3 Resolutions That Can Benefit Everyone in the Workplace This Year

Are you writing your resolutions for the new year? It’s an exercise I enjoy, mostly to get my thoughts down on paper.

In a quick post for today, here are three resolutions that can benefit everyone you encounter in the workplace.

  1. Stop merely telling employees what to do and how to behave. Instead, show them, and encourage them to show each other.
  2. Give employees a voice. Don’t stop at showing employees what you want. Put them in the driver’s seat by encouraging them to recognize and reward each other for achieving your objectives while demonstrating your core values.
  3. Say thank you. It really is that simple. Take a moment to notice and appreciate the good work of those around you. Tell them how their efforts and achievements benefited you, the team, the company or the customers. Knowing our work matters makes a difference. So tell someone how their work matters every day.

My best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful New Year.

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Derek Irvine is senior vice president of client strategy and consulting at Workhuman, where he leads the company’s consulting and analytics divisions. His writing is regularly featured across major HR publications, including HR Magazine, Human Resource Executive, HR Zone, and Workspan.