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Jan 3, 2018
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Think about this: “We’re primates with phones.”

Hardly a revelation. But when you think about it that way, it explains the challenge organizations have relying on technology to foster the connections among remote workers that lead to trust and effective collaboration.

“Although my technology is super sophisticated, my internal technology is running on stone age modules,” Sarah Rice points out in her DisruptHR presentation. That means, she explains to her Cape Town, South Africa audience, “I need to see you. I need to touch you. I want to have a beer with you. Then I trust you.”

So, asks Rice, founder of the consultancy Capital Idea, “How do you, as HR people, start to create trust and engagement using technology in order to keep teams going?”

Would you believe gifs and emojis? It’s a quick hack, Rice acknowledges. But it’s a step.

Her 5 minutes is spent largely explaining the challenge that the increasingly mobile and remote workforce presents to building engagement with technology. It’s a good reminder as we go into a new year and new budgets that the technology you choose to stitch together today’s workforce needs to match the culture.

Note: In partnership with DisruptHR, TLNT presents some of the best Disrupt presentations from events across North America and now the world. Disrupt talks are modeled on the TEDx concept: Short, to the point talks on all things HR — talent, culture and technology.

This article is part of a series about Videos.
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