How Imaginary Worlds Can Inspire A Different Future

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Sep 18, 2019
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In the next five minutes you’ll hear about imaginary worlds and comic book heroines and bad ass princesses. And little girls who see a world of possibilities rebelliously different from the one their mothers and grandmothers saw.

This DisruptHR talk is one that lives up to the promise of showing us “the rebellious future of HR.” You may even wonder if HR fits in to this at all.

Good. Wondering is what you should be doing. That’s what Tanarra Schneider is encouraging her audience to do.

“How do we inspire little girls?” Schneider asks. “How do we find new ways of storytelling to give them a future to look at and make engineering and science and art and the possibility of challenging the world in front of them?”

There’s no roadmap here. No 5 steps to follow or 6 tips. Schneider is the managing director of the digital design firm, Fjord from Accenture Interactive. What she does do is talk about possibilities and ideas: “Bring something from left field into your norm.” She pulls back the curtain on imaginary worlds opening our eyes to ways we might open the real world of careers to little girls and encourage them in becoming scientists, engineers and bad ass princesses.

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This article is part of a series about Videos.
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