI, though SHRM said they had been in discussion for some time.


Read more…

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What a Magazine Rejection Taught Me About the State of HR

HR magazine

My article was turned down by HR Magazine.

It wasn’t turned down because of content or style, but because I’m not a professional writer; I’m a consultant. They sent their editorial guidelines and told me that I was welcome to pitch a topic for their professional writers to explore.

That seemed odd, so I went back to old issues of the magazine and looked. Yep, with one exception (“First Person Account”) the writers are all writers. Oops – two exceptions. There was a short article by a consultant talking about his published book, so I guess he was a professional.

Back in May, Tim Sackett ranted on TLNT about being rejected as a speaker for the national SHRM conference. He talked about listening to a speaker that presented year after year, changing only the date on the slides but providing the same content, rather than the new, fresh ideas that SHRM says they want. Read more…