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Mar 29, 2017
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Why care about employee engagement?

HR people might say, “Well, it’s part of our mission and our values that our employees feel safe and loved.” That’s all fine and good, agrees Elizabeth Friedland. But the other, and arguably more important reason (at least to the marketplace), says Friedland, director of communications for Appirio, is that “An engaged employee turns into a happy little profit center.”

To convince her DisruptHR Indianapolis audience of that, Friedland rattled off some data about engaged employees:

  • They are “12% more productive.”
  • “They also save a lot of money on health insurance.”
  • “Workers who are engaged also save us a ton on recruiting and retention.”

With that said, she went on to describe several simple steps any organization can take to improve engagement, including, treating “our employees like the customers we obsessively cater to.”

Spend 5 minutes learning what those steps are.

This article is part of a series about Videos.
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