Nov 29, 2017
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You’ve heard the talk about how HR should be more like the marketing department; think more like marketing; and, work more with marketing.

Are you walking that talk yet?

Need a pep talk to get going? A reminder why you should and what the benefits are for the company, and the customers — both internal and external? Spend the next five minutes with Jenny Banner and recharge your resolve.

She’s the director of strategic initiatives at Smallbox in Indianaopolis, a self-described “Brand Experience Design and Innovation Agency.” In her Indianapolis DisruptHR talk last spring, Banner took her audience on a road trip. The HR car on the trip is a station wagon of cops. Marketing is driving a sleek Tesla. Which car would you rather be in?

The metaphor is simple to decipher. Marketing is looking to deliver a great experience for customers. HR, well, it’s hoping to do the same for employees, but is struggling with all its policies and procedures. It needs help in delivering to employees the same brand experience that marketing is delivering for customers.

“If your employees cannot buy into the brand promise that your brand is making, it’s going to be really hard for them to deliver that message to your customers,” says Banner. And the consequence of that? You can guess.

Note: In partnership with DisruptHR, TLNT presents some of the best Disrupt presentations from events across North America and now the world. Disrupt talks are modeled on the TEDx concept: Short, to the point talks on all things HR — talent, culture and technology.

This article is part of a series called Videos.
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