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Top 11 Troubles When You Do a Termination


Editor’s Note: Sometimes readers ask about past TLNT articles. That’s why we republish a Classic TLNT post every Friday that some of you have requested. 

In survey after survey after survey, termination troubles top the list of employment law issues that freak you out.

Well, freak no more. Here are some of our patented termination tools and tips to help make your terminations as painless and humane as possible.

We’ll start today with our official – Top 11 Termination Troubles. Read more…

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Yes, You CAN Get Fired For Trashing Your Company on Facebook

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By Eric B. Meyer

It’s been a while since we’ve discussed discipline for employee Facebook behavior. So, let’s go over some basics. Generally speaking:

  • One employee, griping alone on Facebook about his employer, can be fired; but,
  • Two employees, complaining together on Facebook about their employer, cannot be fired.

The distinction is that the two employees are engaged in concerted activity — group discussion of workplace issues — which, even in a non-union private-sector workplace, is protected under the National Labor Relations Act.

However, as two employees recently learned, concerted activity has its limits — even on Facebook. Read more…

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Tim Sackett’s HR 101: How to Tell an Employee They Suck

You suck

Editor’s note: On occasion, we’ll highlight HR wisdom from long-time HR pro Tim Sackett, in his own inimitable style.

You have an employee who sucks, don’t you?

I know, I know; you’re wondering how I knew that, aren’t you?

Well, you came to this post and we all have employees who suck! (To My Own Dear Employees: This is for effect — none of you really suck! Just everyone else reading this post has employees who suck.)

I’ve been out on the road quite a bit lately meeting with HR pros. I meet with people who tell me “we can’t find talent,” but what I usually find is that it’s really,”we can’t get rid of people who suck, so we hire more people to cover up their suckiness.” Read more…

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Why You Really Should Move Quickly to Get Rid of Bad Hires


Everyone knows that the average hiring process is less than perfect.

In fact, most selection processes have high failure rates (i.e. even after months or even years of “assessment,” nearly 60 percent of the marriages in California end in divorce).

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that as many as 46 percent of new hires fail within 18 months, according to Leadership IQ. Research also reveals that 61 percent of new hires are unhappy because they feel that they had been misled during the hiring process, according to Harris Interactive.

The Recruiting Roundtable similarly reports that 50 percent of the hiring organizations or the new hires themselves regret the decisions they made. Shifting to non-exempt workers, research by Humetrics reveals that 50 percent of all hourly employees quit or are fired within their first six months. Read more…

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Facebook Photo Flap: Female Employee Fired, Male Simply Disciplined

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By Eric B. Meyer

Over the weekend, I read this article about Laraine Cook, a girls basketball coach at a high school in Idaho, who lost her job, apparently after her school learned about a photo on her Facebook page that showed her boyfriend touching her chest.

What struck me as interesting is that Ms. Cook’s boyfriend is also her co-worker, varsity football coach Tom Harrison.

And what struck me as even more interesting is that, while Ms. Cook lost her job, Mr. Harrison was merely disciplined.

Were you thinking gender discrimination? Because the thought did cross my mind. Read more…

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The Problem With Policies That Keep Workers From Doing the Right Thing


Every workplace has policies, but what do you do when you have workplace policies that keep your workers from doing the right thing?

This is what Walmart is facing after a recent incident where a worker who was acting as a Good Samaritan and stopped a man from assaulting a woman in a Walmart parking lot was fired for helping her.

Here’s what happened, according to an account from The Christian Science Monitor:  Read more…

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A Bonus For This, a Bonus For That — How About a Bonus to Quit?

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Editor’s Note: Sometimes readers ask about past TLNT articles. That’s why we republish a Classic TLNT post every Friday that some of you have requested. 

Ever think about offering a bonus for employees to quit your organization?

Zappos has – and it’s an interesting case study, particularly as the bonus opportunity is part of its unique onboarding process.Zappos is known for its unique culture and, not surprisingly, it screens job applicants carefully for cultural fit.

Those that don’t pass the cultural fit screening aren’t hired, no matter what skills and capabilities they bring to the table. Those that do progress to the company’s training program. Read more…

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The Oddest Places I’ve Ever Had to Fire Someone


It didn’t escape me that University of Southern California head football coach Lane Kiffin was fired during the early hours of a recent Sunday morning in a private room at the airport.

Kiffin and the USC team were just returning from a 62-41 loss at Arizona State, and Athletic Director Pat Haden thought the best thing to do was fire him at the airport.

An airport seems like an odd place to perform a termination of a Division 1 Football coach. I mean, why fire him at the airport? Why not bring him into the AD’s office the next day or that evening and have that conversation? Then you can make sure you have all of your paperwork and have talked through everything with your legal team. Read more…

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Quitting Dramatically: It’s Usually About Disengagement – and the Boss

123RF Stock Photo

Employees quitting in dramatic fashion via a video message that quickly goes viral is certainly nothing new, but I wanted to share this example with you.

Aside from the obvious lesson of remembering your employees always have access to social media, there are three other lessons in this video (quotations are from this article about the video): Read more…

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Man Fired For Skipping Work to Keep His Yankee Stadium Streak Alive


By Eric B. Meyer

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “What kind of person cares that much about going to a baseball game that he would risk losing his job over it?

The guy who hasn’t missed a Yankees home game for 38 years.

According to a CBS2 New York report, Joseph Neubauer, who hadn’t missed a Yankees home game since the 1970′s, was fired from his position because he didn’t want to mess up an attendance streak at Yankee Stadium. Read more…