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Four Steps to Effective Change Management for HR

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No matter the size of the organization, change is one of life’s constants in today’s business environment.

With all that change going on, everyone must be an expert on managing change effectively — right?


Most changes in organizations fail, due in part to employee resistance, failure to adequately prepare and miscommunication. Research shows that change initiatives are nearly twice as likely to fail as a result of organizational resistance rather than technical or operational issues. Read more…

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Why It’s Critical to Spell Out Exactly What Employees Do Right

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Every manager has been told that it’s important to acknowledge, recognize, and reward their top performing employees.

Unfortunately, most haven’t been coached on how to do this effectively. And if one of the goals is to get the performer to continue performing at a high level, the why has to be linked to the what.

“You’ve done a good job around here, Jevon. Congratulations on being our Employee of the Month.” Read more…

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Why LinkedIn Could Be Your #1 Source for Quality Passive Candidates


Want to tap into this year’s top trend and recruit passive candidates for your business? A survey has revealed that LinkedIn is one of the best sources for passive candidates.

While only 25 percent of global respondents are actively looking for a new job, a massive 45 percent are open to discussing opportunities with a recruiter. If you’re still relying on hiring active candidates to fill your roles, think again.

Here’s how you can use LinkedIn to source the top passive candidates. Read more…

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Why Smart Leaders Make Dumb Decisions


Like many of you, I spend a good bit of my time thinking about and/or interacting with organizational leaders and wondering what the hell makes them tick.

Or, to put it another way: Why do smart leaders make really dumb decisions? Because when it comes right down to it, leaders are only as effective as the decisions they make.

The truth of this slapped me upside the head the other day while speaking with an acquaintance about his company culture. This gentleman reported that morale is dreadfully low, and most of that has to do with the head honcho. (Let’s call him Frank.) Read more…

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3 Surprising Personality Traits To Look For In a Job Candidate


Introversion, neuroticism, disagreeableness — these are not the first traits you typically think of when interviewing new hires.

In fact, 2014 research published in the journal Perspectives in Psychological Science shows that, of the Big Five personality traits (Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Extroversion, Openness and Neuroticism), Agreeableness and Conscientiousness are the most valued by organizations.

But what happens when a candidate doesn’t come off as highly agreeable or calm as a cucumber in a job interview? Should the candidate’s talent be passed on because they are more neurotic or disagreeable than typical hires? Not necessarily. Read more…

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A Few Words of Advice For HR: Stop Advising, Start Leading


Editor’s Note: This is the third of 12 essays from the new book, The Rise of HR; Wisdom From 73 Thoughts Leaders. It’s compiled by Dave Ulrich, Bill Schiemann and Libby Sartain, and sponsored by the HR Certification Institute.

By Kristi McFarland

In many organizations, the role of human resources leaders has been to advise and counsel other business leaders.

Relationships of deep trust and open communication are built over years of working together, where the HR person and the business person both benefit: The business leader benefits from having a safe place in which to wrestle with leadership challenges and decisions, and the HR person benefits from being a valued confidante, mentor, and coach. Read more…

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How Preparing for Failure Can Help Drive High Performance

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The starting line for a marathon is a surprisingly great place to people watch.

First, you see the professional runners in the front, quietly going through their finely tuned routines. As you move your way back through the hundreds of runners in the crowd, you can start to feel the change in the crowd from “I’m here to win!” to “I’m just here to finish!”

One of the biggest differences between these two groups is in their pre-race preparation. While average runners tend to mill around and socialize before the starting gun, professional runners go through a choreographed warm-up routine, stay focused on the task at hand, and discuss their strategy with their coach. Read more…

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Employee Engagement: It’s All about Connections and Good Work

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This week, SHRM released its annual Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Report.

It’s interesting in how it segregates true “satisfiers” from the factors and conditions that help employees more deeply engage. Both are relevant measures, depending on what you are trying to determine or better understand about your workforce. Read more…

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4 Things You Need to Know About Global Candidate Sourcing

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Finding the best talent for your organization isn’t always easy, and in today’s job market, it can be downright difficult.

According to Bullhorn recruiting firm’s 2015 North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report, 75 percent of the 1,285 agency recruiting professionals surveyed reported a “skills shortage” in the industries they recruit in.

In an effort to bridge the widening skills gap, employers and hiring managers need to take down the hiring barriers and move their search for talent outside of their own backyard. That means re-evaluating the typical arguments against national, even global hiring in order to develop a long-distance candidate search that will help organizations connect with the best talent available. Read more…

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The Win-Win When Companies Start Leveraging Baby Boomers


I’m a Baby Boomer, born smack-dab in the middle of my generation. And I’m beginning to concretely think about the answers to questions like:

  • What is the legacy that my career will leave behind?
  • What kinds of work do I really want to do going forward?
  • What will retirement look like for me?
  • When will I want to retire (because it certainly is the last thing on my mind now …)? Read more…