How a Small Employer Launched a Big Wellness Program (and How You Can Do the Same)

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Nov 30, 2016

Wellness isn’t just for big companies. Small and mid-size employers  may not be able to afford the kinds of programs their bigger counterparts offer, but that doesn’t mean do nothing.

In this five-minute DisruptHR presentation, Kristin Van Horn, describes what even the smallest companies can do.

When she delivered her presentation, Van Horn was Community Outreach Organizer & Wellness Enthusiast at Colorado HealthOP. In that role she helped organize a company wellness team that launched walking groups, got healthy snacks in the break room, formed a fruit co-op and other activities.

“By making wellness a collaborative effort, bringing a lot of different voices to the table, and identifying winnable battles, it’s really pretty easy to start a small worksite wellness program that reaches a lot of people,” Van Horn told her Denver DisuptHR audience.

Take 5 for the video to learn what a small company can do and what the benefits of a wellness program can be.

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