TLNT Webinar: Influencing Behavior and Getting to “Yes”

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Jan 22, 2015
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You’ve come up with a great new approach to a problem, or a new process that will make your team so much more efficient. The problem? You need to get buy in from different people who may not share your priorities.

Ever wished there were steps you could take or words you could say that would increase the chances of someone saying “Yes” to your suggestions?

In the last 30 years, psychologists and researchers have started to come up with some answers, and taken an interest in the subject of how people make decisions, and what impacts the decision-making process, too. They’ve discovered that there are specific behaviors and approaches that we can use to have more influence on the behavior of  people around us.

The secret you need to know

The secret is understanding all of factors, external and internal, that impact the way people make decisions.

Learning more about the psychology of influence and how decision biases work can help us communicate more effectively, influence behavior and persuade our audiences. It can also help us recognize when these tools are being deployed to influence our own decision making and give us greater insight into the factors that affect the decisions we make for ourselves.

Join our free webinar on Thursday, Feb. 26 for a practical session on proven tools and techniques to influence people’s behavior and increase the chances they’ll say “Yes” when you need them to.

During the webinar, our expert speaker, Paul Herbert, will address:

  • Social Psychology principles including reciprocity, commitment and consistency, social proof, and consensus;
  • Decision biases like the Decoy Effect and the Endowment Effect;
  • Ways you can leverage these principles and biases to be more successful when you’re presenting ideas;
  • How to know when the tools are being used on you to nudge your decision making.

Who should attend?

This webinar will be valuable for any professional who needs to sell an idea, get buy in or plans, or simply increase the chance of getting to “Yes.” If that’s you,  join us on Thursday Feb. 26.

The webinar will fill up fast. Register for free to reserve your seat now.

Registration Link:

Date/Time: Thursday, Feb. 26 at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific

Sponsored by:  Insperity 

Can’t attend? No problem! Register for the webinar and you’ll receive a link to view the video recording the next day.

This article is part of a series about Webinars.
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