Are You Insane?

Tom Hacquoil says a good many recruiters are insane.

Not funny farm kind of insane, but Einstein kind of insane. You might remember that Einstein once supposedly defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. He actually didn’t say anything like that, but for our purposes it doesn’t matter. The point is that so much of recruiting is no different than what recruiters did before the turn of the century.

So when Hacquoil took the DisruptHR stage in Jersey, UK to tell his audience of HR professionals that most of them were insane, he meant they were recruiting like it was 1999 or maybe 1989. From his perspective as founder and CEO of the recruitment tech company Pinpoint, Hacquoil said he sees six symptoms of recruiting insanity. “I’m going to talk through them and you can kind of see if you’re insane or not. I think you all are.”

For 4 minutes on the Disrupt stage, Hacquoil goes through them. We’re not going to list them here because you need to watch the video to get the full flavor. But any bona fide recruiting professional can probably list a few of them: Job descriptions that don’t describe, and certainly don’t sell; blackholing candidates, and; having a difficult job application process.

The crazy part of this is that these are so obvious, and so often discussed and described and preached about in articles and at conferences, yet Hacquoil’s survey of his audience shows a majority is guilty of having recruiting processes still in the dark ages.

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Spend the next few minutes and see just how insane you are.

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