4 Ways You Never Thought of to Improve Executive Diversity

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Oct 3, 2018
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Don’t be confused by the title of this DisruptHR talk. “Making The Most Of Your Seat At The Table” is about leveraging that seat — or your near seat — to advocate for diversity. That doesn’t mean charts and graphs and programs to create a more balanced workforce. Lori Knowlton’s talk is about modeling the values of diversity and gender parity in particular.

Chief People Officer at the tech company Silicon Labs, Knowlton opens by making the case that women in senior positions are good for business. Anyone in HR with at least some experience should be able to recite the stats. (Need a hint? Click here.) Then she lets us in on four things “you can do today at your board table, at your kitchen table to make sure we are really embracing diversity and getting to the goal.”

If you’re thinking “same old, same old,” you’re wrong. Knowlton’s list is like nothing you’ve heard before. Here’s her first suggestion: “Interrupt the interrupters.”

Why would she say that? Or say diversity can be helped by you being aware of your personal brand? Watch the short video and find out.

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This article is part of a series called Videos.