To Innovate In HR You Need Idea Sex

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May 22, 2019
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Here’s some disruptive HR advice from the Denver DisruptHR group: “HR needs more sex.”

“More specifically, idea sex.”

What HR professional Greg Roche meant when he proposed that to his DisruptHR audience in 2015 was that the best ideas are not immaculately conceived. You hear something interesting at a conference. You kick it around with others who help you incubate it and what finally get may be brilliant. Or not. But, “This is how we really innovate in HR.”

Tutoring his audience in “HR idea sex education,” Roche explains: “Ideal sex is taking two ideas and mashing them together, and then seeing what kind of weird offspring they produce.”

Roche delivers a witty presentation that will have you laughing along with the audience, as you realize what he’s suggesting makes sense. Or at least makes you think. What if you replaced the tired old annual review with feedback from everyone for everyone, just like on Yelp, he tossed out. “This is what I’m talking about people,” he laughed. “We got to be having more of these kind of ideas.”

Spend the next 5 minutes discovering how to conceive and birth new ideas. You’ll come away with 5 guidelines — one of which is to be promiscuous — and a smile on your face.

As Roche says, “You came to look for the future of HR. Go have idea sex and conceive it!”

This article is part of a series called Videos.
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