The Best HR People Aren’t HR People

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Jun 6, 2018

It wouldn’t be a DisruptHR event if what you heard was what you expected. Sometimes though, we get surprised, like when Amanda Hudson said, “When you’re done studying HR, stop learning about it altogether.”

Why did she offer her Toronto audience that advice? “Because one of the best ways to become a globally recognized leader in human resources might just be to have never worked a day in the profession at all.”

That shouldn’t be all that surprising considering the HR leaders of three of the most recognized companies — Facebook, Google and Apple — have degrees in fields other than HR and came from running other departments. A TLNT article last year made a strong case that “HR Isn’t Enough If You Want to Be a CHRO,” which is what Hudson was telling her audience of HR professionals.

Founder of A Modern Way to Work, Hudson urged her audience to broaden their perspective by taking courses in marketing, finance and accounting. “Maybe just don’t seek out education in these things. Go look for assignments in your own company in different departments,” she recommends.

Take 5 minutes to hear more about what is increasingly important for HR leaders and how to gain the skills that are becoming must haves for the profession.

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