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In the Workplace, Time Spent on Social Media May Be a Bad ROI

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Every hiring manager has a story about someone who has botched a job interview or torpedoed a career due to thoughtless comments on social media sites.

I know someone whose close friend, a technical writer, lost his job after making negative comments about his company’s investment prospects on MySpace (remember them?).

Few people think twice about posting embarrassing party pictures on their Facebook pages or casual trash-talk on Twitter. However, your prospective employer or current company also has an online presence, so you are the face of the company. Accordingly, they may keep an eye on you, which is not tough when you voluntarily post content for the world to see. Read more…

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Networking in the Internet Age: It’s Still About Building the Relationship

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“Hello sir this is XXXX. I just completed my engineering degree. If you have any opportunities, please let me know.”

“I would like to have a job with your company, please help me.”

“Mr. Ron, please review my resume and give me a job.”

In the course of a week, I get numerous emails of this type. Sometimes it feels as if people think I can just create a job for them even though their skill set does not match up with my company. I also feel that they think I have the time to filter their resume and advise them.

But what amazes me most is the lack of forethought in reaching out to someone, especially on LinkedIn. Read more…

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Using an Employee’s Personal Social Media Account May Violate the Law

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By Eric B. Meyer

Back in 2011, when you were all Tebowing, planking and “winning,” I was blogging about this case where an employer allegedly updated its employee’s Facebook page and tweeted from her Twitter account without her permission while she was on leave from work following a car accident.

The Stored Communications Act prohibits intentional, unauthorized access to electronically stored communications. The employer admitted that it had accessed the employee’s social media accounts. However, it claimed that it had permission because the employee left her passwords stored on a company server.

So, the employer moved for summary judgment. Read more…

Legal Issues

Daughter’s Facebook Post Costs Her Dad an $80k Employment Settlement

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By Eric B. Meyer

I’ll bet this father didn’t “like” his daughter’s Facebook post very much.

Dad is the former headmaster at a school in Florida. When the school failed to renew his employment contract, he sued for age discrimination and retaliation. Eventually the two sides settled, with the school to pay $10,000 in back pay, $80,000 as a “1099,” and $60,000 to dad’s attorneys.

The settlement was strictly conditioned upon confidentiality. It included a provision that divulging even the existence of the agreement, would cost dad the $80K payment. Read more…

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If You’re Not Into Mobile and Social Recognition, You May Missing Out

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Last week I had the honor and pleasure of presenting at the HR Directors Business Summit in Birmingham, England.

I’ve been involved with this summit in past years and was pleased to see the 2014 event was very well attended – a sign of recession clouds lifting in Europe, I believe.

My role at the Summit was to introduce new HR Social technologies that energize talent and create a high performance workforce. Of most interest were the enabling technologies of mobile and social recognition. Read more…

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The Trick in Getting Them to Think Before They Tweet


The impact of social media on the business world is continuing to evolve and shape how marketing, PR and HR departments operate.

While social media is a great way to engage with customers and create buzz, it can also backfire to cause serious damage to a company’s image.

Employers can help avoid the lasting negative impact that a social blunder can have by making sure they educate employees on social guidelines in engaging, digital ways. Read more…

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What Your Employees Really Need to Hear From You


Last week I wrote about the importance of information sharing across an organization. If you missed it it’s a very important idea.

This week I want to share one more example, specifically about an executive’s responsibility to share information with the team — and the value of doing so.

When I was in my first sizable corporate management role, I wanted to keep my team updated about what I was thinking and doing and deciding. I also wanted to let them know that I noticed and appreciated specific things that they were accomplishing. Read more…

Recruiting and Staffing

Best Ways to Communicate With Job Candidates in the Social Media Age

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Here are some shocking statistics for you: Only 4.4 percent of candidates receive specific feedback from hiring managers and recruiters.

Another study indicates that 75 percent of workers who applied for jobs using various avenues didn’t hear back from employers.

The takeaway? The majority of job seekers, who may have put an enormous amount of effort into their applications, will never hear a peep from your side of the table. Read more…

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Study Finds That (Surprise!) Facebook Alone Isn’t a Good Hiring Barometer

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Here’s a scenario for all you human resource professionals out there:

Let’s just say that most job candidates made their Facebook profiles public. Let’s say that most employers checked their job candidates’ Facebook profiles and used it as the only tool to determine whether that person would be a good employee.

Would you be surprised if I told you that this practice didn’t lead to better, more qualified hires? Read more…

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What Do You Do When an Employee Blasts a Racist, Insensitive Message?


By Eric B. Meyer

So, your public relations executive just tweeted a racist joke that went viral.

Well, it doesn’t end well for the PR exec. Just so we’re clear.

A PR Executive from IAC, which owns such online publications as The Daily Beast,,, and several others, lost her job over the weekend for tweeting: “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!

The PR Executive, Justine Sacco, tweeted the offensive message just before boarding her flight to South Africa. Apparently, she didn’t fly on a plane with in-flight wifi. Read more…