4 Hiring Tips You Can Pick Up From a Reality TV Show

Do your online hiring practices need an intervention?

You may not think you need help, but neither do most of the guests on A&E’s hit show Hoarders. Sure, guests might admit to not being tidy, but their 22 feral cats are well-fed, and climbing over stacks of Reader’s Digest is wonderful exercise, so why is everyone making such a big fuss?

If your recruiting efforts are becoming increasingly fruitless, unsustainable practices and your overall approach could be holding you back. Luckily, some of the same tips experts use to shake hoarders out of their denial and get them back on track can help you do the same for your hiring efforts.

First, admit you gave a problem – then try these tips.

1. Know what you’re up against

Most hoarders are in denial. That is until Matt Paxton or a member of the cleaning crew unearths a rat’s nest or a carpet coated in black mold. Then the reality of the situation becomes clear. Before you can improve your online hiring practices, you first need to assess them.

How much do you spend on software and man hours to recruit talent online? How successful are your recruiting efforts, and how long do employees remain with the company once they’re hired?

Before you can figure out where you’re going, you need to be honest about where you are. So put on your metaphorical hazard suit and dig deep.

2. Reach out to your support network

You need help. Sure, that means something different in the world of online hiring than it does in the world of extreme hoarding, but the way you find solutions isn’t entirely different. Whether you need help finding a highly qualified programmer or towing 10 RVs out of your muddy backyard, it doesn’t hurt to have a support network.

To take full advantage of your connections, use job posting software with fully integrated social media features. Then invite friends and followers to tweet, like and share your postings to help talented job seekers find you faster.

Like filling 10 dumpsters with scrap metal and spoiled canned goods, scouring the web for the best and brightest job applicants isn’t easy – so don’t do it alone.

3. Learn to communicate clearly

No episode of Hoarders would be complete without a shouting match, dramatic blowup, or all-out physical fight between family members – and every single time, a lack of communication is to blame.

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Hoarders often think they’re being clear when they ask for help or voice their appreciation, but their friends and family might not always see it that way. It’s possible that your recruiting team is making the same mistake.

So proofread those marketing job descriptions before you post them, and work to eliminate vagueness. Are there places where empty jargon takes the place of concrete examples? Nix the business-speak and be as detailed and as clear as possible. When your recruiting team is able to reel in more qualified applicants, your online hiring efforts will benefit big-time.

4. Focus on one issue at a time

As with all changes, redefining your approach to online hiring takes time.

Just as hoarders might need to tackle that mountain of trash in their kitchens before they can tunnel their way out of the living room, your recruiting and hiring teams should focus on one issue at a time. That’s just what you do when your goal is to make changes that stick.

So replace that overflowing file cabinet with some state-of-the-art application tracking software. Hire a bona fide content writer to craft your job descriptions. Integrate your website and your social media accounts – but conquer each area before you move onto the next.

When you make sustainable changes, those small steps add up to big results.

This article originally appeared on The Resumator Blog.